German Projects from Bundesarchiv

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s Blog

Hello everyone,

Yuri Pasholok found three relatively interesting plans for German stuff. Unfortunately, he published only the markers, but even so, it’s interesting.

So, liked 75mm L/100? Or even 88mm L/100? Think they look outrageous? Check this out – 88mm L/130 AT gun (not a Flak gun, a PaK) proposal from January 1943 – this would have been fun to operate. Too bad Yuri Pasholok didn’t publish the whole plan.


Maus II turret – not a new thing (appeared in Panzer Tracts as well), but it’s interesting nonetheless


And the plans for 17cm StuK L/53 from March 1944 – according to Yuri Pasholok, the gun actually started as a railway gun piece.


51 thoughts on “German Projects from Bundesarchiv

  1. Holy f*ck!
    Just one tihng left to ask. Why not implement this instead of the much more fantasy WTF-100 line? I get these were just proposals, but at least they were proposals, not a couple of sentences mentioning that the E-100 chasis could be used as WT.

    • In reference to the 17 cm howitzer, because there’s already a 17 cm gun (a better one) on the Jagdpanzer E-100 (could have been interesting as a derp gun on a tier 8 or 9 vehicle though).

      The 88 mm L/130, on the other hand…that’s an interesting question. I could see it as being one of those tier 10 guns with low alpha, high accuracy, high dpm and LUDICROUS penetration, a bit like some of the guns on the mediums tanks at around that tier…possible future gun option for the E-50M anyone?

      • God no, those L/100 jousting guns on the Panther series of tanks look ridiculous as is already. I’ve stood next to a PaK 43, which is an 88 L/71. That thing is a monster, just the sheer size of it. The 88L/130 would be 11m 44cm long, which is almost twice as long as the 88 L/71. For it’s crew, the PaK43 was a b1tch to handle already, because of it’s size and weight. I’d say it’d be more of a gun for a static gun emplacement than a moving one. Fitting it on a tracked vehicle wouldn’t make it easier to handle: you still have wooded areas and narrow streets to negate, which is hardly doable in a vehicle with 11m of gun sticking out the front end. It’d be a third longer than the top gun of the Jagdtiger, the 128 L/61 which is already far too long.

      • Ugh. If the super 88 was anything to go by on the E-50 you’d be lucky to get 3.1 aimtime.

      • “In reference to the 17 cm howitzer, because there’s already a 17 cm gun (a better one) on the Jagdpanzer E-100 ”

        That IS the 17cm L/53, the only way it’s “better” is that it doesn’t have the 75mm “weakspot” above it

    • Penetration probably 240 mm? Accuracy 0.28? Ha, would be nice to see this on a TD…

      • 240 ? rather go to 300+ … do you know how much power and accuracy that shell get on 11,44m accelerating in a rifled barrel? … LOT OF !!! german bias :D

        • The barrel pressure would be so much that it’d break the barrel after approximately 50 shots? :D

    • Nah, it’s just a derpier Jagdpanzer E-100 with a turret at that point.

    • How about Maus hull with Maus II turret and a 17cm StuK L/130?
      22m gun? How terrible.

  2. Give WT E100 with 8,8cm L130 and a 12 Shell drum with 1 sec between shots and 45secs reload

    • …Actually…that could be pretty damned cool, assuming the gun has ultra-high pen levels to compensate for the lower alpha. Could be useful for dealing with pesky medium tanks at a distance.

      • Pen wouldn’t be that great I suppose, as the “regular” 8.8cm L/100 we have on E-50 has only about 223mm penetration, so I’d suppose we would land at a solid 240-250 mm with L/130.
        We would have an 11m barrel then…

  3. Could you imagine ambushing a player who’s using a tank with that 8.8 cm L130 in a town if barrels were solid.

  4. so, that gives it a barrel of 11,44m. And that as a PAK gun?
    Can i ask what kind of cariage they had in mind? because most common cariages are 2 wheels, so if the truck or wathever pulling it starts to climb a hill, the barrel hits the ground. If you tow it by the barrel, you have the same problem if you drive over a little obstacle on the road.
    And lastly, if you would mount it on a cariage like the 88flak, you end up with a rather big and unwieldy cariage for a antitank gun, or am i mistaken?

    • Maybe it was meant to be used in fixed positions, not as a mobile gun? Just a guess.

    • It would not be hard to move… Mind you the Germans moved 24cm K3 guns all over Europe and Russia. The barrel length was 13.102 m (40 ft).

      • yes, but for a gun wich is meant to be placed in the frontline and not in the rear combined with the desire of having a low profile and good mobility, it becomes something diffrent.

  5. Doesn’t increasing barrel length past something like L/70 have diminishing returns? Why not just increase propellant and make the gun sturdier, you would avoid the ridiculously floppy and fragile barrel that constantly gets in the way when you’re driving around in forests or cities. Besides, IIRC you would be forced to chuck subcaliber ammo because AP would shatter at extreme velocities.

      • “Leichtraktor 8.8 PaK L/130″

        Tier X special reward premium tank for CW


        • Actually it would be “Waffentraeger Aufsfuruhng Leichttraktor mit 8.8 cm PaK 45 L/130″, but since that’s such a mouthful, let’s just call it the “Waffletraktor”.

    • Cause it’s just a better armored E-100 turret? Anyway, that 8,8cm L/130 could be installed on sth. like a Jagdmaus.

      • Arguing by this logic, WoT should have only one Churchill in the game, since the other is basically just a turret modification (Churchill Mk. VII gained an improved hull).

  6. I want to know what kind of projectile the 8.8cm L/130 would’ve used. It couldn’t have had much in the way of explosive charge in the APC shells, HE power would be terrible, and the APCR shots would overpenetrate every tank it might’ve seen save maybe for the IS-3.

    We know the Germans knew the IS-3 existed. Apparently there were ghost sightings of them in the closing months of the war. Perhaps the L/130 was developed to kill it?

    • Hmm… I think a 11 meter gun in Berlin against an IS-3 isn’t really a good idea.