Tank Evolution with Dmitryi Puchkov

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/1/Wargaming_cooperation_with_Goblin/

Hello everyone,

if this news did not include an interesting video, I wouldn’t bother with it, but it does, so here goes. Wargaming started cooperating with some Russian guy I have never heard about. His name is Dmitryi “Goblin” Puchkov and apparently he’s some sort of known Russian game journalist and loves tanks.

The interesting part is, together with him, they made a video about the evolution of tanks. The first part deals specifically with armor and – what is best – has English subtitles (no idea why the Russian server includes those when this stuff doesn’t get introduced to EU and US portals anyway, but I am grateful for it). Here’s the video, enjoy!


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    • Actually the video is not bad, it’s not the classic Russian “WE ARE TEH BESTEREST” propaganda (even though for example the “low Tiger II armor quality” is a myth, based most likely on Russian testing).

      • Yeah, and the “In 1941 the war came to Russia” hah, it was 2 years earlier, they started it, and then was no russia, only soviet union.

        • In my subtitles I see USSR, not Russia, and by “in 1941 the war came to USSR” I guess he means when Germany attacked USSR

        • >hah, it was 2 years earlier
          Lol, you really should learn some history – not just what TV and parents teach you. What about starting with Wikipedia, source of information, generally considered to be trustworthy?

          • Maybe he meant that with the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, which lead USSR to occupy half poland and the baltic states, could be intended as the start of WWII for USSR

          • Soviet union joined WWII on 17 of September, 1939, with their attack on Poland which was a result of agreement between Soviet union and Third Reich known as Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.

            • “In 1941 the war came to Russia” means the beginning of Great Patriotic War, which was in 1941-45.

              • Neither. USSR broke like 20 diffrent pacts, including non-agressios treaty, and just grabbed half of Poland in “GIB CLAY NOW” style without declaring war.

          • Wikipedia isn’t considered trustworthy because its relatively easy to edit pages.

            • But I’ve heard contains the same average amount of mistakes as any other decent encyclopedia

      • Well, it’s mostly because Goblin is pretty adequate person. More or less :D . Anyway, he doesn’t like plain bullshit and tries to take perspectives.
        However, he is very pro-russian (or rather pro-motherland).
        Here you can find a list of people, Goblin stated to despise in his articles/interviews/videos, and stated to be better of dead. The list is called “Goblin’s Execution List”. It includes Gorbachev, Dmitriy Medvedev, Solzhenitsyn, Svanidze, Saharov, Garry Kasparov and other pro-western, liberal activists and politicians. It also includes John Lennon, lol.
        Goblin is not only a game journalist. He is primarily a blogger/vlogger, in early 00s he was a well-known movies translator (and god, he was good at this shit. I usually prefer original English versions of movies, but his translations are too fucking good).
        So, this Goblin is quite a character.

        • he’ll never amount to anything in the west which is where it matters.

        • Sakharov, Solzhenitsyn, and John Lennon. Wow, this guy was really born in the wrong decade.

  1. Once again hinting that the German tanks in WoT are pretty much uptiered, since the equivalent of the Tiger 2 is presented as the IS-2, not the IS-3 (therefore Tiger 2 should be Tier 7, Tiger H Tier 6, etc)

    • >the equivalent of the Tiger 2 is presented as the IS-2
      Historically – yes. But in the present game mechanics, Tiger 2 is a lot better, than IS-2 and IS-2 has not chances in a duel. Of course, the fact that 122-mm shell can deal 0 damage is purely a game convention. In reality any direct hit usually had at least some impact. Imagine the noise inside for one thing :D Not to mention hitting the turret can lead to rotation mechanism or gun failures.

      • Is it really? ISes 122mm is used on the same tier as long 88 which is KTs gun, and introducing IS2 armor layout would make it pretty decent armor-wise. Those two can absolutely be balanced at the same tier.

  2. Am i the only one around here, That smells Russian Bais?

    Russia only Survived the beginning of the war becasue they got help from the west and then used that time to produce their own tanks.

    Then after the World War ended they directly started to betray their western ally’s with starting a cold war.

    • This is Russian video perhaps intended to majority Russian audience. BIAS is to be expected, though not too offending here.

      >Then after the World War ended they directly started to betray their western ally’s with starting a cold war.
      More like Western Allies and Soviet already dislike each other prior to WW2 and only turned to ‘enemy mine’ when Mr. Mustache begin hailed europe. After he’s gone, every bet is off.

    • Churchill didn’t even wait for that, he asked the Americans if they could nuke USSR befor the war ended

        • Yeah man. The world would be such a better place had the US been the sole superpower for 60 years. One just has to look at what they’ve been doing since 1990. Pure genious.

          Meanwhile, no matter how you look at it, post-USSR Russia is a shit country, while the other parts of the union have known civil wars, ethnic cleansing and politicians that would make the late USSR leaders look like competent people.

  3. Yet to see a truly objective comparison of armour and probably never will because there are too many factors including the design philosophy of the tank builders, the differing requirements of military doctrine and the ideological BS imposed by the government.

    In the English translation Dmitryi says Russian armour is ductile which is probably an error of translation or a difference in nomenclature. There are three main properties that need to be balanced in relation to steel armour:
    1/ Hardness – to ensure that the shell is less likely to get a grip on the outer surface normalise and penetrate. But with hardness comes brittleness and so armour that has high hardness all the way through is more prone to cracking and failing when subjected to shock loads.

    2/ Ductility – Ductile materials deform without failure such as cracking thus absorbing energy from a shell leaving the surrounding material undamaged even if the shell penetrates.

    3/ Toughness – (And this is what Dmitryi meant) it the ability of a material to absorb shock loads without failure or deformation.

    The perfect steel armour would have a very hard outer surface, be tough through most of its thickness and be ductile on the inner surface to prevent spalling injuring the crew and damaging equipment. Of course what would be the “perfect” would vary from nation to nation, the limitations of technology and the available resources.

    • The problem is Germans went with “hard” steel . Which is ideal against low caliber weapons as it increases the chance of it bouncing off. But hard steel has a disadvantage when wit with large caliber shells there is an appalling amount of spalling. It is the opposite with softer armour used by the US and the Soviets .. But as calibers grew large very fast as the war progressed hard armour became a liability.

  4. Around 9:00 min, on his left side was tank with number 775 – any info about it?

  5. German battle reports during WW2 claim that Königstiger’s frontal hull nor turret armor was never penetrated. Those reports have been studied to be very accurate and reliable in comparison to allied reports, soviet reports being the worst quality. Maybe it’s from soviet reports, the claim that Königstiger frontal hull armor was brittle, though it is true it wasn’t the best quality armor germans could produce at the time. The vehicle however suffered from mechanical unrealiability, mostly due to weak engines.

  6. Goblin was the best-known movie voice-over translator in Russia during the 90′s and early naughts. His one-voice dubs were much closer to the original than any other pirate or even official dubs, and he often did his own versions of very popular films with his very own script and Russian pop-music added – all highly comedic. His version of LoTR was almost as popular as the original in Russia.

    This video is done with only the Russian audience in mind. Maybe a lot of people here will like it, but for me personally – seems like they could of used him for comedy (his claim to fame) instead of doing something serious with him.

    • Fuck, I’ve watched the “Bratva i Kolco” by Goblin before I’ve watched the original LoTR. It was really good, really post-modern translation. It’s a shame, that the LoTR translation experience was unique: neither “funny” SW translation by Goblin, nor other wannabee funny-translation were as good as the original “funny” LoTR.
      Pretty much the only good piece in the genre I know.