37 thoughts on “Churchill 9.1 – 9.2 Comparison

    • Is it really a nerf? Longer tracks mean it’s a bit easier to sidescrap, not that it will be super effective but still ;d

    • So true…

      Dat Centurion 7 turret….
      Used to bounce at times, now it’s just cheese. Half of your mantlet still works, the other half is as bad as the rest of the turret.

    • Lol ? It actually got buffed. Tracks absorb shells, now its even harder to hit the front plate when the tank is angled. Also, look at the extra armor slab on the front of the turret. Defiantly buff here

      • The Churchill has tracks around the hull like a WW1 rhomboid tank. So the flat armor is the hull side.

        Time will tell if they fixed the bug(s) where you could do HP damage by shooting through the “spaced” armor supporting the idler even if the shell angle never intersects the actual hull. Also shooting through the front idler seems to pen the hull with ease, like it doesn’t count the angle of the hull.

    • I’m a bit sad they didn’t HD-ify the Black Prince first, but HDing the Church I over the Church VII is just lovely and a testament to how few people actually drive it.

  1. looks like they woke up and put the extra armor on the turret face that they all had by the time they were deployed.

    That said I’m very dissapointed in WG. All the German tanks being reworked had frontal weakspots removed for little to no reason… and it looks like unless they bug fixed the armor behind the idlers, The churchill still is more than 50% weakspot up front. Every other tank with notable frontal weaknesses is pretty well noted in history, yet there is no lengthy tales of Churchills being knocked out by shooting through the front idler. Disabled by destroying the idler/track, but no mention of hull penetration.

  2. HA! Le weak spot on sides is still there!! Ohh I like dat moment the Hetzer’s derp penetrates le weak spot on sides with AP shells. ohh! actually, sometimes HE shells pen that spot , yom yom 350-410 dmg per 1 shell on a tier 5 heavy

  3. So if the 32mm front plate is added…

    The Churchy won’t be an easy target for us tier V with 100+ pen anymore lol. Everyone will always ain for turret when facing a Churchill I with eilte config

  4. The first picture is from tank viewer ?
    Tracks are flat here.
    In garage they’re not… is it a different model or is the garage redered in DX11 with tesselation ?
    I don’t think wot supports DX11 …

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