9.2 – Undocumented Vehicle Changes

Hello everyone,

as usual, there are some undocumented things in the 9.2 test client. First, some tanks got their textures simply changed, at least that’s how it can be seen in WoT viewer, in order to make them look better on worse computers. Generally, it looks like this (the dark one is the old one)


Or this (the light one is the old one in this case)


This includes following tanks: WZ-132, 112, 110, 113, T-34-3, Type 59, 121, ARL V39, AMX AC Mle48, Foch, Foch 155, B1, ARL44, AMX M4 45, AMX 50 100, AMX 50t, AMX 50B, ELC, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, Batchat 155 58, E25, PzSflV, Jagdpanther, RhB, Ferdinand, JT88, Jagdtiger, WT E-100, Jagdpanzer E-100, VK3601H, Tiger I, Lowe, Tiger II, Maus, E-100, Panzer IV Ausf.D, Panther, Panther II, E50, E50M, Leopard 1, Grille, Hummel, GW Panther, GW E-100, Chi Nu Kai, STA-1, Type 61, STB-1, Valentine AT, AT8 (here I think one tiny part was shifted by like a milimeter), AT15, AT15A, Tortoise, FV215b (183), Excelsior, Churchill VII, TOG, Caernarvon, Conqueror, FV215b, Cruiser Mk.III, Valentine, Crusader, Matilda, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion 7, FV4202, T18,T82, M36 Jackson, T95, T30, T110E3, T110E4, T1 heavy, T29, T32, T34, M103, T110E5, T57 heavy, M4 Sherman, M4A3E8, M4 Jumbo, M26, Super Pershing, M46, M48A1, M55/53, T92, SU-152, SU-122-44, SU-122-54, Obj704, Obj268 (I think there is a little tiny change here, but it’s really hard to confirm), Obj263, KV-1, KV-1S, KV-2, IS-7, T-26, LTP, T-28, T-34, T-34/85, KV-13, Object 416, T-54, Object 140, Object 430, Object 261.

These models should appear prettier on lower details. I checked each one manually to be sure.

Hetzer model got changed – the gun was shifted (looking from the back, the one with darker tracks is new) to the right a bit. What is weird is that the collision model did not get fixed (I guess they forgot.)



Maus got a little tiny bit lower


Panzer I Ausf.C got its armor a tiny bit narrower


SU-152 gun got a bit shorter


Other changes

- Type 64 premium light tank gold ammo damage buffed from 110 to 115 (to match the 115 damage of regular AP shells)
- Marder II and Marder 38T PaK 36 (r) 76,2mm gun had its caliber changed from 76mm to 76,2mm (this has absolutely no influence on the game, only historical fix)
- T40 US TD 76mm gold shells damage buffed from 110 to 115 (to match the 115 damage of regular AP shells)
- M10 Wolverine, same as above (76mm gold shells damage buffed to 115), same goes for T49, M36 Jackson, T1 Heavy, M6, T29, M24 Chaffee, T21, T71, M4 Sherman, M4A3E8, M4 Jumbo, T20, T23E3, M26

33 thoughts on “9.2 – Undocumented Vehicle Changes

  1. omg… with these massive size buff the Maus will be insanely OP! It will get quite difficult to hit it’s weakspots now.

    • Luckily the RhB didn’t get buffed because it is quite difficult to play – because you can’t hide in it – World of Tanks experts say…

      • Tested the borsic and waffle on server as i own them. For borsic 128 with loader no consumables 9.45 seconds. For waffle 10.s Its not too bad. But that vader guy you’re right saying how difficult the borsic is to play which is correct. So to make it more difficult they nerf it. Makes no sense.

    • Lowering the Maus is very important since it makes it much more stable at high speeds.

      • Would it be possible now with this changes to spot the Maus while he drives in a hurry nearby from a distance less than 70 meters? Or with such low profile it would be kinda ninja scout?

        • I have Sixth Sense on my Maus and 3 guys currently trained in the Camouflage skill and you’d actually be surprised the amount of times it is NOT spotted ;)

    • lol Just stay away from their business end, or track and flank if you have that option.

      • They’re still too OP..
        No all the tanks have the possibility/opportunity to circle/flank them. Always top xp even when driven by noobs.
        Just delete this piece of **** and replace il by H3 hmc. :3

  2. In Re: Hetzer-change

    I rather think, that moving the gun is the oversight, not the unchanged collision-model.

  3. Yo Silentstalker

    Has WG mentioned anything about fixing the load screen error, where the map loads 100% and then gets stuck and you never see the battle?