Wargaming Developer Contest for 80k USD

Source: http://habrahabr.ru/company/wargaming/blog/229933/

Hello everyone,

so, Wargaming started a first official developer contest for real money – a contest for the “developer community”. What Wargaming means by developers – basically two groups: mod makers and application makers. According to the text, posted on the habahabr blog (Russian programming portal), there goal of the entire event is to “improve the cooperation between Wargaming and mod/application developers” – of course, Russian developers.

The rules are in Russian and this contest is specifically oriented at Russian region (sorry, capitalists, no contests for you). The participants are to be adult physical persons, either single or working in teams. You don’t have to be a citizen of Russia, but you have to be Russian speaking (write the entry presentation in Russian), so you might as well be.

There is a prize pool of 80k USD (yep, 80 thousand US dollars), which will be split into rewards in following categories:

- best project idea
- best mobile or social network application
- best functional project
- best World of Tanks mod
- special award for product and service development for Wargaming community

The prize will be distributed as follows (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place)

Best project idea:
2000 USD+250k gold+Type 59, 1000 USD+150k gold+Type 59, 500 USD+50k gold+50k

Best WoT mod:
10k USD, 5k USD, 2,5k USD

Best functional project:
10k USD, 5k USD, 2,5k USD

Best mobile or social network application
10k USD, 5k USD, 2,5k USD

Special award for product and service development for Wargaming community
5k USD, 3k USD, 1k USD

Plus there is a very special prize of 15k USD (awarded by the competition jury).

Damn, that’s a lot of money. But some things, mods and applications are so good the guys deserve it I think. Basically, there are three stages of the competition:

- first stage: portal staff filters the pointless stuff
- second stage: RU community and events WG employees narrow it down further
- third stage: the jury (of WG experts) decides the winners

The criteria of the projects judged are:

- value for Wargaming audience (30 percent)
- ease of use (20 percent)
- innovation (30 percent)
- correctness of work (20 percent)

The competition runs for two months (15.8. to 15.10.). Winners will be announced on 12.11.2014, mid December there will be a special award ceremony.

Examples of what projects can apply:

- implementation of clanwars minimap strategy planner
- tying the player profile to social networks API
- mobile applications using WG API
- various “noobmeters”
- various localizations of the game for specific markets, for example “anime skins” for Asia

Damn, now I wish I was a programmer. And Russian. But, Edrard is applying (after all, he created the very first efficiency rating, he’s good), so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for him.

28 thoughts on “Wargaming Developer Contest for 80k USD

  1. SS fordward this to developers of those shitty cheats packages so they submit theirs, I bet they can easily win in this best functional project category, because as we all know it works.

  2. ” The participants are to be adult physical persons”

    What if Ive evolved past physical constraints, transformed into pure energy, my age is counted in eons for I am IT and I am TIME, I am the nirvana? Do I still get to score 80k for hookers and booz?

    • You are fucked you will need to pay for that shit now :) this condition is rasists i would say :) because its so popular to say rasists these days

    • If you would surpass your physical body then why do you need hookers and booze, let alone MONEY? :D
      But to be honest: i lol’d.

  3. Any Russians here??
    I have a few ideas..
    Though I do have some understanding of programming I cannot write something on my own.

    Anyone want to collaborate?

  4. Daym, EU modders and app makers got screwed so hard, they’ve made some incredibly amazing stuff along the way.

  5. Where did that (offtopic) thingy about the Behavior Analysis go SS?

    Or are you planning on making a new thread about that?
    Because it really is interesting what he has to say.

  6. And the nominations for best functional project:
    - Working MM
    - Tank Balancer
    - Good WG EU staff
    - Spotting mechanic which was not leaked by Storm

    This would be good…