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recently, there was a special World of Tanks Blitz stream with Dmitryi “Overlord” Yudo (WoTB producer), Alexei “Inaki” Ilyin and Aleksandra “Alabelle” Martinovich (some community manager), that showcased the WoT Blitz gamplay. The video can be seen here (in Russian of course, just for those who want to see the gameplay and such):



Maiorboltach was kind enough to make a transcript of the stream – the following lines are about WoT Blitz, NOT WoT itself. According to Maiorboltach, the sound was bad so it’s possible some of the things were misheard, but it should be mostly okay.

- patch 1.2 will bring premium tanks
- patch 1.3 will bring Soviet heavies with IS-4
- they will add one new nation every half a year
- it’s not planned to add arty at all, in connection with that there will also be no hightier scouts
- in the developer version of the game, there is an option to play the PC and tablet version on one server

- in order to promote WoT Blitz gaming, it was implemented that the x2 (or, during events, x3 or x5) bonuses can be recieved three times per day, not just once like in WoT
- the earliest versions were tested with 5v5 random
- the main problem in increasing the number of players per battle was the performance of weak tablets/phones, even the way it is now the developers do think that they did cut the list of devices the game can run on quite a lot.
- special modes for cybersports won’t come anytime soon, cybersports is not a priority. There are some ideas to make some sort of “family competition” mode
- several new modes are being developed, including the clan mode (there will be clans in WoTB as well)
- one of the original maps (Mines) was imported from WoT, it’s one of the smallest and best optimized for tablet gameplay maps
- next patch will bring 3 new maps
- the game uses a special Wargaming-developed engine called Dava (named after the studio that made it)
- the graphics are continuously updated, the amount and quality of special effects depends on your device, for example the top products of Apple (iPad Air Mini and Iphone 5S) include water. Over time, other effects will be added, the nearest is grass.
- the game currently is missing large scale destruction, but in the future there is a plan to add it for the most powerful devices
- all the battles of various platforms will happen on one server ((Android, iOS can play together)
- the game will be ported to other platforms than Android and Ios as well, if there is “need” to do it
- the development studio was founded specifically to develop programs for iOS (it was created almost on the opening day of Appstore)
- Iphone 4 is not supported
- the minimum Android version for the game is 4.0, the game is tied to the graphic accelerator (you need a powerful one), minimal one is Mali-400 MP4. Generally, top phones of last two years are supported.
- the traffic required is cca 15 MB per hour, the speed of the connection is not important, the quality of it is
- in the game the sales of tier 7-8 premium tanks were intentionally temporarily stopped so that the players wouldn’t spend long time in queues. Soon (by the end of the week), first tier 8 premium tank will appear
- there will be a common account between Apple and Android (using WG ID, not Apple ID or Google ID). It is not possible to synchronize it with PC due to Apple conditions.
- Google Play and Appstore achievements will not come for now
- there will be missions in WoTB, unlike WoT on PC, there will be many “hangar missions” (for example to unlock certain tanks), there will be also missions to get ingame achievements. Missions will be dynamical and they will be different for newbies and different for experienced players
- the game doesn’t support the mouse and keyboard periferies, but it’s possible to bypass this. The developers are strongly discouraging bypassing it, the game already is supporting the official Moga and Logitech controllers, this however is not ideal and works only during combat.
- the game can run mods, for iOS you need “Jailbreak”, but its use is discouraged. Android source on the other hand is open and developers are expecting many mods once the game comes to this platform
- in the future (not in next patch), the game will get crew perks (like in PC version). The perks will be different for each class (eg. for HT, MT, LT and TD). The skills will have levels, most likely 5. They will be common to all vehicles. Developers are discussing putting a penalty on skill when the main crew skill is less than 100 percent.
- SuperPershing is planned, first pack will include Lowe, T34 and KV-5
- there will be missions with premium tanks as rewards

The stream also showed an Android version prototype, running on Nexus 4 phone

- during the stream, RU server had 8600 people playing
- MM works the same way as on PC
- FPS on Android is between 30-40, but this is without optimizations
- during the stream gameplay, 25 percent of battery was spent on Ipad Air
- Android version: until the end of the year

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  1. Right, I’ve been asking for a tier filter since WoT closed beta. WoWP has one. Now you can clearly see that WoT Blitz has one… for fuck sake, WHY doesn’t WoT have one! >:|

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  3. Anyone else not able to view this video?
    It tells me that it is a private video….

  4. hold on a second

    -the game is tied to the graphic accelerator (you need a powerful one), minimal one is Mali-400 MP4. Generally, top phones of last two years are supported.

    a minimum gpu for maximum details or minimum for minimum details?

    here it says that these chips will be supported. and there is a big diffrence between the Mali-400MP and a Mali-400MP4