“Invader” Cartoon

I don’t normally repost other videos than those from Ranzar (I really like those), but this is pretty funny. Yuri Pasholok commented this video: “And this is roughly how random battles look from Friday to Monday” – quite fitting…



- the signs the E-25 are holding mean “game loss”
- the sign the half-destroyed tank holding means “I’ve been spotted, I need help”

15 thoughts on ““Invader” Cartoon

    • Yep, latest WR roughly 50%, having overall 53-something (was 54-something few months ago). I don’t care about stats, but I see the quality of gameplay falling during holidays. And holiday weekends are terrifying.

  1. yea , i stopped playing 10 days ago , 2-3 weeks before that were impossible , waiting for october to start again xD

  2. Guys have you seen Ana Kostenko from “Defender” cartoon (No 14, before this one)?

    Dayummm, what a cutie :-)

    • The entire enemy team went to the base in one line without covering any flanks. There’s your lemming train.

  3. Wow these jokes are so obvious I wonder how the standard player is really…