Patch 9.2 Meltdown

Hello everyone,

you might or you might not have heard, but after yesterday’s 9.2 introduction, Russian servers melted down (lags, crashes) and the Stronghold mode had to be temporarily disabled (compensations will be issued to RU players). As far as I know, currently, they are working on a hotfix. This however means that I have no idea when exactly will patch 9.2 come, could be today, tomorrow or after the issue is completely fixed.

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  1. Kinda glad they dump on the Russian first then EU and the NA server brings up the rear. Keeps us from having to deal with this kind of crap

  2. I’m not sure if I should be glad they are suffering instead of me or worried that this mess made it to live in the first place, it’s 9.0 all over again.

  3. Somehow that doesnt surprise me, WG always turn “lag mode” on along with “everything is screwing up” mode every time they release a new patch

    • They make the tests with 30.000 players maximum, and then port it to servers with 10x the load… No wonder this things happen with almost every patch.

        • Do the test on systems identical to the production servers, and don’t do last minute changes before deployment.

          • Except that’s nowhere near cost-effective. Why have a second production server that’s limited to testing? Why not simply double the production server?

            Remember, the test is only up a few times, every 1-2 months. That’s a LOT of rather expensive hardware to have sitting around taking space.

        • Maybe making the test server availible for more players ? At least 100k. To let enough players at one time to play and try the server load.

      • Keep in mind that what they call a “server” is not what anybody in IT would call a server; a WoT “server” is actually a cluster of many servers, groups of which fill different roles. For example, I expect that every battle gets a single server (computer) of its own, which handles just that battle, and different servers that do the matchmaking and whatnot build the team that’s eventually handed to the server that runs the battle.

        The Common Test “server” is not something you’d really use for performance and load testing, except perhaps to a very limited extent. What you want to do is develop automated systems to put extreme loads on particular subsystems (servers and server clusters) that simulate high production loads, and see how they fail. For example, if you’re running a large “web server” (which will often be a whole set of servers serving different parts of the the content, such as one set for images, a set of caching servers for content that doesn’t change much, and a set of application servers for user-specific pages) you might use something like ApacheBench or, much better yet, httperf, to generate a load that will find the bottlenecks that can bring a system to its knees, and then have your programmers work on the problems that cause the system to collapse.

        That’s the quick, and not terribly precise, summary. Anybody who’s got thoughts on this, and hasn’t run, say, httperf against a web app he’s written, should do so first to gain the understanding of what really goes in to this sort of thing.

        WG certainly has the resources to hire people who are good at this sort of thing. That does not, however, mean that their company culture would actually allow them to do so.

  4. They’ll release it just in time for the anniversary missions, so we have to deal with tomato + server issue clusterfuck.

  5. what a miracle, test server, no lags .. live server lags as hell :D why they run the test only for 1/7 of real load.

    • To let people play with the new tonks to feel the need to pay for freeXP… Maybe.

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  7. I guess the new mode was too Stronk for the servers to handle, YEAAAAAAAH! :D

  8. I hope that WG waits until the Dev team fixes the worst issues before is deployed to other servers. But I guess they are having a great time dealing with the Marketing team and senior managers.
    Still, it is worrying that after 9.0 they have not learnt the lessons, they need to do something about their BETA testing and UAT.

    • nah, they will patch EU and US servers right away, give us lags and problems and in 2 weeks we will get micropatch to solve problems
      ofc micropatch will do shit

    • Yeah their both completely dead for me as well not even a 404 error nothing.

  9. Well, me talk about a small new company with a new game and very few money, this type of problems are normal… O WAIT!!!

    Nothing new with FailGaming at least now we have a release with no problems after 10 with something to fix… idont know WTF they do test servers if

    1-ignore players feedback (remember 20p HE ammo cost fail it was notice in the first test server and they chnage it 2-3 patches later).

    2-they release the patch with bugs.

    3-or is a game breaking bug or WG leave it until next patch.

  10. More lags than normal?

    I am surprised they didn’t go full EU with the lags… :-P

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  12. ‘compensations will be issued to RU players’

    Its nice to be Russian. All we get for similar things on the EU server is F*CK OFF.

  13. Hmm… so RU players have a lot problems with new patch…. so why we should save the EU players from suffering… they always wanted to be equal…
    Deploying 9.2 on EU server in 3…. 2…1…

    • I would rather get patch with all these problems at the same time on all servers than this stupid RU BIAs strategy.

  14. WG quality at its best ;)
    Cause of that, I do not play testserver anymore..

    bad bad bad…