New Wargaming TV Ad


So, this is an ad, intended for the Discovery Channel, it was recently linked on Challenger’s channel. Somehow, I think it sums up the company really well:

- “historically accurate” – WT E-100 says hi
- “sense of authenticity” – tanks stopping on the spot, jumping over one another, stuff from 60′s fighting Maus, very authentic
- “perfect detail” – yes, especially the non-HD models (95 percent of them)
- “you can’t win this game alone” – but unfortunately for you, it is infested with bots and noobs, so good luck
- “gameplay is tough” – the arty one in particular (one click wonder)
- “your mission just got more exciting, more dynamic” – yep, 10 minute El Halluf campfest or Komarin, very exciting
- “new high definition maps” – there aren’t any HD maps!
- “new historical battle modes” – there was one and it just got cancelled!
- “seriously intense battles” – in World of Advertisement, there is no camping
- “who’s gonna make the first move” – noone, everyone’s camping
- “be strategic, get in the mind of enemy” – they will move first, let’s camp!

This ad made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Wargaming, you can really do better than this…

On the positive side, I like how the King guy looks kinda badass like a trucker/biker/redneck, needs a Confederate flag though.

109 thoughts on “New Wargaming TV Ad

    • Oh please, which company actually makes honest ads? Seriously, have you been watching TV? I mean AXE promissed me tons of pussy everytime I used one of their foul-smelling products. Did I get it? No.

      And if you say WarThunder was more honest, yeah look at the Heroes trailer. Cinematics everywhere, well, at least they kept their mouth shut.

  1. Well, seems like ad for all the stuff they don’t have. Maybe it is what they want their game to look like.

  2. I agree for the most parts, except:

    - “perfect detail” – yes, especially the non-HD models (95 percent of them)
    I think even the non-HD modesl have quite nice quality regarding the details, actually…

    - “gameplay is tough” – the arty one in particular (one click wonder)
    No, the arty needs skill, or it’s useless. Who makes all the “can’t hit anything” posts on the forums if not the skill-less players?

    - “new high definition maps” – there aren’t any HD maps!
    Didn’t they call the new map remodels HD, or something? I am quite sure I’ve seen it on here at some point…

    • Arty takes one hand and dick in the other one to play. Much hard, very balanced, such fun.

      • XAXAXA you’re a noob if you can’t play other tanks while jerking off ;)

        Nothing like a wank while camping with a TD. Those camo values really get me off.

        • Rather deal with an arty. as you can dodge there shells. while a td you wish you could.. mods actully let you hear an arty shell coming down. while a td shell nope xD

          • LMFAO, you can’t effectively fight back against Arty while you can fight back against a TD, learn, if a TD can see you you can see him too, while you can’t really see arty as he is behind houses and stuff.

            GG man, arty takes too much effort to move your finger to click.

            • Tds are the camping cancer. like how you sit infront of a screen on a chair in your computer room. over time you become fat and lazy and cant do anything else. you hate arty i know. but arty takes more skill then a td. how? no armor, unlike a td. no health. unlike a td. Fv304 is a scout in an arty costume. Give arty a sniper mode then if your sooooo angry about arty easiest way.

              • Of course you sit in front of a screen, or do you think that by playing Heavies you are walking in your room or something?, I’m really trying to make an effor in answering to you (More effort than a clicker in his average wot day however), but the TD has to expose itself to enemy fire in order to do damage, while arty is sitting in base begging to RNG to make his shots count.

                GG man, you’re some funny guy.

          • Arty IS cancer, as in it is bad for the game, it ruins good game play, only bad pubtrash think it isn’t, because they are too bad to play any real tanks which take skill. Even TDs have to move around and relocate, learn weak spots, exposure management, most of the same skills as other tanks. Which is way more skill than some drooling idiot clicking on a mouse with one finger at the back of the map requires. Anyone with half a clue KNOWS arty is broken, so how about YOU GTFO with your arty defense.

  3. SilentStalker, I thought you were better than this. I get all the sarcasm about the stuff, but artillery?

    Really? You want to get as low as the “arty is cancer” mongers? Like S3AL and his newest forum post? C’mon.

        • Arty is cancer and there is metric shit ton of topics where it’s detaily explained why, so i won’t even bother.

          • >metric ton of shit topics

            Fixed that for you.
            The topics are full of self-centered tryhards who can’t deal with not winning every single game all by themselves. And they can’t even write proper posts.

            If they’d stop calling arty “cancer” and actually use proper language and manners, maybe someone would actually think they weren’t just a bunch of whiny idiots.

            • Arty is the sports equivalent of having a player on the team whom sole job is to run out onto the field/court and punch a player in the dick/boob (cause ladies play sports too). Arty sits comfortably in and around base harassing players who can’t shoot or spot them back unless they suicide.

              • Arty is only as good as the team is :)
                Most Artys can’t hit moving targets so they rely on the camping part of the enemy team to get their damage in.

                Non spotted Borsigs at 100m which shoot at me for 490 damage, that’s the gamebreaking part.
                But as an Arty-player i agree in one point:
                Less arty per match, maximum 3 artys per team because of the medals and platoon possibilities.

                But nobody listens to me anyway :(
                So in the meantime, cope with it or don’t play the game, simple as that, nothing you can do about except writing (good) articles in the forums for WG to see and evaluate so the hardcap might come.

                Just my thoughts :)

                • A voice of reason? IMPOSSIBRU! Thanks for restoring my faith in the playerbase, man.

                • Yes but we also have to aim at weak spots, angle armor, flank/time shots, understand spotting mechanics, understand camo mechanics, positioning for depression and such. While you just need to do is put your cursor over our tank and click.

                • @Xelos

                  And arty needs to relocate so it would not be spotted, relocate to have targets in range, relocate to be able to shoot and not hit obstacles on the way.

                  Spotting and camo is as much important for arty as for other tanks.

                  And in arty you have to be a fortune teller – you have to know which targets will be spotted in an open 20 secs from now and you have to know where the enemy will be in 4 secs after you shoot – and if he turns/stops/accelerates – you missed.
                  If all that arty needs to do to hit you is point and click, it means that you are a retard standing in an open and sniping.

                  Not mentioning maps like Himmelsdorf or Ensk where you dont have much places you can shoot while you can expect scouts/meds shooting at you after 1-2 minutes.

                  Yes any retard can sit in arty, 1 click and from time to time ruin the game for someone who assumes “arty will not hit me, so I will drive recklessly”
                  But to have real influence on a battle, you need to think much more then in heavy and way more then in td.

                  I am not arty player but i know how to play so my arty can be more efficient then opponents one.

                  So Xelos, if you can think about so many things like how to angle your tank, aim for weakspot and not be spotted, learn how to predict where you will be harder target for arty, how much time you have till arty will focus on you and so on.

                • @Xelos

                  Dude. Dude. I literally have 1 arty in my garage. M12. My two T10s are E5 and E4. I have KV-4 and Tiger 1 and IS. I know angling, I know how to aim, and I do these things arguably better than you. But you have never played arty, because if you have you’d see there’s more to it, mainly more disappointment when you miss (70% of the time). The arty players you complain about are good, because the “clickers” never hit anything.

          • And all of them are made by people who rarely, if ever, play artillery themselves and usually have a >25% ratio of total matches in TDs…

        • Pretty much. But in all seriousness, WoT gameplay is anything but tough. That is in fact the main selling point, that it is NOT hardcore. Why call it tough then? It’s five keys and two mouse buttons…

          • Yeah. And why only call arty “clickers”? Not like any other tank uses a different mechanic. What do the whiners do in their WT E-100s? Click. Click 6 (now 5) times.

            • Yeah, I tend to see TDs more of clickers than arty are. We should start calling TDs “camping cancer.”

              • Yep. Artys a blessing honestly. Did you know in rl if arty was not made. that we would be speaking germen or japanize? Arty had a place on the battle field. Arty is a hero not a villain. Now tds.. are just cheap tanks. they are just a non turreted machine. made to carry a gun. Now we got that out of the way. as for “clickers” and the camping cancers. TDs are more cancer and clickers. they spam more gold shells then anything else. Better what.. Arty and lights take more skill to play then any other class of tank. no armor = useing your brain.

            • I love people who assume that because you play arty, you ONLY play arty and nothing else, so you can’t possibly know about the game.
              And those people then go about using the most blatantly broken tanks without a hesitation, like the waffles and the death star.

              If anything, I like having an arty or two in matches.
              It forces me not to camp around like a random tomato, waiting to be spotted and killed slowly.
              Also, what’s the point of having light tanks when there is no one to do damage to the enemies you spot? The maps are too small and full of turns, nooks and crannies for your pro siema IS7 snipers to hit anything, and you can thanks TDs for maps being reworked like that.


            Silent the link above will have more skill to understand then you would in wot. seriously. 100 lives then your dead for good and where you smack soneone deals that area damage and the armor actully protects you unlike in wot gold pew pews.

      • Than you of all people should know it takes more than just one click… or at least more than one click to actually hit anything ;)

          • Now tds.. are just cheap tanks. they are just a non turreted machine. made to carry a gun.
            That grammar and that logic. And what the fuck is an arty then if not what you just described you dumb piece of shit?! Go click more.

      • SS just stated the facts, arty takes no skill and is cancer to the game, the truth hurts.

        and see SS when others call FTR ‘For The Retards’ they are not talking about you, but people like alex sonny who is so bad he can’t understand that arty is broken.

  4. - “new high definition maps” – there aren’t any HD maps!

    I think they mean reworked maps for the new render.

    - “gameplay is tough” – the arty one in particular (one click wonder)

    It`s not that easy to play with arty as you think. You need to find correct position, plan enemy movement, pick a good spot to aim, think about when the shell might hit the enemy etc.

    - “you can’t win this game alone” – but unfortunately for you, it is infested with bots and noobs, so good luck
    - “your mission just got more exciting, more dynamic” – yep, 10 minute El Halluf campfest or Komarin, very exciting
    - “new high definition maps” – there aren’t any HD maps!
    - “seriously intense battles” – in World of Advertisement, there is no camping
    - “who’s gonna make the first move” – noone, everyone’s camping
    - “be strategic, get in the mind of enemy” – they will move first, let’s camp!

    In random battles yeah, but not in CW, team battles, tournaments etc.

  5. Honestly SS that was one of the funniest things I’ve read… It’s so true.. No one moves everyone camps and arty just clicks wherever it wants ..

    • All because everyone, TDs, camp. Moving targets are very hard to hit.

      I mean, tanks have treads and an engine and armor for a reason right?

        • but they are not doing good job at explaining light tanks is and what is there roll :P
          but they are getting there slowly veeerey slowly though

        • They need to fix the maps. All the changes are making it impossible to scout properly any more.

          You can ‘scout’ better in heavies on maps like Pearl river and Servogorsk these days, view range is almost worthless unless you are on the old maps.

          • Scouts are useless mostly because maps aren’t flat anymore. Usually there is a ridge/depression on the map and your teammates can’t shoot anyone behind it – so spotting those enemies is useless.
            At the same time if enemy will come close enough, that your teammates can shoot them, they can also lit enemies themselves.

            toying with view range will not help with that.

            Other factors that screwed scouts are increased accuracy of tanks and nerfed arty.
            around 0.6 you could show up enemy and 3 out of 5 arties in game were able to shot and hit him before he disappears.
            Now there are 2 arties in battle and none of them will be able to aim before enemy disappears, so scout needs to show enemy once more.

            That’s why it is much harder to get good xp in scout.
            unless you play it like softer faster medium, staying in second line and rushing to finish wounded enemies or sniping from a bush.

  6. “Buy our toothpaste and our toothbrush and you get wither teeth after only one week!”

    If you believe that crap, I understand why you believe this one. SS, I expect better from you. It’s a commercial ffs! Commercials are always like that.

    The style of this ad is TOO murican for me.
    Making tons of everything.

    But your comments made my day :)

  8. I like how SS is trolling and just saying BS to piss his viewers off instead of stating facts. ^.^

    • continue to try and put up with xvm whiners then. When ToA gets released im putting wot in the recycle bin. It lost its touch. im sorry.

  9. - “gameplay is tough” – the arty one in particular (one click wonder)

    Now I’m really pissed about this whining. Really SS? You too? There’s nothing wrong with arty. It is well balanced to keep the gameplay alive. The thing that most people don’t understand is that there isn’t that many noobs playing arty after the great artynerf. It is actually hard to play arty in big tier battles, so you only find the best of the best behind the wheels. And those who can’t master it, whine.

    And what is worse is you always collect the hate from both sides. You hit and enemy whines. You miss and your own team says you’re a noob. So c’mon deside do you want the arty or not.

    Plus I never see people whine if the MM is literally full of TDs. Its the one lonely lowtier arty that ruins the game. Get a grip of reality people!

    If you want to really master this game, you want to learn all the sides of it. Learn to play arty and you will learn their limitation and won’t get shot because you stood for 10 minutes in the middle of an open field. It’s not artys fault you can’t play.

    You know I haven’t ever had problem with arty. And I only have one arty in garage.

    • Virtually EVERY game you manage to get 3+, higher tier arty, they take it over.

      As in capriciously one-shooting or crippling tanks, dictating stagnate fights around a few select areas, and reigning in 1/3 of their team’s damage (win or loss). The mechanic still, at it’s core, is broken, because a bare concentration of mass of even BAD artillery players still ruins gameplay.

      What else do you make of your own comment about collecting hate from both sides? The mechanic concentrates huge alpha into a RNG. That’re undistilled caprice, purely toxic to predictable gameplay, it’s a stupid wildcard which — because people have to respect it — causes camping.

      • Thats why we needed the light tanks. scouts back in the day. now they destroyed the balance of the game. Arty was picked off by the light tanks. and in honestly id rather live back in the day where the vk, t50-2, and the chaffee ruled the scout trees. the scouts take care of the arty. and without a light tank arty would be very useless. as its become now. I say undo all the nerfs Let the arty back to its former real glory. and the game will get lively once more people will be smarter. as they were before 8.0 and below. The game was fun then when the arty nerf came. that made the arty players jump into tds and other tanks now the scouts became useless. they nerfed them to oblivion. now we have tds meds and heavys.. now the tds got nerfed.. because theres no arty looking after them anymore. So we only have meds and heavies.. we have a broken game. wargaming needs to revert ever nerf. and allow scouts to eat artys and be smarter, Tds to go with the heavies and came in places that makes them able to cover the defenders. While artys are the support guns. each class was balanced by each other. now we got a broken game with no pattern. only farmers. its sad really really sad.. gold spammers makes it the worst game in history. making heavys useless.. again its a broken game..

      • That’s a problem of how aritllery is balanced. It’s either Miss and do jack shit or Hit and obliterate target. There’s almost nothign in between and when there are more than two arties per side in a game, this gambling just brakes the game. But this is not an inherent problem of artillery, but how artillery is balanced. Lower damage potential, increase likelyhood of actally dealing damage, limit it to 2 per side to compensate for their all-over-the-map damage potential and all things are golden. Artillery suffers mainly from the same caliber-damage scaling bullshit as TDs do, just that TDs still can reliably apply their damage, while arty throws a die.

        • WG will not do that, max cap will be 3 (because of medals, platoons and stuff)

          With certain arty-types there are certain arty-features.
          Low-caliber, low damage, great accuracy, low reload, little to no splash…
          then there are the others:
          High-caliber, massive reload, massive damage, massive splash, but low accuracy and normally low mobility…

          the artys inbetween those to types are more or less useless:
          not enough accuracy to hit, not enough splash to damage, too low damage on hit

          The game was balanced on these setups:
          6-10 Heavies, 2-3 artys, 2-4 TDs, 4-6 meds, 1-2 lights
          you know why?

          Because it was the Heavies and meds which got the focus. (Before T10 meds even more Heavy focus)
          The situation we have NOW has the following problems: WE HAVE EVERYTHING EN MASSE EXCEPT HEAVIES!

          The game and maps are not balanced for 18 TDs or 10 artys, so in my opinion at least, we need a stricter hardcap on artys (i would say 3 max per team) and a slight hardcap on TDs (maybe not more than 6 per team)

          It might go against other people’s opinions, but that is my take on “toxic elements for gameplay”

          Cya on the field.

    • ” There’s nothing wrong with arty. It is well balanced to keep the gameplay alive.”

      Someone give him a prize for most retarded comment of the year.

    • Get the fuck out.
      TD’s are cancer too, but not as much cancer as artillery. TD cancer you can eventually spot and shoot back. Aircancer you can’t hit because it’s camping in the very place where it spawned.
      And we do complain about TD dominance.
      Now get the fuck out. Cancer is bad and you should feel bad.

  10. Jesus Christ. And SS wonders why people refer to FTR as to For the Retards. Just read some of the shit morons here writing. It’s like with every word your brain cells are dying slowly.

      • No he’s referring to the hordes of you trash who think arty is not broken, cause you’re too bad to know otherwise.

    • Wow, 90 comments…this exploded into one-handers-defence-fest!

      Why so defensive I wonder? :-P

      • The fear of their cancermobiles being removed forces them to infest everything related to World of Tanks and defend it, and highest argument they can think of is that “it takes skill” and “it prevents camping”. Little do they know neither one of that is true and they are just pubbie morons who are too fucking stupid to learn to play a game as simple as WoT in more than 20k battles and in the end they will just turn to the class in which the most dumbest piece of shit can be effective, and that’s arty.

  11. - “gameplay is tough” – the arty one in particular (one click wonder)

    SS how many tier 10 arties do you have that was not reserched via freeXP?

    Or if you said the “wonder” as “it’s a wonder if it ever lands the shots where you aim” then i beg your pardon.

  12. haha completely what i was thinking about the game…is this shit even legal? false advertising of video game?

  13. To be fair they reworked the El Haluf and removed Komarin just now (at least from the intresting tiers) SO yeah no more camping for you.

  14. Maybe they have made it for the devs, like: ‘Look at this. This is your goal. We need the game to fit this ad so we can actualy ahow it to people’.

    Yeah, right, I’m BSing myself…

  15. - “be strategic, get in the mind of enemy” – they will move first, let’s camp!

    LMAO omg thanks for the laugh SS! ahahaha gotta love the stupid misleading advertising of WG.

  16. It’s not that new (at least month old) and, not even the first one on discovery (on some “greatest tank battles” or something series there was WG advertisement stuck at end of each part of episode).