- Q: “Why did the developers stop making teaser videos to come out before patches?” A (SerB): “How terrible”
- T32 will not be buffed (“it’s a nice heavy”)
- players are reporting all sorts of UI issues with 9.2 – the answer is the same: “delete old mods” (SS: and the answer on RU forums proves time and time again to be correct, judging from the reactions)
- tank profitability (credit making ability) was not nerfed in 9.2
- nerfed gold shells for FV215b (183) were sold for their purchase price for credits in 9.2
- T71 wasn’t “stealth nerfed” in 0.9.2
- developers are aware that patch 0.9.2 caused lags, they are working on their fix (SS: it is unclear whether this is related to the issue the 9.2 caused on RU server and that did not appear on EU or US servers, but looking at timestamps, it should be related to ongoing issues)

65 thoughts on “31.7.2014

  1. Might as well leave “nothing interesting today”, apart from the M5 HD rework and nerf news this is a bunch of ka-doodle

  2. ”T32 will not be buffed”

    who wants a buff to the T32..? it’s a very good tank

    • I want a buff to the T32. And, yes, it’s good tank, but I still want a buff to T32 ))

    • IMO the T32 is one of the strongest tier8 heavies, considering you can go hull down against alot of tier 9&10s and reliably bounce them? It is one of my best performing tanks over 100 battles

      • On the other hand the T32 is one of the worst tanks in its tier if you don’t know what coloured tanks to point the gun at or what part of the tank is the turret.

    • Tank is fine, not so much it’s gun, it’s undertiered :) low pen low accuracy, all i want is some pen buff to about 210-220 and it will be perfectly balanced :)

      • T32 would be waaaay tooo op if WG was about to increase the pen on the gun…

        Yes, T32 underperforms in t10 battles, though better players find a way to abuse the enemy’s mistakes. In t6-t8 battles it’s a fookin beast….
        Only things you should avoid are the german HT lines…Under no circumstances you should face ‘em.

  3. 5 simple steps to exploit the T32′s strenghts to the fullest:
    1. go hull-down

    Okay, it’s actually just 1 step. It doesn’t need any buffs.

  4. Su-85I is now in the tech tree for purchase…

    Don’t remember it previously.

    • Haha, and all those idiot actually bought it for more than 10€. Unless it still costs more than 10€ worth of gold. And if it costs even more, I’m the idiot for waiting.

  5. One question, any useful answers will be welcome.

    Regarding the capability to chose between downloading HD and non-HD model clients then how is it supposed to work?

    Suppose if someone does not download the HD client this patch (9.2) he will not get the HD models for that patch and next patch (9.3) he downloads the HD client so he will get the HD models in that patch only (as in HD tanks contained in patch 9.3 only) or the ones he missed in previous patch also (9.2 + 9.3)?

    In my personal opinion, it would be much much better if we were given the option to download HD models for individual tanks independently. In that way it would be far more efficient and most sane players will welcome that.

    I am asking this question because I have data limitation on download so I can’t go for 126-230 GB data download per month like I used to 10 months back. Now it is limited to 8 GBs :(

    • Not sure many would use it, as laziness > anything.

      Probably 95% wouldn’t bother manually selecting HD models.

      Also, man, your data sucks.

      • Nope Mr Woras,
        I am an Indian who just got moved to a semi-rural town from a metropolitan and there aren’t many choices available to me when it comes to portable data connections.

        Just to put things into perspective, the last patch came out when I had consumed all of my alloted data quota and it took me 20 hours (yes that is hours) to download the 1079 MB of the 9.1 patch.

        Same is the situation right now and I can’t even begin downloading 9.2; I have to wait till I get back home after 10 days then I can get 9.2.

        In Hyderabad I used to get 6Mbps unlimited download (450 kbps of actual file download average speed) for the same amount I have to pay for this crap in this shit location. Here my download speed is 140kbps (actual file download average speed) within 8GB and beyond that it is 15kbps

        BTW do they have such bad internet packages in the US too?

          • Blame America’s friendliness with unscrupulous companies.

            I lean conservative and think we’re corrupt as fuck. We should be encouraging these companies to compete with each other, not allowing them to cordon off countries and say “lol, you want internet and phone, we’re you’re only option.”

            They actually have mandated that a lot of places can’t break a certain internet speed in order to force customers to pay more for internet speeds that are still subpar compared to Europe. Now we might even lose internet neutrality which lets the internet companies bottleneck connections they dislike through shittier connections. This could potentially include World of Tanks.

            USA is an oligarchy now, and it even effects the video games we play.

  6. SerB seems to be a total tool, I don´t like his “How terrible” responses. I have no respect for that man …

    • Q: “What is the main reason you like this game?” A: “Money” Q: “So you don’t care about playerbase?” A: “How Terrible”

    • If i was in the situation with 10000 stupid similar questions from 10-15 y.o. guys, ‘how terrible’ would be the best answer. It’s good, that he’s now away from that RU-forum hell, where he was some time ago.

    • Well I don’t like the same stuff people ask over and over again and have no respect for the fools who can’t even be bothered to search for it.

  7. “- Q: “Why did the developers stop making teaser videos to come out before patches?” A (SerB): “How terrible””

    He doesn’t even bother to read the questions, does he?

    • But aren’t they still making videos on the features? I remember one on Strongholds, which is probably the biggest feature of this update.

      Considering that vehicle balances are glossed over in ASAP videos, generally.

  8. Have fun in Russia SS!

    Anybody playing Robocraft? I need some team members…

      • Today was an update that removed OP weapons from lower tiers. Since I started yesterday I have them researched >:D

      • It’s a lot of fun…and the netcode must be fantastic because there are no micro-lags that slowly grind away at my sanity…and it’s in early development! I hope is doesn’t ever so slowly degrade into a pos game with each update…had that happen to me in another game once /:

    • Yeah!! How did you know? I literaly just started yesterday. Alex_Sonny if anyone wants to add me.

  9. My only issue with 9.2 atm is that i’m only getting 8mb/s through the updater on my 800mbit connection. But i guess that’s a luxury issue.

    • 2.5MB/s here – max that I can get from outter countries – damn those limitations or your inferior net infrastructure :D

      • No such limits here. I was wondering tho, would be nice if you could seed through the launcher. Can easely upload 300gb/hour without being bothered by lag.

  10. - tank profitability (credit making ability) was not nerfed in 9.2

    I think a lot of people just mistook less credit making potential as a nerf, rather than recalling the lack of credit reward missions being offered like before.

  11. Wow. Anyone read the patch notes? SOOOOOO many bullshit buffs to already OP german tanks. The american and russian tanks? Not so much.

    Someone wanna explain to me this theory of ‘russian bias’ again please? I aint seeing it.

    • Please, explain to me, other than the most obvious two German tanks that make me cringe (Rhm. & WTE-100), which German tanks are OP?

      Edit: Also, the VK45.02 needed something to set it apart from the E-75 in a good way, I feel that the buff to its frontal armor was well-deserved and needed.

  12. - T32 will not be buffed (“it’s a nice heavy”)
    It really is nice heavy. Pretty much best T8 heavy, BUT there is one thing. It’s its gun. It lacks both pen and accuracy. Either make it more accurate so you can actually hit what you aimed for or give it slightly bigger pen(Don’t understand why out of all heavies it gets the same gun as on T7 heavy while all other tanks get better guns ~225 pen.) It’s fine in T8 battles, but at T9 and T10 it really relies on heavy usage of APCR gold ammo to be effective.

    • I rarely use Gold ammo on my T32 still it is one of my best heavies Stats wise.
      I play it with Gun Laying Drive AND Vert Stab though… the gun can work wonders.