42 thoughts on ““Special” Anniversary Hangar…

  1. Lols ! I guess they wanted to make an anniversary hangar with special effects but messed up big time :P the other 2 were fine but the real omg wtf lolwhut moment is that random bomber driving through your tank and the hangar ~ I can imagine scores of people getting annoyed by a plane doing that every time you exit a battle ~

    so much for ‘Hangar optimization’ ~

    • As usual, some old versions of mods. I have clean WoT installed, and there are no bugs in hangar. And it doesn’t heat up my GPU like normal one.

  2. wtf?
    they didnt saw it before putting it in the live server???

    so, one person does the thing and noone check it???

    good supervision managers :)

    • Certainly a lack of QA there on Wargaming’s part. Wonder what else slips through the Quality Assurance department (if there is one).

      • It’s worse than that, how bad a programmer do you have to be to not test your code before shipping it out, or worse yet -

        Test your code, see the glitches and think it’s okay to ship like that??

  3. is there any way to get it back and keep it forever!! :D
    would be nice to have something to laugh about between the ingame-rages ;)

  4. So the Wellington has about 3,000mm pen, since it goes straight through a hangar…

  5. I hope they keep that glitched hangar because I will make sure it’s installed after every new patch as a reminder of how fucked up this game is.

  6. To be honnest, moders or garage makers do way better job then WG and they do it for free!

  7. From a previous thread:
    I was playing this morning and still I had the anniversary hangar, that bomber driving through vehicles is ridiculous. It looks very bad.
    In Stalin times the marketing and design departments would have been shot for less, after Stalin they would have been deported to Siberia, these days they keep their jobs and maybe get a bonus for xmas. ;-)

  8. It’s such a cool idea to have moving planes and cars in the garage, but how can they fail THIS badly. I mean, seriously, how is it possible. Didn’t they even once run the game with the garage or what.

  9. on the US server it works.
    The Wellington is actually going along the runway here from right to left for take off for me.
    The Jeep is actually going along the runway in the other direction a few moments later.
    The other planes are zooming almost overhead.

    T92 is next on Track on the US server