Japanese Tanks in Motion

Thanks to whoever sent me this (I forgot to note the nickname).

Hello everyone,

there is an interesting playlist on Youtube, showing videos with Japanese tanks. For example, here is the Type 89 I-Go:



If you have time, check it out, the entire list is available here.

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      • “I feel insecure wtih girls, I’d rather stick to fictional character written by some other poor bastard”
        You’re welcome

      • “天皇陛下万歳” meaning is “Long live His Majesty the Emperor”

        It’s was the battlecry that being use in japan after Meiji Restoration and later on. , In WW2 it was use as battlecry of the soldier before suicide attack into enemy line.

        • Thx but isnt it kinda inapropriate? I’m pretty sure its not ok to shout nazi or any other major warcriminal warcries (suicidal even lol) in german assuming not everybody will understand.

          • What?
            “Long live his majesty and empire” has nothing to do with nazism or some major warcriminal or whatever.
            It’s like how the British say “Long live the Queen”.

          • Um, werent japs commiting major warcrimes, mass decapitations, brainwashing people to suicide attacks and other horrible shit in the name of the emperor? I guess that use of this phrase before war saves it but still wartime Japan references should be within the same realm as nazis. No celebration, everlasting condemnation. Also I’m pretty sure they did that shit before WW2.

            • No I doubt that wartime Japan would be in the same realm as Nazis.
              Anyway killing people in the name of the emporer is nothing compared to the UK and other countries in Europe.
              They torture’d people in the name of the christian god. I’d rather get gassed by cyanide (which kills you extremely quickly and painlessly) rather than have be hanged, drawn and quartered or have lead blocks crush my body in an incredibly agonizing fashion simply because some guy says I’m a devil worshiper because I haven’t memorized the bible.
              By your logic should Christianity be banned simply because of the atrocities people have done in gods name? No. There is no problem with the japanese saying “long live his majesty and the empire” right now.
              Anyway the Russian’s still celebrate Stalin in some places apparently. That’s incredibly messed up. Go complain about that.

              • I never said I approve of other nations doing this. I’m strongy against most religions and I think soviets were in some aspects even worse then nazis. In modern society, nazis and commies are both viewed as criminals. Christians are different, same goes by genocide done by the romans (which are commonly celebrated), because it was long time ago (not an excuse in my book, but that just shows us how fucking sick humans are and were from the start and only education can help this). But what japs did during WW2 (modern times) is nothing to be ignored and there should be no exception when it comes to them, nazis, soviets and what have you. Millions murdered by burying alive en mass, decapitating/mutilating civilans with swords by thousands, torture, forced labor, sex slaves, POW beheadings, cannibalism, human experiments, you name it. Some fucking sick twisted disgusting shit that is no different from what nazis did. All in 40′s. After the nukes and surrender there were trials and executions of japanese officers for warcrimes, similar to german ones, so some justice has been done but americans were too gentle mostly because there was no way to find out who did what. 920 executed, 475 life sentences and some thousands of various imprisonment senteces were just a fraction of how much must have been responsible. If only japs tried this shit on russian population and then got occupied by russia.. oh boy.

                • Racists here Racists there…. what if I tell you guys that soldiers of those “atrocities” didnt know any crap about what the hell are they doing, a soldiers JOB is to do his WORK and FOLLOW HIS SUPERIORS. almost every countries did atrocities to others in history even now. so KIDS. stop being a RACISTS. because you are also ending up to be like one.

    • well its quite easy to understand English during that time because its already a international language, but im wondering, how about soviet tanks.

  1. Aren’t these the Type 97 and Type 95 light tanks as mentioned in the video link instead of the Type 89 I-Go that was mentioned by SS in the description?

  2. Anyone else realize that the Te-Ke is the first tank incorporated that’s gone straight to HD?

    • I’d noticed that they incorporated the new track movement stuff…hadn’t realized about the rest of the tank, since 9.2 killed my framerate and I’ve had to turn my graphics down to compensate.

      On closer inspection, though, I see you’re right. Nice, mostlyround roadwheels.

      Guess they don’t want to make more work for themselves later. It’s…surprisingly efficient of them, for once.