A Few Pictures from Gamescom

Hello everyone,

Purgafox from EU server visited the Gamescom and decided to share a couple of pictures he took!

First, one sneak peek at the Yamato from World of Warships

Yamato from WoWs

Gaijin, the creator of War Thunder, decided to introduce the Ground Forces with a real tank destroyer, the SU-100.

Tank Destroyer 1

Tank Destroyer 2

Tank Destroyer 3

Tank Destroyer 4

Tank Destroyer 5

Tank Destroyer 6

And since that was not enough, they decided to add a Me-109 for good measure. Not bad, Gaijin!


30 thoughts on “A Few Pictures from Gamescom

  1. I’m guessing the 109 is a foam replica, but the SU100 looks pretty damn detailed.

    Looks legit.

    EDIT: That 109 looks quite real too actually, that takes some dedication and heavy lifting :v

    • I’d say it might be a replica after all. Much better than toy-ish Mustang-resembling thing that WG were displaying a year or so ago. The rivets on engine cowling look like they were painted on. Wing radiators are just simplified see-through boxes. It also lacks pilot’s seat, but that might just be missing.

      So either it’s a very decent replica or just an incomplete museum example.

  2. So,no stream for WoT today?

    WT seems to have a non stop stream,right now there’s a guy speaking in German but soon they should start talking about new features,for those who are interested.

  3. It’s not Me 109, it’s Bf 109.
    Messerschmitt got his own designation in 1938, before that factory was Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and thus Bf.

    • While I myself also lean toward Bf 109, the name case isn’t quite clear in this matter. Long story short: there was a lot of legal issues (mainly caused by Willi Messerchmitt using his Nazi connections in order to claim more merits than he deserved) and even in official Luftwaffe documents the plane designation varies.

      Though I say the name or designation should concern us the least, a slong as it doesn’t lead to ambiguities.

  4. SS you dont read a eamil from me :/ but the codes from razer work we got 3 days prem. They give new codes, but maybe only to who try get it on that time with fail codes ;)

  5. Speaking of Yamato, it had the great honor of being within 20 nautical miles of a fellow “battleship”, the USS Samuel B. Roberts…lol

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  7. Wow, looks like Gaijin really one-upped WG this time around, bringing in a real TD and a replica Bf109…

  8. he shoulda gotten a pic with the women from gaijin with the SU-100. they were doing it last night

    • Oh i did get pictures with the girls but i also took a few without them. They would distract from the Tank to much :P

    • I played WoWS at the Gamescom. You only had 2 US Ships and 3 Japanese Ships. Highest ones avaiable were of Battleship Class. I used one of the Japanese Battleships and i must honestly say i was right at home with the controls. Its very similar to WoT. But on the other hands the targeting is kind of different and takes quite some time to get used to.