Interview with Evilly on Web Radio

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

one Russian web radio recently made an interview with WG producer, Anton “Evilly” Pankov. The most interesting answers are:

- it’s planned that when KV-1S is split into two tanks, players will get both tanks. Details will come later.
- it’s planned that when FV4202 is made a premium tank, it will be given for free to players the way T34 was. Details will come later.
- Stalingrad map will apparently come in 0.9.4 (SS: which means Havok will as well?)
- average age of WoT players is 29 years
- changed Malinovka will come in 0.9.3
- 0.9.3 will bring three LT8 tanks: American, Soviet, German
- Japanese tanks will not come this year (SS: possibly with the exception of a premium tier 8 medium tank I think)
- Firefly branch with high tier tank destroyers will come this year (SS: Firefly, Challenger/Avenger, Charioteer, Conway, FV4005 Stage 2 in this order from tier 6)
- average daily amount of players of WoT is 4 million

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  1. - it’s planned that when FV4202 is made a premium tank, it will be given for free to players the way T34 was. Details will come later.

    I was terribly jealus when it happened with the T34, and now it’s happening again.

          • I was waiting with buying the FV4202, as I heard all the “it’s a shitty tank” stories all the time. Finally, I bought it like 2 weeks ago (when all tier10s were on discount) and I can’t say a bad word about it. Yea, I know they buffed the dmg outcome recently, so it is probably much better now.
            Anyway, it’s a good news it’ll stay in the garage and I won’t have to spend gold on re-buying it back…

            • I find the FV4202 to be a nice tank to play, I can see why it’s not the best but it’s not that bad after the RoF buff. I really like the like 240 mm effective frontal hull armor that tend to deflect poorly aimed shots.

              I think people are just too lazy to work a tank that can’t pen the angled superstructure of a JPE from the front.

      • I would be extremely wary of this ‘promise’, and the one on the KV1S.

        WG has a track record of lesser employees saying stuff like this well in advance of the event and then much closer to the time higher-ups saying ‘we promised no such thing…’. There is an obvious advantage to them, in that in encourages players to spend more to unlock the relevant tanks.

        • I concur with those who are skeptical about free FV4202. After all, WG claimed on numerous occasions – “no more free stuff like T34″. Still, i’m gonna try to grind the bugger :)

          On the other hand i don’t see anything suspicious in a KV-1S promise. The same happened when VK3001 and VK3006 were rebalanced as heavies. Everyone who had medium 3601 in their garage received 3601 as a heavy (with old crew) and medium 3002 MAN (with free slot and fresh crew). It’s not the same as giving away a bunch of thanks that are meant to be sold for real money. Mind you that it’s been quite a while since T34 times. There are much more players now. And as a result much more premium tanks would be given for free.

        • Early 2015 is the last thing I remember reading here on FTR. Which would be at least 4.5 months(assuming they change immediately in January).

      • Yeah it’s certainly more common now.

        Funnily enough. 95% of them seem to be n00b/botters (deep red) or super-unicum according to XVM.

        I have seen VERY few green Cents (like me) and even fewer yellows or blues.

        Maybe the unicums are using it as an excuse to grind the line, which has been seen as weak, while the reds just want ‘freestuff’ (gimmegimmenao!).
        Whereas the majority of half-decent players are just preocupied with their current grinds.
        (I always wanted the Cent7/1 but it just wasn’t at the top of my list)

        • Already have mine….a chance to feel really smug……but then i also got the T34 when that changed over as well …so now i can feel doubly smug.

        • I only grinded the line because i like Cent 7/1 and FV4202 :)

          Edit: Now i cant wait to get my free tier 8 lol…

        • Cent is a tough tank to play. It’s not hard to play well, but it’s hard to play very well. It’s a very difficult tank to carry in and as such is a difficult tank to solo in.

          That’s why you never really see any in-betweens.

          I really like mine, honestly. The 20pdr’s a sweet, sweet gun. Except the ridiculous ammo cost…

    • Hm. Not fair. They should be given for free only for those who has at least 1000 battles on it. Period :P

      • wth? Japanese will not come? daaaaamn. why ow why… i mean… those fun tanks i want to play… but ow well what can i do… world of tanks had a majority of OP stronk russian tanks and want moooore OP tanks. -_-

          • From what I heard from Listy in the Chair thread, FV215b 183 should have a full turret too

            • that sounds like BS to me. The pure wieght of cannon could really tip the tank over, not speaking about firing.
              I think it was about full turret, but limited traverse anyway

              • Actually, the gun is balanced in the turret and would point at the sky unless supported so turning the turret to the side shouldn’t be an issue.

                • that means all weight and recoil of barrel is applied through turret. Turning it sideways negate the effect of engine as counterweight.
                  I call it issue

                • I didn’t say that you could fire it sideways, but you can turn it without any issues as the point of balance is inside of the turret (that gun is, from what I’ve understood, a low velocity HESH lobber so the breach is actually heavier than the barrel), using the engine as a counterweight have nothing to do with it.

          • I would love to have Stage 1 in the game, but considering the effect of the WT E100, can’t see how they could ever balance it.

            • Valiant (A38) would be a pretty cool tier 5 British heavy tank. maybe as a tier 5 premium since it has the same gun as the Excelsior so it’d be like a slower but better rounded armor. so it’d be a second tier 5 British premium for players to choose out of the 2. but if not that than there’s the possibility for a faster tier 6 British premium the Valiant (A38). Its pretty much an anti-tank version of the Cromwell.

              • Sry meant Challenger (A30) as the tier 6 British premium tank. also the Charioteer would be like a higher tier version of the Challenger (A30) so u could make an addition to the British tech tree with those 2 tanks.

  2. I’m guessing (from prior experience) that we keep our crew + skills and equipment on the tier 5 KV-1S, and KV-85 gets research completed to same level +new 100% crew.

      • I am not sure here, since the KV-1S is a pretty favorable tank by nearly everyone, so giving them all a new tank and a 100% crew kind of is a steep beneficial thing from WG.

        • It’s what has happened before. Most recently with vk3001H moved to tier 5 HT. Was replaced by VK3002M with 100% crew.
          Basically, they don’t want to take away a tank we own, so we keep it when it gets nerfed.
          But they also can’t take away a tier 6 tank without compensation.
          100% crew is not that bad considering that players with 4+ skill crews in their padding machines will have to move if they don’t like the new tier 5 KV-1S and want to use them in the KV-85. It also means that if you swap the crew for credits, you get a half decent crew even after moving them.

          • The crew will move to t5 since the KV-85 only have 4 crew compared to the KV-1S’s 5. Think about it, what would happen to the excess radioman if the crew moved to the KV-85.

  3. The average age of WoT players is 29?
    Huh – Biological age, maybe. With the mental age, most are stuck in the 15-18′s somehow.

    • Youre way off, on average, i’d say the mental age is 9, with the average climbing to 10 during school days.

      • Most teenagers have no idea about the tactical aspects, They can be excellent driving and shooting, but won’t know how to read the game as the battle unfolds.

        That’s my opinion.

  4. Last time i decided i dont have enough time to open T34. Decided to go for Maus instead. Opened Maus and E100.
    Now i `am not making that mistake again. Grinding trough comet right now :) Centurions seem like nice tanks to play, and i `am looking forward to them.

  5. - it’s planned that when FV4202 is made a premium tank, it will be given for free to players the way T34 was. Details will come later.

    Confirmation or lies

          • gosh, you got me now, i forgot about the action centurion :O ..plox don’t be that mad trolol
            i was right, i was sure that there’s no way you call the fv4202 a good tank SHAME ON YOU

            by the way Woras, your attitude is so negative…i remember once playing on your side on Malinovka, you were the only one defending the -lets say- left flank, when i accused our team being ignorant and noob, and claimed that you were the only one doing the right thing, you started shouting at me…. you are so toxic, hell i love your writings, i’m sure that in 99% of the cases you would’ve been okay if you would got a stress ball
            :D :D

            • Shame on YOU. I cant say anything about FV42 – I have met them so rarely. Even less – fighted them :D
              But I’ve heard its crap to the top :D

              About battles – half of them are like that. Morons everywhere. 10:5 – win, right? Hell no! 10:15.

              • nah, i think the fv4202 was good even before the buff, but again you are judging a tank without playing it :D that is so amateur

                • It’s good in the same sense something with an engine and a gun can damage others.
                  But let’s face it, the FV4202 is trash.

                  There is only one situation in which I could tell myself: “gee, I would be so much better in an FV4202 than any other medium right now! ” And that’s when you can slam HESH rounds into the rear of a heavy.

            • You sound like the IS platoon Woras and I encountered when platooning in tier 6s.
              Camped ElHalouf instead of engaging in the fight, and when all the tier 5s and 6s were dead, they ran away.

              They didn’t want to hear that they were doing it wrong either.

      • Yes i know but SS has been changing if it will be a T8 prem or not for the past few months. Just need confirmation of it.

        • SS been changing :DD
          “SS, when will you add Havok?”

          WG wont confirm until the last second and those want it – will have to pay for free XP / PA :D

          • WG has been changing their minds but not telling us right now its all just superstitions need REAL confirmation instead of more yes it will be a T8 prem or no its being removed.

  6. Do we really need another BOOOOOM I’LL BLOW UP YOUR WHOLE GARAGE WITH 1SHOT like tank? :(
    Anyways, due to the Charioteer WG already bought me q.q

  7. Firefly branch is a TD line? I was expecting a second british medium line or something. The game…. really doesnt need more high tier TDs. Especially if they’re gonna be more 750 alpha ones with like 9 second reloads

    • The T10 is a 183 deletekey just with a turret so it probably will have a 35 second reload.

    • Though i would love to see mooooaaaar UK tanks, (especially med and heavy ones) i have to say, that there is already a high number of meds in the game…IM LOOKING AT YOU USSR….
      thus, making another med line has no priority IN MY EYES

      • I’d rather have more mediums/heavies than TDs is all. Whenever I’m rolling in something like my M103 I just get sad when like half the enemy team is a TD that will whack me for 800. It’s gotten kind of out of hand :x and like every other new line is TD these days. with bigger and more bullshit guns – it’s a wonder that they arent gonna add sturmtiger cause it’s “too strong” when they’re adding all these other things at tier 10.

        • i know that feel bro,
          yes, i forgot to mention that my priorities are: HTs then LTs then MTs and lastly TDs…But this doesn’t imply that im a HT fan, i’m just sick of the t62clones because im sure that if UK gets a 2nd t10med, then the mighty USSR will get a -guess what- medium tank as well

          • Why add the second american medium line or second med/heavy french lines when they can put in more russians?

            • Because WG employees are narrow-minded. They think that ppl don’t play frenchies because frenchies, and not because of the autoloaders. Thus they find it unworthy to add non-autoloader lines, it would not be profitable…That’s just my guess….

              Strong capitalist pigs need no medium line because they already have Patton, which needs no buff neither!!!!!
              All hail the mighty T54 clone-wars

            • Remember, just because the French are the fourth most played faction with similar numbers of players per tank as the Germans, that doesn’t mean anybody plays them!

  8. Can any one tell , when EU server will have its birthday ( like russian did ) ?

  9. Free FV4202 eh… well I know what line to play then! The one thing is….I have NOTHING in that line LOL. September I have 2 weeks of vacations lets see how far I can kick that line in 2 weeks :-)

      • well I was planning on starting that line eventually I do wanna try out the cromwell/comet and further. But I hate… HATE playing anything lower then T5, I just dont get any enjoyment out of the game at low tiers. I’ll have to see if I got enough free xp to simply skip TI-V lol

        And yes if they confirm that we are going to see british meds everywhere :D

        • I started the next day when SS translated that that there is a chance – HOP WE GO.
          Skipped T2-T3, T4 is decent, T5 is shit, T6 is beast, T7 is decent, T8 now.

          • I’ve always found it a particulary odd line. Like… the low tiers are slow then the medium tiers are suddenly fast and the high tiers are relatively slow for mediums again.

            I’m pretty sure it’ll take me longer to grind the line then you tough. I consider myself a “decent” player I’m not experienced enough yet and I’ve only come back to the game now after a forced break since november 2013.

        • Even now in Randoms there are many times more Centurions than it was ever before.. I am very afraid of reaction of masses, if for example Storm would simply tell – “Yes, you will get free Tier8 prem.”
          But I believe, it won’t happen. Now Evilly is saying “we will get it” and after couple of days somenone will tell that we won’t. And that will continue till december to make higher profit for WG. And then they will be able to give it for free, because so many would have donated real money to get that prem.

  10. - Firefly branch with high tier tank destroyers will come this year (SS: Firefly, Challenger/Avenger, Charioteer, Conway, FV4005 Stage 2 in this order from tier 6)

    worst news ever, we dont need more OP TDs.

  11. - it’s planned that when FV4202 is made a premium tank, it will be given for free to players the way T34 was. Details will come later.


    - average age of WoT players is 29 years


    • Average value is worthless. Need to see distribution.

      Horde of under-20 kids and one deity with age of 10000000. Count the average :D

    • Not bullshit. There was a statistic mentioned here and also in another news source that stated that 70% of all WoT players are 30-50.

      Even my buddy who works for a marketing firm and handled these numbers told me this upon being surprised to learn I play this game.

  12. Silent, you said sometime ago that FV4005 S2 would be a nightmare to balance. How so? Even though it has a fully rotating turret, the gun would tip the vehicle over if fired from the side, the exact same reason why FV 183 can’t fully rotate its turret as well.
    My guess? A bit narrower arc than the FV, better mobility and same gun handling.

    • S1 is problematic because of the autoloader. S2 has VERY thin armor and is relatively slow. Which means that it will be even nastier derp than the FV215b 183, because the gun would probably have better soft stats.

      • But be weak to attack. So a good tank to have with a half decent team, but a bad one with a good or terrible team?
        I could live with that.

        • Imagine a WTFE100 like weak turret in size and armor thickness and put there a FV183 gun. There you go… The FV4005 S2… Really eager to see how they wanna balance out the non existent turret armor and shit speed. Will it fire nuclear missiles?

  13. Hi guys,
    I have a Question about FV4202 ,
    I have to research and buy FV4202 to Get it when it will Become a Tier 8 premium tank?
    Or WG will add a Mission like T34?

    • I assume you mean the recent mission on US server?

      No mission. You need to grind and buy it before the change.
      Then you get it.

      Like with the T34.

      (When it was changed)

      • Yep I mean the Mission over all server for tier 8 prem,So now im going to start the line and Get FV4202 ,But man how much time left for the IMPACT(:P),
        like 3months or more??
        9.3 or 9.4 ?
        Thanks again, :)

        • Aprox 3 months. I have already the Cent 1 which I put on ice like 1 year ago so I personally will wait untill its 100% confirmed and not just “details will come later”.

          I mean with semi-decent activity a T10 can be grinded within 1 month easily. Currently you could basically grind it with only doing the doubles, tripples, etc.. With premium preferably.

  14. - average age of WoT players is 29 years
    I could swear it’s 12, but maybe it’s just on EU and on RU there are a lot of old people playing.

    • you would wonder… If ppl dont lie on some streams ppl posted their ages and majority was indeed over 30 years. WoT is a game that play literally 3 generations due to the fact that its about tanks obviously.

  15. SS, any info on the new tank motion system/physics. In some of your Q&As you’ve mentioned that it might come in 9.3. Any news on that?

  16. Hey Silent,

    Do we know for sure the FV4202 is being handed out? This is the 2nd time Evilly said this is the case, but Storm in between those 2 times was reluctant to confirm, didn’t seem too keen on the idea of free stuff.

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  18. “- average age of WoT players is 29 years” Hmmmm, are there 100 year olds playing this? The community doesnt seem like it has an average of 29 yr olds :P

  19. I know you are just referencing stuff other people have said, but I’d be very wary of reporting things like this:
    “it’s planned that when FV4202 is made a premium tank, it will be given for free to players the way T34 was. Details will come later.”
    Personally, I don’t believe this will happen until we see the tanks popping up in people’s garages. Stating it as fact while knowing how fickle this information could be, can easily lead to a lot of disappointed people who in turn could end up blaming you instead of Wargaming if it turns out to be false. I’ve had friends who I consider pretty level headed taking these news for granted just because they’re here on FTR.

    If they do it at all, I wouldn’t be surprised if they “put a clock on it” so to speak, only giving the tank for free to people who had it before the rumours started leaking. Otherwise they’d be encouraging this lemming train of opportunists grinding the tank as an “investment” of sorts.
    The first time they did this, with the T34, nobody expected it since it had no precedent. This time it’s a little more complicated. Wouldn’t be surprised if Wargaming is even speculating in these rumours boosting gold and premium purchase a little bit, from people looking to get a premium T8 on the cheap. Our beloved overlords are nothing if not cynical businessmen.

    With all that said, I’ll still be grinding it myself. Was heading up that route anyway, so might as well bump it to the top of the list and be ready if it really goes down like suggested. At least I won’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t, unlike some people who are pretty much envisioning a premium FV in their garage already.
    Inb4: I’m an opportunist lemming as well. ;)