Ukrainian Businessman Honors Fallen Czechoslovak Tankers in WW2


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a rare gesture happened in Ukraine. An Ukrainian businessman by the name of Vladimir Vladimirovich Borodenko ordered and paid for the monunument built in the village of Chernyakhiv in memory of 11 Czechoslovak soliders, who fell fighting the nazis during the battle of Kiev. In the village, roughly 50 kilometers from Kiev, they died on 9.11.1943 and are buried there. They belonged to a Czechoslovak tank unit – Czechoslovak soldiers participated in the operation and contributed a great deal to the liberation of Kiev in late 1943. For their brave deeds, three Czechoslovak soldiers were awarded with the title “Hero of the USSR” – two of which were tankers (Josef Buršík, Richard Tesařík), one was a submachine gunner (Antonín Sochor).


Borodenko’s father participated in the Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and asked him to do it on his deathbed as his final wish to repent for participating in the invasion. The monument was first unveiled in May of this year with the Czech ambassador in Ukraine taking part in the event.

13 thoughts on “Ukrainian Businessman Honors Fallen Czechoslovak Tankers in WW2

  1. A very nice thing to see, little things like this can restore people’s faith in humanity

  2. A good way to remember that being allied in war means more than diplomatic niceties. Something that jingoistic morons tend to forget.

    • “Padlým Československým vojákům”
      it means “To fallen Czechoslovak soldiers”

  3. Irony . Liberated from nazis to get occupied by soviets . From one evil to another .

  4. The only problem with using force in Czechoslovakia was not that they used force in Czechoslovakia, its that they didnt use enough of it.