Straight Outta Supertest – Object 430 Change

Hello everyone,

in 0.9.3, Object 430 will apparently be changed thus (all values take in account 100 percent crew):

- DPM buffed from 2901 to 3128
- reload time buffed from 6,616 to 6,137s
- accuracy on the move buffed (when the vehicle is moving and turning turret, by cca 30 percent)
- accuracy of the gun nerfed from 0,336 to 0,364

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      • That probably means that those are values with the added commander’s bonus, so I’m guessing it’s something like ~2900 DPM (same as other Soviet meds) and 0.37 accuracy.

        • i just checked Tank inspector, and 430 will have better DPM then other russian meds or STB…. and accuracy 0.38… so it will be pure brawler, most likely best in the game, with great armor and badass DPM :-)

  1. Object 930? It aint in the game! You mean Object 430?
    (Another series of Russian buffs. And we all know about RUSSIAN accuracy…)

  2. Aye

    Joke aside, 430 wasn’t very good when compared to its russian brothers. Maybe now it will become a real contender.

      • Can it do 4k+ dpg like T-62A and Obj 140 can? If so give me an example of a player on any server. Hard to believe someone with 48% wr and 2.6k dpg on it that others should l2p and its epic machine.

        • to be fair, there is maximum of 10 players on EU Server that have 4k+ dpg on 62/140 while having reasonable amount of battles. And maybe even that is too much.

          • To be fair on RU server there’s many more highly skilled players than on EU, and I don’t think someone who doesn’t play perfect game most of the time is good benchmark for judging potential of a tank.

            • well no shit, since there is 5 times more players on RU than EU. I agree with you that average player should not judge the tank performance, I was just pointing out that the number you put was kinda ridiculous. Dont know the russian standarts though, if there are amount of players able to pull off 4k+ DPG, than I am more than glad i can roflstomp tomatoes at EU :D

              • Im glad that i can hold my 3,7k for 144 Battles atm. :) Lets see if i can get it over 4k some day.

        • Who is all those good players that have over 4K DPG in T62A and OBJ140? And who is all those good players that love M48?

          Show me plox.

          You talk pure bullshit.

          • I love the M48 although it could need some “special” skill. Ie. better accuraty or better hulldown possibilities. Atm. 372 battles and 2,8k dmg/battle. 140 is at 149 games with 3,75k/battle.

      • Hate to say it but the 62A and the 140 will ALWAYS be better for a skilled player as the more accurate guns will mean better kiting enemy with vision control and camo.

        • According to some highly skilled players M48/M60 is awesome (many examples of players easily doing 4k+), while there’s little proof that obj 430 can preform that well. It’s just bad players getting saved by armor, while they would get obliterated in patton in your case, I guess same armor argument can be used for bad players that play E-50M..

      • It just has no gun depression, so its usability on many terrains is not very good and put it’s armor in perspective of high penetration guns at high tiers, and its very bad trade compared to 62A and obj 140′s usable gun depression with good accuracy and aim time + turret abuse, which are their main strong points. FV4202 is much better because of it’s gun depression and aim time and probably even dispersion.

        • I don’t find bad gun depression to be as serious issue as you describe, I play chinese 113 with -3 gun depression and I find this tank very enjoyable. You just have to pay attention to the terrain shape where you fight, that’s it.

        • It has -5 gun depression from 45 degrees left to right.

          People should get their shit straight when complaining about tanks.

          It has -1 gun depression when aiming over the engine deck.

          The thing it doesn’t have is turret abuse compared to the 62A but it’s frontal armor is still relevant no matter what you say.

          Having a comparable DPM might finally make it a better contender but that accuracy nerf even further sucks balls :\

          Just means you can’t run Optics/Rammer/GLD. Probably Optics/GLD/V.Stab to compensate for shit accuracy


              Ya. Compensating a tank’s weakness with equips = being a noob.

  3. The DPM/ROF buff is a welcome change – the 430 is the weakest of the three Russian mediums, and with this change it will fire faster than the T-62A and Obj. 140, having the highest DPM of any T10 medium. Helping out this tank’s awful gun handling is a nice touch too.

    The accuracy nerf though is completely unnecessary. This tank suffering from 1 degree of gun depression is more than enough to balance it’s armour, DPM and speed.

  4. Hmm… More buffs to the Russian UFO hovercraft medium tanks… ;D

    If this information is correct, the Obj. 430 will now have the highest DPM of any medium in the game. The next highest is the STB-1 with 2925 HP/minute, while the next two highest are the other Russian mediums (surprising to anyone?)…

    What about the poor Phatton? And I won’t even begin to mention the Chinese mediums here…

    I wasn’t aware the Obj. 430 needed buffing so badly…

    • you should include 1st shot (you don’t start the fight with an empty barrel), and the effect of gun rammers (everybody uses them & they benefit slower ROF more), the ability to use food (russian meds can’t, fuel tanks in the front) etc. STB-1 will remain on 1st place @ DPM even with this buff.

    • it is about point of view. It needed buff to be competitive against T-62 and 140. But on the other hand, those tanks are borderline OP, so more logic way would be nerf them.

      Btw I wouldnt rely on that DPM number that much, it will be better than 140/62A, but just slightly, you have to take into account it has 0,39 RPM less than those two now.

      • Russian meds can also use food. Just take repkit, firekit and food. You dont need a medkit that often, so i play without one.

        And even if you get a killed crewmember, its the driver and you are still more mobile than most heavys.

  5. Great, because T-62A and Obj. 140 weren’t Russia Stronk enough, now we get another borderline OP Soviet medium.
    So long STB-1 with your ‘not the best anymore’ DPM and horrendous line to grind through. This game is starting to be a joke.

    • You’re kind of forgetting the fact that it will have the worst accuracy of any Tier 10 medium tank

      • Yeah, but its not really so bad, all said. Plus, you have to remember, all three Russian mediums are more brawlers than anything else, and definitely not snipers. .36 accuracy will be just fine when dueling tanks close up, especially if you have the speed and maneuverability to zip around their sides and rear, like the Obj. 430 has.

    • Obj 430 much worse gun, aim time, no gun depression compared to STB. STB will never be obsolete because of it’s combination of gun depression, turret, alpha and dpm.

  6. I’m wondering what about E-50M. It has the worst DPM of any proper T10 medium tank.

    It has armor but it also is a HUGE tank, like E-75 huge. If someone know what he’s doing he will just shot at the turret and pen most of the time.

    E-50M needs buff way more than a third T-62 russian clone.

    • I thought about mentioning the E50M too, but refrained because its actually not so bad when used as the sniper/support tank its meant to be. HOWEVER, I will admit it could use a slightly better rate of fire, because if you get caught with your trousers down by another medium or a heavy, you’re kinda screwed…

    • M48 needs buffing, not E-50M. It has way better top speed and power to weight than any of the Ruskies, way better gun handling, accuracy and it has heavy tank frontal armor. All of that is balanced by lowest DPM.

      Fatton is even bigger, has extremely situational armor bar the gun mantlet and totally mediocre DPM, speed and gun handling. Recent buffs to FV4202 rendered the Fatton completely outclassed.

      • My feelings exactly… Especially seeing as the Phatton historically out performed those Russian medium tank deathtraps. Although a fair amount of that was admitttadly due to better crew training…

      • maybe it is just me, but for me Patton is completely playable and I got best results of any other T10 meds in it. (and i own all the competetive ones, excluding only 121 and 4202). Objectively it may be worse, but somehow its more comfortable to play for me than for example STB-1.

        And I have to disagree about your last sentence, the DPM buff of 4202 did make the tank more user friendly, but it didnt solve its main problem – combination of heavy tank top speed + paper armor. For me the 4202 is still the worst T10 med along with the 121.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I love that whole line, even though none of them are really considered “best tank in class.” They are all really flexible, multi-purpose medium tanks, and the M48 is no exception. It just could use a slight buff in terms of something like reliable armor to make up for its size, or slightly better power-to-weight to make up for its slowness, or hell, give it back a little of its accuracy on the move if nothing else. It was nice to have a tank that was different from all the rest, i.e.: a nimble but relatively slow run and gunner, rather than all these Russian brawling clones…

          Sorry, the M48 Patton is close to my heart for many reasons. Forgive me if I am somewhat overzealous in defending it… :P

          • i get your point, I really like it too, managed to have around 3900 DPG in 100 battles so it is by no means a bad tank for me. The biggest downside for me is that fucking tumor on the turret, if it didnt have one, I would be happy about it what it is. I dont like constant buffing the meds DPM, it could have ended that all of them would have 3000+ and that would not be good for anybody. Its probably impossible to balance T10 meds perfectly, since every single one of them is somewhat unique (except for Patton and 4202). But I agree that buffing on the move accuracy on the Patton would be a welcome change, same as the nominal number for accuracy, to make it like 0,33 or something.

            • I get what you mean about that tumor… It makes no practical sense to make that a damageable point on the tank, same as on the T110E5. In real life, those hatches were used only during non-combat movements, to provide a better view for the commander. The second combat was initiated, the commander dropped down to his battle position and sealed off that mini-turret, so even if it was hit, it would cause no significant damage to the vehicle or the crew.

              Plus, its not like either of those tanks NEED a specific weakspot… Just whack them on the sides or rear and you get a full pen every time…

              Also, I am a firm believer in having a variety of vehicles fill a variety of roles. Sure, some mediums can be brawlers (T62A and clones), some can be snipers (E50M), some can be scouts (Leopard 1, Batchat), and some (like the M48 and potentially the FV4202) can be jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none kind of tanks… But for heaven’s sake, PLEASE make them good at their intended roles? I know its not easy to balance the tanks out, but still… E50M could trade out some of its straight line speed for a bit higher ROF, and as for the M48… If you keep its ridiculous size, questionable armor, weird weak points, and slow speed, the least you could do is give it a freakin awesome gun… Or if not a gun buff, then make it awesome at something, like fighting hull-down, or rough-terrain traverse, etc…

              • I really wish they’d just drop the M48 down to tier 9 and put the M60A1 at tier 10.

                Then we’d have a tier 10 medium that, while still slower than most, isn’t the slowest. It has good frontal protection on both the hull and turret, but not the best. Has the best gun handling of the bunch (having easily the most spacious turret). Has the best sight range of the bunch.

                Make it a true jack-of-all-trades. Flexible, like the US mediums are supposed to be.

                But no, instead we get a slow, squishy tank that was immediately and harshly nerfed for no good reason at all.

                That’s actually pretty typical of US stuff in this game. Just like the T29, T32, T34 and T30 were all nerfed the patch after they were released for “having armor that was 20% too strong”. The same patched buffed the IS-4′s armor, while the IS-4 was already widely regarded as being OP.

                War. War never changes.

                • I agree that they should drop the M48 Patton in favor of the M60. Another reason, besides the ones you gave, would be if you compared the technology involved across all tier X mediums in the game, you’re actually pitting the M48 Patton, developed in the mid to late 50s, against tanks developed in the 60s, and even the 70s if you include the STB-1… They could even make the M48 a tier 8 premium medium…

      • ^This

        The m48 was the biggest loser (wanna make a fat joke here but too sad to make one :-( ) last patch. It used to at least have an advantage against the FV and the leopard thx to its DPM but now it doesn’t even have that. The E-50M has very strong, very troll frontal armor + mobility + excellent accuracy + the most pen of all the tier 10 meds + no gigantic tumor weakspot (had to mention it -_-). It’s low DPM doesn’t prevent it from still being competitive. What does the patton have now? 10m more view range and good on the move firing….anything it can really use?

        • 10m more viewrange is not much to really boast about… You can barely make much use of it. Its not like the Patton is fast enough to active scout, nor small enough to passive scout…

      • Yes it is kinda balanced by low DPM, but E50M’s armor is very situational. Turret is one huge weakspot and it’s mobility is unreliable. It’s pretty fast in straight line but i turns very bad, so you you can’t circle most of the heavy tanks.

        On the other hand there are 3 soviet T10 medium tanks. All of them have very bouncy turrets (especially T-62A), good mobility, very good DPM and resonable soft stats.

        Imagine a situation where 2 good players are in one on one situation. One is in E50M and the other is in T-62A. Unless E50M will manage to ram his opponent he will most likely loose.
        I think, that E50M buff would be more reasonable than object 430.

  7. Now they should buff the Patton so it’s the best medium tank in the game, and after that buff the chinese one so it’s even better than the buffed Patton. Then start buffing the worst one again, and so on…

    • The M48 is a prime example of what happens to a vehicle when you mercilessly beat the ever-living fuck out of it with the nerf bat instead of making small, gradual changes.

      The sad part is the M18′s getting it even worse. A whole bunch of massive nerfs at the same time simply doesn’t work.

      Did they ever actually give a reason for the M48 nerfs? Surely they didn’t consider it OP. They nerfed it the next patch after it was released. Hardly enough time for any true information gathering.

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  9. well i’s good to see they fixed one of the issues with it, accuracy on the move. but nerffed the static accuracy, that was a bad idea it needed a mega buff to make up for its lack of depression, which is whats fundamentally wrong with it. It has great turret armour but that doesn’t matter cause you have to expose your hull.

    Im of the opinion that what makes a good MED is some armour and DEPRESSION, so the only good meds are the STB-1 and FV4202. This is in part because the maps are getting bumpier and therefore depression helps more

  10. WHAT A FUCK.!!!! LEAVE ALONE OBJECT 430 wtf FAKING NERF AGAIN they want to nerf his accuracy LOOOL 1 think hi is god in its sniping cos of camo and now they reducing accuracy so hi cant do this well and incase reload .. gues what … hi dond ned beter reload cos hi SNIPING now hi will penetrate or even hit 1/2 shots from 400 + meters…. now its god becaouse of best med camo . and if they nerf camo … i think i will stay on ob 416