Wargaming RU Minsk Office Statistics

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3451688.html

Hello everyone,

a couple of interesting statistics from the Minsk office of Wargaming, responsible for World of Tanks.

- 73 percent of employees in Minsk are men, 27 percent women
- every third employee has children
- every month, the office works together for more than 3 million hours (342 years)
- the largest department is “customer relations” with 21 percent of employees
- there are 1288 plants in the office (SS: I wonder how much time they spent checking)
- WG has dedicated transport, moving people every day from Minsk center to the office and back, these vehicles drove 40k kilometers ever since the program was started
- WG hires over 60 new employees a month apparently
- 9 of 10 employees took part in some education programs (1264 people) in 2013
- the surface of the Minsk office is 50k square meters
- in 2013, 3400 people were sent on business trips
- the office drinks 1700 liters of milk per month and 4300 liters of kvas (SS: tasted that recently, it’s vile, no idea how they can drink that)
- the office eats cca 16 tons of sweet pastry per year and also drinks 55k cups of coffee per month and three tons of apples
- internet traffic in 2013 was more than 400 terabytes (415k GB)
- in 2013, WG recieved 25 mil of letters and sent 1,5 mil of them
- the most common names are Aleksandr and Olga

Original Russian pictures:

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44 thoughts on “Wargaming RU Minsk Office Statistics

  1. I just still wonder how you can have game developers in 2014 … and not have most/all of them speak English…
    It seems extremely strange.

    “SS: tasted that recently, it’s vile, no idea how they can drink that”

    -Different tastes.

    • Let’s just say that if modern world comes to your doorstep too soon, many won’t catch up. Don’t worry, they’ll learn sooner or later and if not, their children will because they will understand it’s an advantage.

  2. If you don`t like anyhting beer related, then you won`t like “kvas”. It’s like non-alcoholic sweet beer.

    • >Coca Cola that causes death.

      Sauce plox, otherwise its bullshit

      Although Coca cola is unhealthy just by the sheer amount of sugar it has, I give you that but causing death ? You know, drinking water may cause death too if drank to the extreme.

      • That’s what they teach in sovjet schools….western capitalistic beverages are causing death. Better drink some of our homemade poison!!

  3. Ummm 3 millon manhours per month ?

    Were they working 24/7 that would make it roughly 4 500 employees.
    Were they working 8/5 (like normal people) it would mean they have got over 18 750 employees.

    Compared to 9 of 10 employees took part in some education programs and those 9 add up to 1264.
    Equals there are 1404 employees.

    Were those 1404 employees work 3 million hours evenly, one would have to work 2136 hours per month, 534 per week, 76 per day all week.

    These numbers dont add up…
    Wonder if they have temporal paradox slaves that arent included as humans in the education statistics….

  4. SS please don’t insult Kvas. It’s a very nice drink and only cheapest stuff from supermarket is crappy. I live in Ireland and once I get a craving for it I don’t mind going to the nearest Lithuanian shop, in a car if I have to, just to get it. Taste of good kvas( called Gira in Lithuanian) justifies price of petrol ten times :)

      • I know I go to Polish shops too :) Good thing both countries got same tastes when it comes to food :)

  5. “- the largest department is “customer relations” with 21 percent of employees”

    Do they really count bots as employees? (:-o)

  6. They failed to mention another interesting fact:Percent of those 3,000,000 man-hours of work spent designing new Assault Maps since we only have a pathetic 4: ZERO.

    • I’m glad that the time spent on assault maps is limited.

      I’ve turned off assault mode in WoT and it’s been that way for a very long time. The assault on Malinkova was crazy especially if you’re in a T95 as you would nt ge tup the hill in time. Also assault on Prohorovka was silly.

  7. I wonder how much time are they spending making stats like this. Every now and then there are some statistics from WG about random stuff. They really like to brag around.

  8. I wonder which department do most of 10 employees hired every month goes to? And that would also means they are replacing 9-10 employee that left