Straight Outta Supertest: LTTB’s Gun and Parameters

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Yesterday in the LTTB leak, I wrote that the gun was 100mm. I was wrong, it was actually an advanced 85mm gun with high penetration. Here it is, plus a few more supertest parameters.


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    • Before you guys going to start saying that it is OP, please keep in mind that it is going to be matched with tier 8 and 9. It has to be able to do something against those tanks other than spotting.

      • have you had the mt25 since patch 9.1????? the mt25 is in the top 5 most mobile tanks in the game now….. i grinded my elite mt25 to 80,000 xp in a wweek or so and it was fun ;)

        • I’d vote 50-55k, due to the T71 technically being an end-of-line light, and the 13-75 having very little to gind.

          Exp costs are averaged and seem to take into account the costs of modules on the previous tanks.

  1. Looking nice!

    On a side note though: I still think these new T7, incl some existing T7, light tanks dwarf their T6 predecessors by light years! And that should be look at by WG, the gap in what can be done with this vs the MT-25 for example is just too huge.

    Seeing this, the LTTB also looks if not better then the T-43 med, disregarding the mm weight ofcource.

      • Ahaha, you busted that tomatoe´s balls.

        It needs to be better as it fights better tanks brainiac.

        Also WoT needs new strong lights to deal with all those skycancer clickers and TD campers.

        • so why won’t they just make those lights tier + 1 and regular mm. Making tanks at the same tier with different overall quality is bad and i thought WG already realized that.

          • Not enough candidates to fill all branches up to T10 maybe? What difference does that make?

            Arty was made the same way earlier (up to T8). Nobody complained about that. Is it really that hard to cope with it?

            • arty was the same but it’s not anymore. same goes for other non heavy which used to be max t9. such disproportion causes confusion and is exception which must be dealt with by MM (there’s enough problems with MM already).
              also there’s not problem to make t9 lights with connection to t10 med(or any other t10 vehicle).

      • Ok I’ll bite kstoff :)
        But the trolling aside, looking at your Wot record and your eff, I’d say you can have a better reply ;)

        Don’t you think the difference in power gap and difference in play style (passive to active) between the t7′s LT’s and the current t6 LT’s (excluding the 12t) is something to be looked at?
        Especially with the current lack of tutorials and general issues LT’s have been having in game since 8.6*.

        • Yes, tier 6 scouts may look a bit anemic and could be buffed, which perhaps will happen. Keep in mind that the most important stat for lights is camo, even when you play less as scout and more as damage dealer.

          The biggest let down is the recent map changes tendency which screws active gameplay, vision control and manouvering big time.

  2. Ummm strange but LTTB doesnt has icon.

    The question is… stock gun or 2nd gun is going to be the 85mm from T-34/85??? or you have as stock a 76mm or a 85mm with 120mm pen and you do a big jump to top gun without a middle gun???

    For me looks like a T-80 with a T-34/85 turret, in armor is very good fot a light… until you think this thing is going to see tier 8-9 all the time maybe this tank is going to be like aufpanther now, more a weak med… you drive it as a med and think on it more as med than light.

  3. Wait, so, they found an advanced high pen 85mm gun for this one, but they couldn’t do the same for the T-44-85?

    That’s kinda strange :S

    Oh well, more T-54 clones is always a good thing if you ask me :I

      • But ammo is other history… maybe it use historical gun with better ammo… as tier 7 sure it needs at least the 144mm pen, other thing is ROF.

      • “Almost”

        This could be one of the cases where it doesn’t.

        Just another example of how selective historicity is bad for balance and generally retarded. Oh this tank can have a gun it may or may not have mounted, but this other one can’t because it’s not historical. Fuck the balance, that’s an afterthought at best.

        • I can’t think of one premium tank that doesn’t have it’s historical gun, or at least the gun it was planned to use if built.

          I don’t think it’s a matter of it being an “advanced” gun. I think it’s a matter of being one they made up. And you can’t just fudge something like that onto a “historically accurate” premium tank.

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  5. It’s labeled as a scout but the armor says otherwise while the HP/T confirms it. I think it’ll be one of the slower scouts and will be able to act as a medium especially when top tier.

    • It’s got scout matchmaking so it’ll likely never be top tier. If it’s anything like current scouts, it’s bottom tier matchmaking is a tier above the tank. Being a tier 7 it’ll likely get 8/9/10 matchmaking (Since 6s are getting 7/8/9 and 8s are getting 9/10/11) At the tiers it’ll be seeing it’s armor won’t do anything for it.

  6. New reworked maps are surely gonna help light tanks to become viable again. Gl fighting heavies frontally into corridor maps.

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