9.3 Undocumented Feature: Artillery Fire Mission

Well… what the title says.



From what we know, this is a tested feature for the Stronghold mode – a special type of consumable. A commander will have the possibility of summoning an artillery fire mission to a certain quadrant (the way you click on the map). In case you are wondering, those are 150mm Hummel shells. Each round has 85mm penetration, does 950 damage and has a splash radius of 3,57 meters.

28 thoughts on “9.3 Undocumented Feature: Artillery Fire Mission

  1. Gimme V-1 Rocket for German tech tree >:)) CoH mixed with WoT :)) That couldn’t be more awesome! >:))

  2. Well, i allways say is much better remove arty vehicles and made scouts arty spotters… they can call fire missions and this made more usefull scouts and remove arty from game… you have more fighters in game.

    Balance is in arty caliber, number of rounds you can call and bombing time… even they can add air strikes to as consumable.

    Think you can call a fire mision of 6 guns of 150mm every… 2-3 minutes, very unacurancy doing more damage by splash than in a hit in an area de 50x50m or more…. this or you as scout have x rounds of support to call, 3 as base and 5 with a consumable for example.

  3. SS this looks like the “Artillery Barrage” that you proposed some months ago, doesn’t it?

  4. It’s fake, they’ve just put 30 BatChat 155 58 on the hill, and a total of 120 shells in their drums did the job :D

    • Maybe that’s what the consumable simulates ! It could be a special one, Bat Barrage maybe…

    • I don’t think so, there’s no tracers, it seems too syncronised (4 or 5 shells hit at exactly the same time) and I’m pretty sure the water splash effect is different to player arty too

  5. you can hear the sound of a clip being reloaded at 0:54. its an interesting show but beyond that im glad its fake.

  6. @silentstalker, but in this video its said, that it’s gonna on few maps in the beginning of the game and that those shells wont do any dmg.

  7. This could help my clan a lot.
    Generally the pubshit decides to park in their base and turtle harder than hardest.
    Maybe this will make them want to move. Or not.

  8. He says its just decorative and the barrage wont so any damage whatsoever.
    Considering the fact WG is as lazy as a drunken sloth and wouldnt waste time implementing a cosmetic feature that might even be irritating (no more knowing whether enemy (real) arty has shot) aaand might hit fps which is already horrible this is probably bs.
    I dunno why jove would have a reason to fake this tho but i think it might indeed be a fake just for the sake of trolling.
    (that in stronghold with real damage would be epic tho there are too many teams tht just camp in spawn with 1s fucking leechers)