Chaffee Race Incoming

Hello everyone,

you know how the Insider confirmed that the event in September will be a Chaffee race? Well, damn, he was right again :) In 9.3 test patch, new tank “Chaffee Sport” was implemented.


The vehicle seems to have no real armor model, but it seems the race will involve shooting, as the gun is properly modelled, so what I think will happen is that the vehicle will not have any armor model per se, just a “hitbox” and a healthpool and evey hit will take off 50 hitpoints from the tank. Here are its characteristics:

Tier: 1
Crew: 5
Hitpoints: 1000
Track hitpoints: 250 (it will require cca 5 rounds to destroy tracks)
Speed: 90/40
Hull traverse: 60 deg/s
Engine: 1000hp
Weight: 9,68 tons
Power-to-weight: 103 hp/t (it means instant acceleration pretty much)
Terrain resistance: 0,35/0,35/0,35
Viewrange: 400
Radiorange: 750

Gun: 75mm M17 Sport
PEN: 25/50
DAM: 50/50
Reload: 3,3 secs
Aimtime: 1,7 secs
Accuracy: 0,33
Depression: -10/+15

Gold shells are sold for 1 gold, they travel much faster.

17 thoughts on “Chaffee Race Incoming

  1. One question which is kinda off-topic, but related to Chaffee.

    On test server, Chaffee has really cool engine sound. Is there any option to make that sound avaliable to the other tanks aswell?

  2. Gold shells are sold for 1 gold, they travel much faster.So you mean ONLY for gold or,if it’s only for gold forget it lel

  3. From my experience, a lower turn rate would make it way more difficult to control and lead to more hilarious situations.

    For example the FV304 is great for a race like this

    • T2 LT is better for it, btw there is always option to slow down and shift one gear down before u turn. I wonder if you will be able to do burnout :D

  4. This be a LT crew trainer? As in, it’s a premium?

    Thought not. Could be good to build a new crew though.