Model Changes in 9.3

Warning, this post is VERY picture-heavy

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IS-7 got reworked to HD – it became wider and lost the machinegun. Oddly enough, I wonder how come they got the dimensions so wrong in the first place, given how important the tank is on RU server.

The armor did not change much (the thickness scale did not change at all, only the shape)

ISU-152 got reworked to HD as well – it became somewhat lower and shorter.

The armor got slightly buffed (for example the 80mm viewport weakness got removed).

The Jagdpanther got reworked to HD as well, its shape is now a bit different (the lighter one is new)

Its armor – again, lost the machinegun weakspot in the front.

M18 Hellcat – the model got shifted slightly to the back, the turret mantlet for both turrets got slightly shifted as well. Nothing drastic.

M3 Lee got reworked to HD, it became taller and somewhat narrower.

The armor was tiny little bit changed (by tenths of centimeters).

M5 Stuart got reworked to HD, lost the 75mm…. etc, you already know that. The lighter is new.

M8A1 TD track collision model got slightly changed, not sure whether this is intentional.

- the Panther became lower and the tracks got straightened:

- Panzer IV Ausf.D turret armor got fixed in several instances – slight change to the mantlet area, nothing gamebreaking.

- StuG Ausf.G armor got fixed by a bit:

T-34 got reworked to HD, it got slightly resized and all that (the light one is new, the hull became a bit narrower)

The armor got changed only a bit (the one with yellow sides and the hull viewport positioned lower is new):

T49 TD got renamed to T67, the hull got somewhat resized. I don’t know whether that’s intentional, but the turret models got swapped – now the T49 turret (covered) is stock for some reason and the open topped turret is top. Might be a bug, might be intentional.

This is the stock version, the closed-topped longer one is the new one. The armor practically didn’t change, apart from the turret swap.

T95 mantlet got fixed – apparently, there was a hole in the 120mm gun mantlet right until now.

Tiger hull got changed a tiny bit (recolored), tracks were straightened. This apparently has something to do with the new dynamic track system (realistic track movement).

Type 61 mantlet shifted a tiny bit

Waffenträger auf Panzer IV “armor” got changed – now, the crewmen are modelled as pieces of armor.

- several models got “recolored” (for example Marder 38t, Universal Carrier TD, Covenanter, pretty much all the British SPG’s) – in this case, the brighter is older:

- some tanks had their tracks model changed (RhB, StuG Ausf.G, Sturmpanzer I Bison, B2, Churchill, T-34/85, T-54)

An example (the “rounded” one is new) – this has no influence on gameplay:

- strangely enough, the RhB armor bug (missing piece of armor) still exists
- WT-100 armor change – haven’t found anything, same goes for a few other tanks, which is kinda weird (Batchat 90mm was allegedly changed graphically, haven’t found any change either)

44 thoughts on “Model Changes in 9.3

  1. M3 Lee became taller? HAHAHAHAHAHA That is simply hilarious :D T-34 in the model has the stock turret, not the top one :/ Is it a bug like the T49(T67TD) or intentional?

    • Really SS, “how did they get it wrong when its so important on the RU sever”
      Do you really think that BS comment would fly? It now has better angles and less hit boxes. They may have widened it up, but that just makes it look better.

      The ISU was lowered and the JagPanther Raised, omfg, are u serious? The most unrealistic gun in the game just got a better platform?

      “The stug got its armor fixed a bit” Again, I cant believe what you’ve turned into. Its Damm Hit boxes just got raised. The three majors I might add….!

      I cant go on. How much did you get to turn into a Stalinist, no wait, his time is past, A Putinist propaganda puppet? A million gold a year? 100k dollars? A 25pct battle algorithim?

      I guess if I don’t like it, I don’t have to read it huh?

      God Bless America, SS.

    • I think it’s because the tank viewer doesn’t have physics. In the test client you can see the tracks fell down when you change between HD tanks.

    • The new tracks look more realistic than the old but I agree that they are still not 100% accurate.

      • I’m on the test server right now, the tracks just fall down because of physics, looks really nice. Same goes for KV-1S, it appears to have tight tracks but they sag down in the client, and when you’re going backwards they straighten more (since the sprocket is pulling) and when you go forward they sag and fall over the front wheel (because sprocket is pushing them). Looks really nice and realistic.

    • It depends on how the tank stopped on picture, for example when panther drives backwards his upper part of the track will fall down, and when it accelerates forward its upper tracks part will lift up.

  2. So the M3 lee is now even worse i mean common it was terrible as it is now it get’s taller worthless junk the M3 lee is i just hope that cause it’s taller and narrower it won’t flip over if you turn sharply round a corner(Though lets hope this does happen then WG will replace the junkheap on tracks)

    • Actually M3 lee is not that bad once you get the grip on the vehicle. On tier 4 it’s quite good, on tier5 and 6 you just play like a cautious TD. Mobility is average, the gun is above average with good DPM. The change is minimal and it seems the armour was buffed slightly (right turret is smaller, side straps are 51mm now).

  3. JagPanther model is wrong as shown.
    There are three types of Weapon-Mount, and two types of barrel, a mono-tube and a two piece barrel.
    The Late type Mount/Mantlet (if that is what they are trying to show) was never fitted with a early design Mono-Tube weapon as shown.
    Only the early style was fitted with the mono-tube weapon type, the Mid design also used a two part barrel

  4. RE: IS-7 change.

    “The armor did not change much”.

    But there seems to be one significant change after all.

    Take a look at the new turret with the right turret hatch coloured green.
    As it is now, given close enough distance or accurate enough gun, the right hatch can be penned, and is a sort of a weakspot. Going by the colours of the reworked turret it has even less armour now, so even less accurate shot will be able to damage it.

    • I’d really apreciate that. Little worse traverse speed 16 vs 18 for 20m better view range. If they keep their stats, that is.

      • Since I put camo net and binos on my T49, I’d be happy if they’ll do as you say. But I often have to go scouting and jousting (it’s SEA server, so…) that worse turret traverse could just throw me off.

    • Well, they did swap around turrets for M8A1 too.

      I wonder if they will swap around the view ranges of T49 turrets though. If the elite one gets view range boost it’s going to be quite a buff. Didn’t they want to nerf it eventually?

  5. Some of those “tight tracks” on the Panther and Tiger … they look like the slightest flex of the suspension would snap them now since they’re under so much tension…. slackening of the tracks behind the drive sprocket is closer to real than this (image searches of real ones makes it obvious).

    • In the new track dynamics, track slack is simulated instead of being modeled, and those overtightened tracks are just the starting position for the engine to work with.

  6. “IS-7 got reworked to HD – it became wider and lost the machinegun.”

    It didn’t lose the machinegun. It is just bent over to the left, you can still see it pretty easily.

  7. Concerning t49/t67 turret swap, I faintly recall stumbling across a piece of information that claimed the top gun for the tank was actually fitted into the open turret, and not the closed one, which would make this one of the cases of enforcing historical accuracy. Not something I would be able to quote on the spot I’m afraid though. And I admit the open one makes the elite tank look somewhat worse…

    • Yea, I remember reading this somewhere as well. Sure did take them long enough to swap it properly.

      It’s going to have the unfortunate side-effect of making the tank a oneshot to most artillery around its tier, instead of having the possibility to survive…but on the other hand, at least according to Tank Inspector, the lidless turret is significantly lighter, granting another 1.72 hp/t. Because even better power:weight is definitely what the t49 needed :v

  8. Guys what do you think about new ricochet mechanic.

    I tested it with friends and i love it… shots bounce more realistically and you can even kill the person who stands in the way of bounced shell.
    We even managed to do double bounce :D (2 mauses)

  9. IS-7 has better UFP but worse LFP. The sides and the rear are nerfed by losing some slope degrees. And it loses the 2 spaced armour Mickey ears on the turret side