Straight Outta Supertest: M56 Scorpion

Source: VK Wotleaks community



Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price is 10k gold.

Tier: 8 Premium (regular tier 8 TD MM)
Hitpoints: 1050
Weight: 7,144 tons
Engine power: 200 hp
Power-to-weight: 28 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/12 km/h
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,247/1,726
Hull traverse: 34 deg/s
Viewrange: 400
Radiorange: 500

Armor: 0/0/0 (yes, this is correct – no armor at all, the gun shield has some armor but is very thin, cca 15mm I think)

Gun: 90mm
Penetration: 219
Damage: 240
DPM: 1854
Reload time: 7,767s
ROF: 7,725
Accuracy: 0,288
Aimtime: 2,01s
Depression: -10
Gun traverse angle: 60 degrees
(VERY good accuracy on the move)

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      • No it is not a “normal” price, WG employee. Why do we have this already and not the Panther F. Why does the 3601 look like a bobble head on toothpick while every Russian tank looks like its Rolls Royce?

        Please WG stop your Revisionist History, your tanks were POS, you jut built a lot of them with no care for the lives you lost operating them or building them.

        Were about to have 3 dam 54s in the game and not one decent Panther. Its Pathetic and a fundamental example of why your loosing customers.

    • Hmmm lets see: Russian have SU122-44 SU 100Y & SU 85i. Germans have D-Max, Jag 88, E25. France has the Pak 40. Brits have the AT15. And the trusty ole
      US has…..NOTHING

      Bout fucking time we got a US Prem TD

      • all the while france has a somewhat outdated heavy line, completely outdated low tiers, and 2 new lines that have been promised since mid 2012 and nothing has been heard of about, oh, yeah and they only have 2 premium vehicles that you can buy, the US has what? 7 when the M56 comes, Germany has 9, well, you get my point.

        Hell, the British (a less played branch) is getting a new LT/MT/TD branch before anything happens to the French

    • Ok look at the tier 5 flak-bus (pz sfl Vc) and the look at the m56 scorpion . WG. You trolling us?
      Tier 8 for this ? Regular mm? Auto loaders and the new T49 light with the 152mm says hello :(

    • Indeed, for the firepower it has it would be a good candidate for tier 8 special MM. But regular one? Even if it’s as stealthy as e-25, or even stealthier, it won’t work. Even e-25, with it’s special mm on tier 7 requires some skill to make the most of it’s strengths, and it still needs gold shells to deal with certain tanks.

      Scorpion with 219 pen, even against tier 9 enemies will have a hard time, regardless of how fast and stealthy it is, especially on corridor maps. Tier 10 will be either mission impossible or gold spam, while shells last.

    • Don’t think so:
      - 0,29 it is sufficient accuracy for aiming at weakspots
      - 219 pene is sufficient for penetrating LFP or commander cupolla (gold would be +/- 260 IMHO)
      - as a premium TD you will have after-shot camo bonus
      - with a turret you will not be forced to move the hull and lose your camo when sniping
      - as a tier 8 you will be highly rewarded by XP with shooting to T10

      What is bad is only 42km/h speed, low alpha and low DPM. But as a hidden sniper it could be funny vehicle.

      • Accuracy is great, yes, but pen is not enough for td class. It might be enough for a heavy that can go meet the enemies and position itself to be able to aim at weakspots.
        The paper thin tanks can’t do that on most of the maps. They will either have to wait behid the lines for the shoots of the opportunity (for which 219 pen may not be enough, because you’re at the whim of however the enemy decides to expose their tanks to you, and you’ll be lucky to even have a shot at the silhouette in the first place) or go flank actively, which may end up being send back to garage way too early.
        Being prem td has nothing to do with camo bonus. Only the old prem tds did not lose the bonus, because it would be a nerf for a product bought with rela money. But nothing stops wg from releasing new premium tanks with camo in line with recent changes.
        Turret certainly is a plus … well, it has to have SOMETHING good about it.

        And finally, bad alpha, low dpm … and only just serviceable pen? It’s hardly an effective sniper. When enemy gets hit they usually go back for cover. Unless you catch them in the open, one hit is all you will do. that is IF you pen at all. This is why high alpha is such an important part of the game, regardless of what dpm is behind it. But let’s say you got someone in the open … you could use low alpha and high dpm instead …. but scorpion has none either. If one refrains from using gold ammo, against angled, or partially covered tanks, even as low as tier 8 then 219 pen might not even be enough to deal consistent damage. Aaaaaaaand there goes sniping bit.

          • Are you fucking kidding me?

            SU-101 has almost 3k damage per minute and 320 alpha.

            And it doesn’t even have a reputation of being a very good tank either.

      • - as a premium TD you will have after-shot camo bonus

        Is that confirmed? WG didn’t take it away from existing premium vehicles, but that’s only because people had already paid for them. A brand new vehicle might not get it.

        • That’s exactly what I said above. There’s nothing to stop wg to make new prems with whatever camo values, bonuses or penalties as they see fit.

    • Its supertest, a lot of premiums that end up getting pref-MM on the live server start with standard MM on supertest.

      Even if not though, this thing looks like it could make a decent scout-substitute

  1. Don’t forget guys, every tier 8 premium as of late has had regular two tier +/- MM during testing, and then was giving limited at release.

  2. 220 pene. and regular MM?!

    Also the DPM is low considering the alpha is not spectacular.
    With limited MM and better DPM (at least 2000) it would be an interesting tank.

    • Its not just the gun that’s terrible. Its got less HP AND armor than an RHM. Even with better stealth (you can only be so invisible) and far better speed, this thing is so far behind T8 TDs. Its probably better for it to be a T7 with regular mm. At T7 it’ll still be quite vulnerable as any HE will at least 2 shot it and even some T5s will be capable of 1 shots. (Auto-penning HE is going to be painful, especially on crew xp)

      • Also in comparison, look at the SU-122-44. +50% DPM and armor that can bouce shots from higher tiers, but 40 less pen, 200 less Hp, way less accuracy. Its still better than the scorpion. (I’ll reserve that if everything meshes just right the Scorpion could be good/fun, but that DPM will lose to any kind of HE every time.)

  3. If this tank gets camo of an E-25 it would be nice, and a 360° then I would buy this thing

  4. Glass cannon but without cannon, against hordes of T10 with autoloader fever or thick armor?. Dont think so…

    Putin must be really short of money.

  5. Worthless DPM if you’d ask me.
    I expect it to become much better, since this is only a supertest vehicle.
    Compare the DPM to the E-25 and JT 8.8′s DPM and it’s a joke.
    It does have good accuracy however, so i’m ok with it having lower DPM than the JT 8.8, but still it should have better than a crappy 1854 DPM on tier 8.I mean heck, even the Wolverine has better DPM.

    • It’s probably gonna get buffed and recieve limited MM (I mean Jagdtiger 88 gets it and it’s fucking jagdtiger on tier 8) or moved to tier 7.

  6. Love those accuracy and depression stats. Still, glass cannons are getting left behind by current meta and map design

  7. i thought they couldnt do a worse or similar job to the AT15a but wow they proved me wrong…. jagdtiger 8.8 same gun and the rof is insane compared to this piece of s***…..

      • wg already cleared out the most of the invisible sniper spots so I wouldnt count camo very high anymore
        And with all the new scouts (and the incoming buffs for the other scouts) I doubt I would rely on it

      • Good luck being invisible on one of the ever increasing in numbers “corridor maps”.

    • Unless that limited mm is T8 only it’ll still not be worth it. Remember it has 0 armor so all HE pens it. This needs to have a greatly buffed DPM or dropped a tier (and even the T5 howitzers can still 2 shot it)

  8. No armor at all? Er, yeah, I think I’ll pass…esp. with T49 derps running around by the time that thing releases.

  9. 60 degrees gun traverse?, massive depression, great view range, tiny, quick, extremely accurate….. Could be very workable.

  10. Quite possibly the worst tier 8 premium ever devised.

    WG should have just done an about-face about its stupid “We’re not offering pre-order packages evarrrrr again so you can feel special – you 15% of players who are still around who bought them” and make the T34 a premium tier 8 TD, and just make the M6A2E1 (which they’re about to buff) the premium tier 8 heavy.

    That solution was OBVIOUSLY too damn simple for them.

    (Wouldn’t THAT make an interesting FTR article – “The T34/M6A2E1 swap – the Premium tier 8 TD/HT change and why it should make sense to you.”)

    This no-armor 90mm …. thing …. maybe at tier 6 – like the Dickermax with around the same HP.

  11. will hits that pen the gunshield cause hp damage or just damage the gun?
    Dont see anything behind it only the gun

    Reverse speed and aiming time needs to be higher at least then it could work maybe
    doubt it is very usefull actually

    • Crew would be behind the he gun shield. Just like the waffles shooting the shield will do HP damage and they have nothing there too (T8-9)

    • Nothing to be excited about … or rather, nothing to be overly excited about.

      0.28 value is for the WHOLE crew with 100%, so that includes commander bonus for the gunner.

      • But .28 is as good as the WT E-100, if not better. Commander’s bonus or not, it’s one of the most accurate guns in the game.

  12. Like many, I wanted US premium TD. Unfortunately, so much has changed till now that I don’t think this TD is viable in the current metagame. First of all, MM might be improved yes, but I don’t think this TD will have ‘camo after shooting’ like someone said, because WG only didn’t want to change existing premium TDs – doesn’t mean they’ll add the bonus to new tanks.

    The current corridor metagame is terrible for paper tanks. It’s even more terrible for paper tanks that have low alpha and hp. I don’t see the viability of this TD.

    As for MM, if it won’t have spec MM it’s going to be useless. After the removal of BT12 tier8 tanks are unplayable for me, and I almost only play them when it’s x5 event.

    One thing I did expect of this tank was good top speed. 45km/h for no-armor tank seems low.

    This TD also comes late because of the nerf of Hellcat, T18 and possibly soon T49 (67) as well. People wanted American TD simply because they used all these tanks. Why WG would first nerf these tanks and then release premium TD, I don’t know.

    • This setup is absolutely not final. WG is a business, they don’t spend money designing, modeling, “balancing” and advertising a premium for it to be so underpowered that no one buys it. The question is really will they do enough that it’ll be anything more than passable. It’ll be downtiered, given limited mm, or a buffed DPM. Hopefully a combination of two of those.

  13. nice tank, but wayyy too expensive.
    my E8 has 200 MORE DPM and its a T6 med… so the gun is quite disappointing

    • “Wow people whining and it’s supertest only??”
      “Wow people whining and it’s Test only??”
      “Wow people whining and the tank has just been released??”
      “Wow people whining and it’s not even been 6 months to test it properly??”
      “Wow people whining – in general??”

      And of course, people whining about whining (like you)
      Or, whining about whining about whining (like me right now)

      The point being, this is a place for discussion. If you want replies to be “we’ll see when it’s released” then comments can just as well be closed.

      Believe it or not but Test/Supertest shows the inclination of WG to make the tank overpowered/underpowered. If it has these stats right now there’s 99% certainty it’s going to be ‘balanced’ at most when it’s released. Whereas when you see the tank such as WT100 you can be almost sure it’s going to be above avg, the question is just how much. These things almost never change, even if tank is released. I don’t remember ever seeing underpowered tank becoming overpowered. If there is such a case, I don’t remember.

  14. A sniping tank with no armour for a line that ends with some of the most heavily armoured TDs in the game?

    I really hope WG doesn’t screw up the crew configuration.

        • FCM heavy with single shot is for the autoloader line …

          Stealthy low alpha E-25 is for the super heavy high alpha line …

          There’s no rule that says prems have to play exactly like the regular end of the tech tree tanks of the same class for the respective nations.

          • This.

            Also WG is trying to work within the tanks available to them. That the scorpion doesn’t fit either line is exactly why its a premium tank. It’s a one off tank with no logical placement in a tech tree. If we had a T8-10 set of light snipers to come off the hellcat this would make a nice T7 regular tank, but we don’t so its a premium.

  15. Yeah, have fun with this paper “sniper” (219mm pen is OK… for a MT) on the recent map changes.

    All in all, I wouldn’t want to be in this thing over my Indien-Panzer. Why the IP? Because the gun on this thing, bar the accuracy & aim time, looks very similar to the IP gun 90mm gun.

  16. people are actually gonna buy this thing? for 10k gold?
    welp, to each his own.

    Jenkins? Load more HESH, there’s a good chap.

  17. Why ZERO armor??? Technically all plates were at least 5mm thick or probably at least 10mm thick for bigger vehicles – only because of construction purposes. Not that it matters game-wise but still, now it’s unrealistic.

  18. 0.288 acc?
    Best accuracy in game. 0.0
    However, 0 armor means:
    -a lot of Kamikaze medals for any scout incoming..
    -HE/arty magnet

  19. Maximum speed 45 kmh.

    90mm against tier 10.

    0 armor in corridor meta game.

    Ive been saving gold for this one, but after this review gotta say NO. Its not worth it.

  20. How many shots and how much time to kill IS-7 or E-100 with this bastard? It will sell and it can be fun, but 240 damage pr shell is a nightmare on tier 8+…
    If you are in doubt just look at the caernavon!!

    • Caernavon is imho a good tank and the gun is good enough for almost everything dont think you can compare it with this glascannon the caernavon has the armor to use his low alpha gun long enough to do good damage with it

  21. This thing should better have one of the best camo ratings in the game and a better ROF, or i don’t see a point getting it.

  22. Guys, remember its in supertest! there is still good chance that it will be buffed hard, and/or will get limited MM. just stop fucking whining

  23. Tier 8 huh? Was under the impression it would be a tier 6

    honest to god i see no reason why anyone would ever want to play this thing :| Just looks like the perfect gift for a masochist

    • Would make a ok tier 6 and would make a bad tier 7 and it’s an abortion at tier 8:/
      Look at the tier 5 German PZ sfl Vc (flack bus)
      Almost the same ….

      • Yeah it has almost nothing going for it outside of accuracy and depression. Absolutely no armor, okay speed but nothing spectacular, okay pen but not that great for a TD, ABYSMAL dpm for a tier 8 td especially with alpha that low really.

        I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to do awful in every game, a good player can make any tank work if they know what they’re doing, but there’s absolutely no reason to get this thing ever over a JT88 for a Tier 8 prem td unless you specifically need it for crew training on the american line.

        It either needs a huge dpm buff or to be lowered a tier (or two)

  24. personally the M56 Scorpion is a big let down. the american line has been around this long without a premium td and this is what they come up with. another glass cannon tank plus it does not have preferred MM. its going to be utterly outclassed in t10 matches and damn near one shot. they need to take this ugly tank back and bring in something worthy of being the american premium td

  25. The M56 Scorpion was produced as an anti-tank gun platform for airborne troops. The “armor” is aluminum. It was light weight and small in order to be deployed via air drops. This thing couldn’t stop small arms fire – much less a HE round.

    IRL – The crew consists of a Commander, Gunner, Driver, and Loader. From tier 6 through tier 10, the crew of the M56 matches only the T25 AT, T28, and T95. Good luck training crews with Radio Operators and/or a second Loader.

    As far as this thing being a tier 8, I guess WG is getting greedy thinking the US players will drop a lot of money on anything.

  26. I expected it to be an T7 alternative to the E25 with more alpha but a lil slower.
    But instead we get a RHM with crap gun (rly its shit exept the accuarcy) and worse turret.
    Why the hell would anyone buy it? (americophiles,collectors aside)
    PS: well supertest we will see maybe they realize thy screwed it up big this time and fix it till realese

    • I have a feeling the standard T8 TD MM is bullshit. I can guarantee that it will be T7 with a standard T7 TD MM. Same like the Su-122-44. OR if it remains in T8 then it will meet T9s max.

      • I too hope it’ll have standard Tier 7 matchmaking, which would also justify a cheaper price (7500 gold maximum). Preferential mm can be good as well, but the 10k gold price is all but guaranteed in that case. :(

        Otherwise, I’m fine with this thing as it is. Camper sniper and nothing else, but no one forces anyone to buy it.

        Also, if they aim for it to be historical, it’ll have the same crew layout of the Borsig (commander, gunner, driver, loader). Good for those grinding T28 and T95 I guess.

  27. This thing + T49 muahahahaha. I will love playing the T49 if this thing becomes popular.