9.3 – First Feedback (Part 3: Murovanka)

Hello everyone,

today, we are going to talk about the new Murovanka in 9.3. Until now, it was one of my favourite maps, mostly because of the magic forest camping (I love doing that from the south :D). You have already probably seen any number of videos previewing the map itself, so today, we are going to have a look at how the battle looks.

I played several Murovanka battles on test server and I do think that now, Murovanka is much better than it was before. The forest now turned into a close range combat area, suitable for heavies, while the other side offers more flanking possibilities than before. I made a small video showing one such battle and… well, it’s really one of my first commentaries ever, so there is a lot of “uhmmm” and all that :)



It’s obvious that the battle tactics are influenced heavily by the previous Murovanka iteration, but even for the future, I don’t think there will be much action going on in the middle – the feeling of “I’m in the open” is quite strong there (what would have helped I think was, if they made the central road inside a corridor, something along the lines of Severogorsk). Overall, it’s a really nice overhaul I think, with the forest giving off the “realistic” vibe, it looks quite cool. I like it.

45 thoughts on “9.3 – First Feedback (Part 3: Murovanka)

    • It took me 1 minute with Walker Bulldog to drive from first base to second with 72km/h speed!
      I really don’t want to be a T95 driver :D on this map.

      BTW: OMG anohter howitzer on tier5? I stopped playing tier5 after M4 Sherman got nerfed and made in awful HD look :( RIP my best tank.

      • You should do YouTube videos about FTR articles covering both WoT and the historical aspects of tanks. This would provide more coverage for FTR and build a YouTube following. Enjoyed the video and keep up the good work.

        • I’ve been in the test server but haven’t had the new map, so when I get it I’ll know how to play. Was very informative and your English is excellent
          Thanks for posting and a few more would be great.

      • That’s a pity. About the only thing that could have been better was the ingame sound, sometimes the engine of your tank was a little loud so it was hard to understand you ^^

  1. What exactly are you supposed to do with tanks like SU-101, Nashorn, AC 48 etc. on the new and reworked maps? I don’t like where this is going…

    • simple answer just learn how to play these tanks becose more maps will be reworked and made noob frendly so E-100 kind tanks will have a huge advantage soon enofe

      • Best way how to learn these tanks is to quit playing them. I did and i have much more fun. Eventhough i liked playing TDs with the introduction of T10 shitlord TDs WG started their hatred toward them and started changing maps so all i could do is to adjust and start playing other classes that are favourized now.

  2. Nice review, looking forward to new Murovanka :)
    P.S. please make more WoT video reviews :)

    • Lol.
      The map is awesome for ru251 supporting heavys in magical forest and I did a lot of matches with over 3k g on it

  3. Imposibru :) .. I heard SS’s voice..My life is complete now xD ..I am not a stream guy so I haven’t heard him before :) .

  4. The commentary was fine, don’t beat yourself up about it. Out of interest why did you have a warning at the end of the game?

      • Nice! SS breaks the law so that you don’t have to ;)
        And have you checked how long does it take to start receiving rewards again?

      • Was wondering how long it took to get a warning. You got a warning for the battle on Ensk, but that battle wasn’t listed in the last five you played. I thought it was immediate?

        I was paying attention to what you were saying, so the umms didn’t bother me so much. I have a tendency to tune them out.

  5. I like the changed, hilly forest. Nice brawling space for heavies. And don’t worry about the “Uhmmm”s, your commentary was good.

  6. one thing i have noticed is that every time a map is re worked they are making it more towards mediums and heavy’s … so td’s are losing spots to camp and fire at distance …. stop with taking TD’s spots away WG’ing its getting annoying

    Dis-heartened TD player

    • Yep, you are 100% right. Scouts, slow meds, TD’s without huge armor, and arty are all getting fucked over with the map changes.
      Soon it will be nothing but Togs, Maus, and RU meds.

  7. What the fuck -_-
    I log in the test, I have to wait because the servers are busy, okay.
    I finally log in, short tutorial for the new interface, but my graphics are maxed out, my PC can’t handle it, so I change the parameters “restart the game”, okay, no choice.
    I have to wait again before log in… super annoying!

  8. So another map where they are trying to negate TD’s and scouts. Lanes, hills, valleys, rocks, houses, nothing where you can hit anything from more than 300m.
    They negated armor when they made prem rounds available for silver.
    They negated most arty with the huge nerfs.
    Soon everyone will just play heavies with large HP pools and fast meds, won’t that be fun!
    Fucking WG.

    • On the US server, I tried to do the TD mission. Between my aggressive nature and the way the maps are set up. I was lucky to get more than 200 HP from over 300 meters. I gave up on that mission.

  9. “what would have helped I think was, if they made the central road inside a corridor, something along the lines of Severogorsk”

    Oh holy god please NO! That map is the fucking plague of WoT. They also fucked up Sacred Valley and remade it into Sacred Corridor Valey…

    90% of map reworks are fucking fails. Starting with Malinovka and now the completely fucked up south spawn followed by Komarin rework which is still shite and last but not least Sacred Corridor Valley… Hidden Village is still shit with 30% of the map not being accessible. Instead they added a new… Wait for it… Yes you guessed right… A new corridor lol…

  10. Nice video SS, but little suggestion for the future:
    Please adjust the sound recording level a bit higher and turn the game sounds a bit lower. Now even with all the possible sound volumes on my computer and headphones maxed out, I can hardly hear, what you say in the video.