M56 Scorpion – Two More Pics

Source: http://vk.com/newsblog_wot

Two more Scorpion screenshots. Please note that there are two additional pieces of info about it – well, three actually:

- the fact that the 90mm of the Scorpion has 219mm penetration (which is historical) does NOT mean that the current 90mm American guns will be buffed in penetration, despite the fact their penetration is unhistorical (too low), that would basically break the balance.
- the gun shield of the Scorpion is 5mm thick, the rest is 0mm
- the vehicle might have a limited MM in the end, it is confirmed that the MM it has “now” (on very early supertest) is not balanced yet

Basically, any stats of that vehicle are only a very rough guide to what this tank destroyer might look like in the future.



42 thoughts on “M56 Scorpion – Two More Pics

  1. The tank would have been much better at tier 7, they are going to have to ridiculously overbuff it to make it fit at T8.

      • And THAT, boys and girls is what it boils down to. They know they will sell a ton of these due to the anticipation factor and tier 8 pricing is where they make their cash.

        • And well guess what? That’s good. If your buying a prem for the credits why get a 7 when you could have an 8? I certainly know that if I buy it, I’d only get it at T8, not T7.

          • This!
            And WG knows it either. + there is this “little” problem of muricans not having any other Tier8 prem TD candidate, so they have to put in that place the nearest available vehicle there is.
            Anyways, this TD could be very good one, if it will get limited MM, keep the same awsome accuracy and will get some ROF buff.

    • Doesn’t need to be overbuffed, think of the E-25 one tier lower. Compared to the JT88 it’ll have camo, speed, good ground resistance and if that still isn’t enough they can bump the DPM closer to the 3k mark of the SU-122-44 (which the JT88 still doesn’t approach)

  2. You know, considering that something like the RhM Borsig despite its “armor” practically has none anyway, having actual 0mm of armor should pretty much make no difference at all, so I’m hoping the handling on this tank is nice.

    Also, since I have nowhere else to post this… can you report on that T95E6 model included in the test server? It’s not available ingame, but you can see it in the Tank Viewer, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t there before.

    • Actually when you fire HE at a borsig while circling in a light tank, you are going to hit its hull more often that it’s turret, and if you’re in a tier 6 or 7 light you’re never going to do full damage with HE. I learned that the hard way in an amx 13 75. Did 50 damage per shot when I was supposed to do about 200.
      30~40 armor is always better than 0. 0 armor means 100% full damage with HE. Not even artillery is that bad.

    • well, rhm kicks like a mule and has way more pen, 219 pen and 240 damage requires more aiming and planning.

      • The gun itself is not terribad, remember that the British have even lower alpha at Tier 8 with the 20 pdr. The penetration on this is slightly lower, but still workable. And it is one of the most accurate guns ever introduced if it keeps the 0.28 accuracy. Hopefully it has high muzzle velocity too.

        I also hope the camo will be off the charts like the Borsig, it’ll be the only thing keeping this bugger alive after all.

    • T95E6 has been in game files for a few patches now. Comes up in Tank Inspector for the current patch, and for a few beforehand.

  3. “- the fact that the 90mm of the Scorpion has 219mm penetration (which is historical) does NOT mean that the current 90mm American guns will be buffed in penetration, despite the fact their penetration is unhistorical (too low), that would basically break the balance.”

    In how far? It could easily be counterbalanced with lower DPM,and in many cases it wouldnt really do anything anyway,certainly not at T8 and T9.In case of the Pershing,it would bring it up on par with the other T8 meds again,in case of the T28 Prot an T28 it would make the stock grind easier,in case of the Superpershing they would only really have to lower the RoF a little (altho,as is,it would only really affect its ability to handle HTs-and in many cases you pretty much need to load gold to pen those anyway,it eats mediums for breakfast anyway),and in case of the T32 it would give you the option between high pen-low alpha-low dpm and medium pen-medium alpha-medium dpm.Oh,and in case of the M46 it would make the grind alot better,as it is now it has one of the worst stock grinds in the game.
    The only thing where i could imagine it really breaking any balance would be T6 and to some extent T7,then again,higher Pen can be balanced by either DPM (Centurion 1-Style) or aimtime (T-34-1 style),and maybe accuracy if all that isnt enough.

    • They could also move the Hellcat to tier 7 if the 90 mm penetration is buffed, or remove the gun from the tank entirely. For the Super Pershing, maybe remove its limited MM. A medium with 200+ pen and spaced armor should be good enough for tier 10 battles I think.

      The historical gun should be fine at tier 6, seeing as the ARL 44 can do 212 pen with its 90 mm.

      • Hellcat wouldn’t be affected. It uses the 90mm M3 gun, same as M36 and M6.

        Pershing, SP, T32, or T25/2 use the improved 90mm T15 series guns. Whether said improvement only accounts for 10~20mm better penetration than the M3, I wouldn’t know for certain, but it doesn’t feel off.

        M56 Scorpion, however, uses a 90mm T54 series gun which was a later development that used even better ammunition.

        If there was any US 90mm guns to buff, I would put my money on the 90mm M36 and M41 guns, not the T15 series. They would do this by giving them the M318A1 as their AP ammunition, same AP round used in the Japanese 90mm Type 61.

        I am almost certain the M56 Scorpion’s gold round is M431 HEAT which I believe is the same HEAT round in the 90mm Type 61. This same round was used in the Pattons, but some people might consider an HVAP-to-HEAT change to be a downgrade.

        None of these changes would have any effect on the Pershing, SP, T32, or T25/2. And I know you guys are primarily concerned with those tanks whenever there’s any talk of a possible 90mm buff. Seems very unlikely for those tanks.

    • You forgot the T69 only has 173mm of pen on the 90mm, less then the stock 76. That tank is designed to sell premium ammunition.

  4. Has anyone stopped to think about what ARTY would do to this thing with 0mm of hull armor? A tier 4 arty could potentially one-shot it with a direct hit, and pretty much tier 7 and up could practically one shot it without even hitting anywhere near it due to full pen from splash damage…

    I’m extremely tempted to get this tank, because I’ve actually seen one in person and got to work on it, and because hell, its a premium American td and its about damn time! But even though 0mm of armor is technically realistic, I am somewhat scared to see how this will actually work out when put into the game, with its often peculiar mechanics, not to mention arty and HE shells and all…

    • the average tier 4 arty has a 105mm gun, they only do a max of what? ~360 damage (i can’t think of it off the top of my head) and what would make that different from a tier 7 or 8? the only real way a tier 4 arty can one shot this is to ammo-rack it, or set it on fire, same as any tank.

    • Only arty-pieces, which could kill it with splash, is T92, CGC and maybe GWE, all of which Scorpion won’t even meet in battles.
      All others can’t make a 1000hp splash.
      But in general.. yeah, it will be even bigger arty magnet then waffles.

      • Ok, maybe not one-shot. I’ll admit that. But even a tier 4 arty with a 105mm gun could still cause significant damage, because it would get full pen on its HE shells.

        As for the tier ten arty, with the way its matchmaker status is right now (normal tier 8 matchmaking), it could easily see tier 10 arty.

  5. The tank’s a bit ugly though. Maybe its because it lacks textures, but the shape of this tank is not appealing at all.

  6. They think they’ll make more money if this is a Tier 8 premium…

    They are wrong. Anticipation isn’t quite enough for Americans to buy a piece of shit that’s overpriced, unless they recieved a Southern-style education. They would make more money through quantity of sales if this was a Tier 7.

    Will not consider unless DPM approaches 4K with a rammer (will that, binocs and camo net even fit on the tracks?) given current meta and putting this thing on Tier 8. Will consider if placed at Tier 7 with DPM buff to 3000 at least (SU-122-44 or E-25 = >_>).