Weekly FTR Contributor Review

Hello everyone,

once again it’s the time to thank the contributors, it’s you who keep FTR running after all! This time, following people donated via Paypal:

Allan R. (New Zealand)
wollef (Brasil)
Marvin H. (USA)
crash_core (Germany)

Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it.

Now, for the Patreon cycle – there was something odd about the Patreon system again, but whatever. Today marks the sixth time the Patreon subscription got successfully used, thank you all!

Out of the 588,79 USD pledged at the point of the cycle activation:

- 543,79 USD came in successfully (the rest didn’t go through for some reason on the contributor side, insufficient funds on account etc.)
- out of 543,79 USD:

45,49 USD went to credit card fees
27,23 USD went to Patreon (service fee)

leaving 471,84 USD for FTR – much appreciated! The list of contributors can be viewed here. Once again, huge thanks for the support to all of you :)

17 thoughts on “Weekly FTR Contributor Review

  1. Allan R – NEW ZEALAND.

    I am a Kiwi, ya got it right last time.

    I will give you another go at it next week.

          • Okay..But when im able to read sentences..What should I read then accoring to you since you told me to get reading glasses

            • It is mostly for server maintenance and server protection from pesky hackers. Some should go to Edrard (wot-news owner) for the kind help he gives SS from time to time. If there is something left it adds up to invest in a new hardware to stream decently if I remember well.
              If it is what you want to know.

              Too bad so much money goes for credit card fees though… Filthy capitalists.

  2. Hey SS,
    if I Donate, could I write a little text in the Donation Message? Is Clan-Recruiting forbidden for that? And will the recruitung message be published?

  3. Man, that’s a lot of fees. :( I hope you get your RL problems sorted ASAP. I will donate a bit when I get my paycheck.