New “Ambience” – Explosions


Hello everyone,

well, here’s a surprising peice of information and – if it’s true – one of the most retarded World of Tanks ideas I have ever seen. Remember this video?



Let me give you a hint. It was posted here as a possible display of “artillery” consumable for Stronghold. That apparently is however not the case. Apparently, according to the post made by a WG moderator, someone had this brilliant idea to make these explosions and ambient effect (only graphics, doing no damage) on following maps: Abbey, Hidden Village, Malinovka, Mines, Fiery Salient (reworked Prokhorovka).

Because, you know, we really need more explosions on the map as an effect, lowering player FPS and confusing players – someone shooting at you while you drive through this shit? Good luck finding where is the fire coming from. Or seeing anything. Brilliant, brilliant idea… ugh. Can we have something useful instead, please?

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      • WG works like this:
        add something small – FPS loss
        add something small – lags
        add something small – armor model of a random tank will be screwed
        add something big – game is unplayable, needs at least 3 micropatch to fix it

        • it’s a free game, so… you really don’t have to play it you know…

          and i have a semi normal pc.. never had any fps drops what so ever.

          i5 2nd gen/gefore 760 / 8 gig ram / ssd. (almost 3/4 years old)

      • Just because something is not useful, doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

        Like your existence is mostly useless, but I am sure, some worth can be found in it if looking hard enough.

        The point of this is ambiance, same as weather effects and fires and maps with signs of battles and birds. All of it is fucking useless according to you shitbrains, but without it, immersion breaks. Wanna drive tanks on en empty white box making pew pew sounds?

        Fucking people (including SS) just obsessed with “I just want to click on a tank and win!” instead of “I want an enjoyable GAME world where I feel like I am on a battlefield driving a tank”.

        Did you run out of things to whine about? Here is freebee: Russia stronk!

        • @ Daemonik I think, and this is an assumption so pardon me if I am wrong but, people are actually hinting on the fact that far more important issues need the attention of devs rather than ambiance sounds that will most probably be forgotten within a few hours. I too was happy looking at the birds rather than enemy tanks when they were implemented into the game but now I don’t even notice them anymore. Sure it puts a zing of reality but it’s negligible at best in the long run. For me I would rather devs devote their time in optimizing the game before all else but that’s just my 2 cents.

        • Agree. People want to play for free and the game supposed to be as per their requirements. Suddenly everyone is an expert in designing games, optimizing games etc…One genius after another.
          To All those whiners – Design your own game and then we’ll see how much is worth.

        • @Daemonik “I want an enjoyable GAME world where I feel like I am on a battlefield driving a tank”.

          more and more people seem to hate the idea of a real battle field and a real ambiance/atmosphere so they just bash to shit instead anything that tries to create this war atmosphere. i don’t even understand what the hell is so wrong with this video since it does seem to be quite awesome.

          not to mention that it does teaches those complaining players how artillery was really actually firing in the war.

      • I’m kinda getting tired of all the nagging people with pc’s as old as my grandma..

        WG is trying to make their game better and more diverse by adding things.. and yes they can sometimes give you a fps drop.. but hey buy a new PC now and then.. i have a pc that’s pretty good but it’s still 3 years old.. and i can play this game full pull with 35~70 that nice.. and when my game drops below 30fps.. i buy new stuff to keep playing the game!!!!(that’s how pc gaming works) stop turning it around and keep crying about oh no don’t add more stuff! our crappy 7 year old pc won’t handle it.. well too bad…

        people who want to play this game with 100% graphics enjoy this game more and more because of all the nice eye candy.. people who don’t want to buy new stuff once in a while.. move to a xbox or a ps.. you can play that for 15 years…

        • Sigh… why do you advocates of “Buy new PC” movement always forget that this damn game is unoptimized? Sure I get your point that crying over old hardware is counter productive for game development but it still doesn’t change the fact that this game is moody. For example my core2duo e8400 teamed with HD 5850 can play this game just fine at 1080p,60fps. Sure if I make fast movements from left to right the game’s performance dips but that’s natural and I don’t expect perfection from a rig that ancient. But when I read i5 and i7 users complaining about fluctuating fps in the forums it makes me cringe. You ask people to upgrade but no one can even guarantee that dumping money will actually improve experience for sure and even if it does will it be satisfying enough to be worth the money? I’ll definitely take your argument into consideration the day WG actually optimizes this game. Until then performance from this game is purely hit and miss and I would prefer reducing graphic settings and making the game playable rather than upgrade for the sake of playing just WOT.

        • think of the arty shells this way. Its useless yes but its funny watching people think there getting shot at when there not lol i guess thats rng for ya. take advantage of the confusion and it will allow you to last longer. or make battles alot more easier to enjoy.

  1. Yep that is the stupidest idea i have seen. If they are wanting to put this in then perhaps they will make it so they actually cause damage to target underneath lol

  2. “Brilliant, brilliant idea… ugh. Can we have something useful instead, please?”
    lets tell them we want to see fishes when we drive into the water :3

    • THIS! =)
      Will it be only visual before the battle or in the battle, it makes no sense and will be quite stupid for logic and/or realism.
      If fired only before the battle, they why to hell someone would make such a battery to an empty field? :-O
      But if fired in the heat of the battle and doing no damage, then why to f*** do we need such thing at all?

      But anyway, if that stuff will be only visual, then for sure there will be an option to turn it off in Settings because of FPS.

      • Probably add sharks and man eating piranhas so any player who tries to commit suicide in the water is forced to see his/her crew devoured! I think that will deter people more from suicide than the 3 time rule they implemented xD

  3. It can be good. If you are so afraid of low fps why dont you suggest removing all the trees and bushes? that would increase FPS! Remove winter himmelsdorf AT ALL!.
    OMG have you heard the idea of changing wether conditions? so lame, right? who the hell would want new features and elements in the game….

    oh wait! remove HD models too! less polygons, more FPS!

    Make WoT an 8 bit game iwth tirllions of FPS. …
    always this flame and hate, so boring….

  4. This would be fine on areas of the map you can’t reach, like the odd shell hitting a part of the abbey, or a part of a building you can’t get near on say province. But on parts where you can actually be, it a bit silly…

        • Then my friend you need to understand optimization first. Lot of players with good systems are suffering from fluctuating fps all because the game doesn’t play nice with everyone. Asking anyone to buy something new is like asking them to spin the wheel of fate. They might luck out or things might get more worse.

    • “Stop fucking playing on calculators then! Imho, it’s nice.”

      Are you going to send me money to upgrade my ‘calculator’? You going to pay my bills? Pay my ex? No? Then please STFU and GTFO.

      • time moves on, development moves on, if your shitty 10 year old pc can’t handle it anymore.. too bad.. save money for better shit, steal it, or stop playing pc games and move to a xbox or ps system..

        but stop crying about the fucking game! if you have a pc that was very good 3/4 year ago you can play this game fine.. so…..

        why do people even play a game when you have to turn down the graphics to a level where it looks like your in lego land in 1993…

        • My PC is fine, I just have a beef with anyone who sits there in their ivory tower and tells people to just ‘get a new PC’, unless they are offering to buy it, they need to shut up.

  5. Eh ? Since when did I become an Employee of Wargaming ? The commute to Minsk would be hell, not to say the commute to Singapore, here from Copenhagen.

    Moderators on the ASIA server are community contributors, recruited from the player base. No salary, no employement contract.

  6. As for the ambience, its nice. It might only be during the countdown before the rollout, although that might change. As for FPS issues, there is none. Even my laptop has no FPS drop, while looking at it, and thats with the i5 embedded GPU.

    • I find it an awesome idea :) All that is required is a switch in options to turn if off for slower computers.

  7. I think its a nice effect, but It should be implemented in middle od the map between bases. And best thing would be to make arty fire similiar to this effect, only on smaller area

  8. Since i play on standard render i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be able to see this at all. Hell i don’t see even when actual arty lands a shell nearby because the decals settings are turned off and can’t be turned on on standard render so only way to know if arty missed me is hearing for explosion sound :D Also i’m pretty sure this will be able to turn off together with other effects. Still, it’s completely unnecessary, will become boring and repetitive very soon and it looks really silly. Shell rain on an open ground while there is nobody there :D

  9. Video looks great. I approve of these explosions. They look awesome. Wish I could achieve that kind of firepower with SPG platoon.

  10. I like these explosions, no sarcasm. It is as awesome as warplanes over Fiery Salient (reworked Prokhorovka)! Probably, with Extra effect set to “Low” or “Off”, you guys might never see the war atmosphere :).

  11. If by a chance they would manage to pull it off without FPS loss, then why not? It might have similar function as weather effects, with the dust from explosions affecting spotting.

    Besides it’s not like war is fought in a sterile room, with only certain combatants present and nothing else. This game can use some immersion and some war actually going on around.