No Golden Joystick For WoT This Year

Thanks to Schorai for this one.

Hello everyone,

if you were looking for yet another round of free stuff and insane discounts victory of Wargaming in the Golden Joystick competition, I have some bad news for you.

This year, World of Tanks is not participating in the competition. Wargaming has three horses in the game:

- Best Online Game category – World of Tanks for Xbox
- Best Online Game category – World of Warplanes
- Best Mobile Game category – World of Tanks Blitz

As both non-PC games have only a fraction of World of Tanks playerbase and neither has a shared account with WoT, I would not expect anything. Also, World of Warplanes is a complete failure, if it wins, well… I guess we’ll know that the poll is about as objective as the Nobel peace prize.

You can visit the site for category nominations to see, whether anyone is worthy of your vote. Well, there is War Thunder, but… :)

64 thoughts on “No Golden Joystick For WoT This Year

  1. Actually, world of warplanes is on the list… It is right next to War Thunder…
    btw, don’t vote for War Thunder. Not because it is bad, but because Gaijin was making all the possible efforts to piss the community off, them winning the award is the last thing we need right now.

    • how about fuck no, not after all this bullshit with the BR system and german/japanese planes being clubbed and overtiered

        • Yes yes you don’t have anything preventing you from camping super hard in the boring shit known as War thunder.

          • lol
            Except that WT has artillery designed especifically to prevent camping, not promote camping and award clickers for doing nothing. WoT can only truly shine when the plague that is artillery is gone, or at least reworked to something like what WT has.

      • WG has stupid “hitpoint” systm, will fail on seas due to that alone.
        they had the chance to start from scratch on WOWS and get rid of that idiotic hitpoint system with something that makes sense for a HUGE SHIP but nope.
        so it will “rule” the seas until WG naval forces comes out because there isn’t any other naval game in the meantime

  2. And why aren’t they competing with WoT this year? Just asking. We all know we care only about those awesome discounts and stuff and don’t give a fuck about some reward :D

  3. Pity. Was hoping the French would finally get their first premium light tank. Oh well, maybe Christmas.

  4. And everyone is still on a “WOWP IS A HORSESHIT” bandwagon? And I bet, most of these guys didn’t even try it. Or tried it ages ago.

    Well, I started to play wowp a few days ago and I like it. I fail at flying, but I like the game. I wanted something like airfix dogfighter and I pretty much got what I wanted.

    • WOWP IS HORSESHIT, it’s not a bandwagon, it’s a certified fact coming from people that DID try it

      that game is fundamentally broken due to retarded WG decisions, even if you don’t take into account how bad it was during beta and start playing now you will suffer from WG incompetence at game design and flight/damage modeling

      • Really? Do you even play it? Because I can’t find you on any of the servers.

        That means you’re part of the problem orzel talked about, people talking shit about the game that have never played it.

    • Bingo, and that’s turned into 99% the problem with WOWP’s success or failure. Asshats that had zero intention from day one of staying to help develop the game and community, continually shit talked the game way back in Beta to anyone who’d listen and effectively killed any chance of it succeeding, post release, while singing the praises of War Thunder. These are the same jackassses that don’t play WT anymore either , citing the shitty UI and piss poor balancing job Gaijin did between tiers on that game too. Does this absolve WG of the missteps they made with WOWP? No, it doesn’t. The MiG line should have already been put in the game, the Hawker line’s still MIA, and we still don’t have the Stukas or the more well known of the Nakijimas. Those I’ve gotten to change games and try WOWP truly enjoy it better than WT.

      But what can you say other than “Goons ruin everything”?

      • That’s not what the closed Alpha/Beta testers were like. In fact, I rather enjoyed the game, yeah there were bugs and strange MM and long waiting times, but only friendly people, full of ideas, optimism and when asked on the forum, devs actually looked into every little problem, there was only english in chat/battle (not a native speaker myself). I felt that the flight engine and feeling in the early versions was a lot better than later on, so I stopped playing it when it went live. Still have it on my HDD; never play it.

    • I was a tester for WoWp. Yeah it was pretty crap for a while, but it -is- getting better.

      It’s no sim, but for an arcadey buzz around “pew-pew” game, it’s starting to look fun. I’ve been finding myself playing it more since WT seems to have taken a nosedive into the manure pile lately.

  5. Why wouldn’t they put their best, most popular offerings in the spotlight? That doesn’t make any sense.

  6. i didnt vote for any of the world of tanks stuff as it has no use to me to play so i did war thunder instead and others ….

  7. I saw this year nominees for some categories and I laughed my ass off

    -Best Original game…muahaha, we have Titanfall here that is just remodelled CoD, we have Don’t Starve that is just a survival game (pretty much the same goes for DayZ)…Watch Dogs xd…yea, original as fuck, add hacking to the open-world “GTA-like” game and you have original game…nope

    -Best Visual Design category is a total mess…there are some games there that doesnt have any special visuals, nothing interesting..MGS, Killzone, Assassins Creed etc etc…jesus this is not a “Best Graphics” category…

    Rest is fine. I did not voted at all, but in the Most Wanted category my vote would be for Mirror’s Edge 2. Cant wait for that one !!

  8. Best online game?

    Not even WT can compare to GTA Online in terms of gameplay and open worldness. WT is basically a game for the indigent, thus the abundant number of retards simillar to WoT. xD

  9. I’ll certainly vote for WoWP. For a WG game, I hate it just a bit, not so much as I hate WoT. And there’s not another online game I play. Good to see WoT won’t win this time, it didn’t deserve to do so last year, not with WG being the way they are.

  10. WG needs to keep a safe distance with WT GF.
    So WG doesn’t promotes his game.

    Divination powers “on”: WoWP will be stomped by WT. (talkingof competition is non-sense) WoT will get no award while WT will get one and gain in reputation over WoT.

    WG logic.

    Oh.. And no funny premtank for players. FUCK YOU WG DUMBASSES!

  11. -Also, World of Warplanes is a complete failure, if it wins, well… I guess we’ll know that the poll is about as objective as the Nobel peace prize.

    And who was nominated and who was not? Maybe it was the 9.0 update that did in WoT?

    The big irony is that WoWP got nominated for the Golden Joystick and yet the joystick mechanics are broken in WoWP.

  12. I SPIT OUT MY POPCORN WHEN I READ THIS: – Best Online Game category – World of Warplanes please tell me that is a joke

    • I’m not. Sure, WoWP may have my favorite aircraft ever as a premium (the Spitfire with a DB 605 engine on it), but that’s not enough to win my vote.