“Czołg Pancernik” Strikes Back

Source: http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/3563169.html

Hello everyone,

according to Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming is actually making a 3D render model of the crazy tank, proposed by Stanislaw Lem. This render is intended for the new Wargaming book (apparently about crazy Soviet designs) called “Steel Monsters of Soviet Union”, as Lem submitted the “design” to the Soviets. The model was made using proposed and existing Soviet heavy tank technology from 1944-1947. The render is extremely preliminary.

Please note, that this is not an “ingame vehicle render”…. yet. It’s theoretically possible for this vehicle to appear as Polish tier 10 heavy tank (no, I am not joking). According to Yuri Pasholok, the gun and armor are sufficient, although the miniturrets (“boobs”) are a problem. The gun is 155mm in case you wondered.

In any case, yes, for those who still have doubts – Polish branch is under consideration. It’s a problematic concept for the future (there is a significant gap on tier 8-9 – very late 2015, but more likely 2016). Should be fun :)



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      • I wonder if they’d actually give it 5 radiomen nobody ever bothers to revive. Although I can totally see WG putting maingun loaders and gunners into them just to screw with people.

          • Maybe just remove the side miniturrests, leave only the rear huge boob – armed with dual 40 mm Bofors, so with multigun support not exactly useless – dealing 400 dmg per burst if they penetrate (100 gold pen) with ~6 second reload…

            It looks promising. And I supposed that no tank is retarded eneough to appear in WoT, so why not this tier X tissuepaper project?

            155 mm long gun looks promising. If they use Polish wz 39 prototype field gun – it had similar muzzle velocity to BL-10, so no more E-100 derp HEAT thrower.

  1. make small boobs as spaced armor and problem solved. Big boob could be damaged, but its protected from the front.

  2. Hmm…that thing would SO need multiturret support. And really, not sure why they have so much trouble with that…just make the extra turrets AI controlled, kinda like the AI tail gunners on planes in WoWP (or the AI gunners they use for smaller guns in WoWS).

  3. This thing will have more weakspots than all other tanks in the game combined xD

    But still it looks so crazy I want to have it in my garage!

  4. I can already imagine Polish “tomato” players when they die: “OP [insert nation] tanks. They all should be nerfed. Poland STRONK. Fuck WG. They’re responsible for Katyn.”

    • Look on the “Hall of shame” and you’ll see players from most European countries saying the same: “OP tanks, Wargaming ruined game, idiots ruined game, gold noobs ruined game, everybody ruined game”.

      Oh well, not only tomato players. “Hall of shame” is full of players with good stats, sending all to concentration camps etc. Your “joke” about Katyń is very close to those comments about cancer and Auschwitz.

  5. FFS, leave it to SF, go to WAT’s archives (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Military Technical Academy), there’s plenty of polish post war tank designs which weren’t implemented cause of russian Big Brother. I think they’re not top secret anymore, You’ll get full tree with meds, hvs and artillery.

    • You’ll get full branch with meds, hvs and artillery.

      Strange that there are no information in Polish publications written by professional researchers.

      No, there are no chance for separate Polish tree, there are no genuine Polish designs of artillery above III tier, LTs above III/IV tier, HTs, TDs above III tier and MTs above V tier.

      Even with copying British and Soviet designs (fuck yeah, Polish T-55 on IX tier) there are still large gaps in MTs and TDs plus still no arty and HTs.

      Maybe Polish branch in EU tree can be possible, but then still on I-V tier and that’s all.

      • This is military academy, most of those projects were or maybe still are restricted, and even if are not anymore, archive is accessible for military presonel, some sources says there is several dozens after war projects.

        • This is military academy

          I know very well what WAT is but being Military Technical Academy doesn’t make it full of designs of tanks, TDs or SPGs.

          some sources says there is several dozens after war projects

          Yes, from seventies and eighties. None of them can be put into the WoT so from game point of view these projects and proposals don’t exist.

          There are no f… way to fill the gap after pre-1939 designs:
          Light tanks
          • Own designs: up to III tier
          • Foreign designs: up to V tier with UK vehicles
          • no tanks for VI-VIII tiers

          Medium tanks
          • Own designs: up to IV maybe V tier
          • Foreign designs: up to VII tier with UK vehicles + IX tier license-built T-55
          • no tanks for VIII and X tiers

          Heavy tanks
          • Own designs: none
          • Foreign designs: V, VII and VIII tiers with UK and Soviet vehicles
          • no tanks for VI, IX and X tiers

          • Own designs: up to III tier
          • Foreign designs: up to VIII tier with Soviet vehicles
          • no tanks for IV and IX-X tiers

          • Own designs: II tier only
          • Foreign designs: up to III tier with UK vehicles
          • no tanks for IV-X tiers

          There are no way to fill these gaps or to make them from the scratch. You may fill one or two tank gaps, but even the best and deepest digging in the archives will not fill 50% of the tree.

      • Not all of polish players, like me, think own branch is good idea. If could be part of Eu tree FINE. All of hater gona hate no matter what u can say.
        Look on what concept WG made T28 prototype. If Wg will add this “tank” to Euro tree, its fine, nobody says to you, u should get one. If this wont get to game, fine with me too.

        Look like WG add tanks to “gaps” for some tiers, WHY the fuck British should have action centurion, this tank, why so moder tank fight with Panther 2 or Tiger II. This game is like this. No need to hate country for that.
        chinese is all copywriting, ITALIANS have no heavy tanks to gap space in WW II, YEA all tanks after war, COOL story bro. If italians tanks where so FUCKING good, they should won in N. africa, but nah, they need german to help them. French get a lot post war tank, becouse they lost war fast. to fill gaps for some tier WG add post war tanks, so ….. WT e100 is more SF than “pancernik” but WTF, this game is arcade :P

  6. Hard to believe someone who lived through WWII would think the losing side had the right idea for tank technology (i.e. German heavy trend).

    Looks like some cross of an IS-7, Obj 907 and Obj 263 (gun) with some AMX 40 tossed in.

    • Seriously? American here, half my family came from poland. I’m hoping to dedicate most of my time towards playing polish tree if they make one.

  7. This is stupid beyond any stupidity standards…

    Stanislaw Lem was a Polish science fiction writer:
    “was a Polish writer of science fiction, philosophy and satire”

    This “project” was his idea at age 23, he got none engineering. or mechanic education, he never done anything like this before… it was not even a project tbh. This is an article (in Polish) about this “project”, words are not important, there are actual pictures of genuine original project:


    It resembles more a drawing of a kid, not a serious project. In reality Lem and his family avoided Nazi death camp because they got false id’s, after seeing horrors of war, shocked by cruelty of occupants he written to Soviet officials, and in his letter he said that he fully support Soviet Union in it’s fight with Nazi Germany, and that he wish to see Soviet victorious as soon as possible, and in this letter he send them sketches of some military equipment ( armoured transport car, some kind of canon, and this “tank”). It was not a project, it got nothing to do with real ideas, Lem’s actions were actions of man who saw horrors beyond imagination, and who wanted to end them in some way, but he was powerless to do so. After the Soviet victory and occupation of Poland, he was no longer very happy about our new “friends”.

    I don’t know why this letter is still in archive, maybe Russians keep every piece of paper send to them in archive, when Lem send this to them, he was some no name young man from occupied Poland, maybe after he became famous someone found this letter in archive and decided to keep it, dunno.

    Last thing, if Yuri Pasholok and WG are going to make books about such “projects”, then their book gone be awesome… maybe they even gone find some “project” “designed” on tissue of Stalin him self…

  8. “When you all see the power
    Of this Polish beast
    Every minute of an hour
    More rage is released
    When we all get the power
    Of Polish tier ten beast
    When Pancernik, screwes everything
    And enemies, they just keep fleeing
    And it’s live!”

    Anyway, its a fiction. On the other hand WoT is full of fictional and fantasy tanks. It wouldnt be a problem to dig a little and create Polish branch with higher tiers full of blueprints, semi-fictional and polish-versions of other tanks. I wouldnt be surprised if there are some hidden blueprints in some sort of archieves. Well, we had Big Brother Russia so its even possible that some of the polish-made blueprints are in russian archieves

  9. Also, this one looks much better


  10. Reading the story behind the design I sincerely hope that it will be never included into the game, but at least the Poles can be happy about WG saying that they are thinking about how to include Polish tanks.

  11. If they add this, weheraboos will just whine about not having the Ratte.

    More than they already do, at least.

  12. Be interesting if you could switch between turrets. Love to watch a WZ-132 or some such come up behind you, switch to the back turret, and rip it apart with dual .50cals :)