Straight Outta Supertest: StuG IV (pics, comparison)

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Hello everyone,

I am back with a couple more pictures of StuG IV. The vehicle description reads:

“Based on the proposal of Ministry of Arms, in February 1942, Krupp design bureau started testing the installation of reworked StuG III superstructure on the new chassis of Panzer IV Ausf.H and J. First vehicles were mass-produced in December 1943, by January 1944 Krupp completely switched to their production from the Panzer IV. In total, 1108 vehicles were built, 31 more were made by converting existing tanks.”





Comparing the vehicle with the elite StuG Ausf.G obviously makes no sense, since the elite StuG has the (unhistorical) 75mm L/70 (this gun did notfit the classic superstructure – an alternative project existed with the superstructure significantly reworked, but that was not the Ausf.G), so I will be instead comparing it to the “middle” version of StuG (second gun, everything else elited).

The numbers are for 100 percent crew, the second number in brackets belongs to StuG Ausf.G (numbers are for 100 percent crew).

Tier: 5 Premium
Hitpoints: 360 (350)
Weight: 25,9 tons (20,2)
Engine power: 300 hp (440)
Power-to-weight: 11,58 hp/t (21,78)
Maximum speed: 38/10 km/h (40/10)
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,055/1,822 (1,055/1,342/2,205)
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s (44)
Viewrange: 310 (310)
Radiorange: 646,6 (432,8)

Armor: 80/30/? (80/30/30) (StuG IV has an advantage here with the side plates)

Gun: 75mm (StuK 40?) (75mm PaK 39 L/48)
Penetration: 106 (110)
Damage: 110 (110)
DPM: 1720,7 (1764,8 – with top gun, it has 1877,1 DPM)
Reload time: 3,836s (3,76s)
ROF: 15,643 (16,044)
Accuracy: 0,345 (0,355)
Aimtime: 1,53s (1,63s)
Depression: -6 (-10)
Gun traverse angle: 20 degrees (30 degrees)

As you can see, StuG IV is – apart from armor – clearly inferior. Its mobility will almost certainly be worse (despite better terrain resistance) and its gun is generally inferior as well. While both vehicles will likely have good camo factor, notice that the StuG IV gun has a muzzle brake (unlike StuG III top gun), which means it will generally demask the vehicle more after it fires than the top gun of the StuG III. Gun traverse is also not very good, but sufficient.

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    • yeah, its kinda meh. pity.
      would be great if it was exactly like stug III G, having L70, but being tier 6, without limited MM (eg. could see tier 8)
      this is worse in every aspect… gun handling, penetration even the mobility sucks hard.

    • The Stug iv wasn’t unique, it was the final design of the stug tank. It should be a tier 6 competing in Medium Tank companies. Period.


      • Well, the starfighter component of Star Wars was more like Japan (lightly armored, very nimble) vs USA (heavier with more armour, less agility).

        • And still, at least for me, it seemed like everything in the movies exploded after being hit once, except for the Millenium Falcon and Luke’s X-Wing.

          • There was generally a reason for this.

            Remember at Yavin, the X-Wings in the trench run had their deflector shields set full-forward to protect against the turbolaser batteries in the trench, meaning they were unshielded from behind and what’s why they were 1-shotted.

            When Luke’s X-Wing was hit, he was fully shielded, so the damage was minimized.

            YT-1300s were pretty heavily shielded, and the Falcon even more so through illegal, often military-grade mods. So it’s really not surprising that the Falcon could take hits fairly well. The Falcon was actually better shielded than some small capital ships, like CR-90 Corvettes.

            • Wow, you mean there are reasons why the heroes miraculously survived where the un-named chumps died? I like it!

              • most stormtroopers were not clones actually. this is mentioned in some of the books. basically the kamino people got sick of thier planet being occupied by a bunch of jerks and made a special set of clones to fight the stupid stormtrooper garrison. they almost won, but they were hopelessly outnumbered and lost. the imperial commanders wrote a few times how they were appalled at how incompetent thier troops were compared to the old clones. old clones were clones of jango fett the badass remember…

      • You read the grey uniforms wrong. The Empire dressed in industrial colors, black, white, grey, with the odd scarlet red. The Rebels used earth tones, browns, greens and the like.

        Don’t disagree with the basis on Nazi Germany, I mean, SturmTruppen is analagous to stormtroopers. But the stormtroopers were all clones, and it was always the natural order versus industry.

        BTW, go watch Akira Kurosawa’s the Hidden Fortress and you will see the move the original SW was based on (loosely). R2D2 and C3PO were lifted from that movie

  1. What is the top engine for the StuG IV and why does it only have 300 hp?
    Why does the StuG III’s engine have 440 hp in the first place anyways?

    • Historically HL 120 TR(M) had the maximum power of 300 hp – the in-game version is very overpowered, except the engine of SU-85I.

      • meh. same top gun *if you don’t count the derp* and the StuG B is faster i believe. and the armor is weaker on the StuG b. but tbh, the armor on the StuG barely saves you from anything, and if you’re relying on your armor for much of anything in the StuG you’re doing it wrong.

  2. This tank will have one point better than the Stug III and that is the camo bonus premium tank destroyers……

    Whilst it may be inferior in many aspects the point of a RD in most cases is not to be spotted and to fire blind!

    • The nerf of TDs camo values after firing didn’t apply to previously released TDs because it would cause massive whine from Premium owner. Now all the new premium TDs will get the nerf too, I think. There is no reason to do it on these vehicules.

  3. If it is a premium tank, then its cammo will not be effected so much when it fires? I’m led to believe that the cammo on premium tank destroyers was not nerfed? Crew training for German tank destroyers will be one of the best in the game, as you will have the StugIV, E-25, Dicker Max, JagdTiger 88 and whatever you are grinding. That is potentially 5 x your daily double. I know that the crew load outs differ a bit, but still good.

    • The only reason previously released premium TDs still have their camo bonus after firing is the risk of whine and refund demand. With the upcoming premium TDs, this problem is solved (it will be sold after the nerf hit the game). Hence, there is no reason not to give them the normal camo mechanic.

      • So you are saying that older premium TDs will not have cammo nerf, but new ones will? Is this a published fact? or your own thoughts?

          • Yep. I think that’s how they worked the arty nerf for premiums. The LeFH was not nerfed because it existed beforehand, but I believe the Sexton 1 came out after the nerf and is just like the normal arty.

            • The nerf for the leHF18B2 was different from the nerfs received by the regular artillery pieces in the 8.6 patch. The leHF18B2 was nerfed by WG moving it from tier 4 to tier 5.

  4. The model looks nice, but it is missing the 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34 that was mounted on the top of the STuG IV.

  5. With the low mobility, the bad gun (is a non turret TD and needs move a lot to have angle over enemy) and not specially good armor… and low vision range doesnt help, i dont understand how being tall at least doesnt has a little bigger vision range (320 or similar).

    I think the TD as is now needs a better shell to at least have the 110mm pen and increase ROF, the StugIV had more internal space and this need be reflected in a better ROF… is strange see the soviet tanks for midgets with better ROF.

  6. Just like Junk Panther tier 8 Premium, but unlike that Panther, i still wanna Buy it.. as for collecting all German Premium TD

    • Probably because it was never armed with any gun other than the Stuk 40. I won’t be surprised if tanks like the Achilles and Archer were premiums, seeing as their only armament was the 17pdr.

      • However the Stug III was never armed with the L70 either. The Germans tried but the chassis just could not take it. So WarGaming have achieved what they could not. The Pzkw IV chassis could take an L70, and did in the form of the Jagdpanzer IV. They put vehicles into the game that will make them money. Which is the reason that the German and Russian tech trees are so big. Why would they fill out the UK tree with actual vehicles that might just mess up the money making machine of the German/.Russian lines? I’m always disappointed that they exclude vehicles that saw combat and include tanks that existed in proposals/blueprints only. Crazy Russians

    • H38, S35, B2, Panther M10, M60, Ram 2, Sexton I, Type 62, Type 59, Light Mk. VI, M22, Churchill III…

      I’ll stop now, not including conversons like the LefH, but let’s just say there’s precedent.

    • For much the same reason as they introduce the Panther M10: People want crew grinding tanks.

    • Because it would be completely pointless to add it into the tech tree.
      Extreme redundancy is for WT.

        • In real life it’s called zero-penetration ground pressure. The lower the ground pressure the better. Just like “ground resistance” in the game.

    • WG isn’t touching the Panzer III/Panzer IV engines because they impact so many lower tier vehicles

      I’m working on a proposal to counteract any hp loss in the event WG changes their minds on that front, but at the moment they haven’t shown need for it yet

  7. With TDs, it’s all about the gun, and the gun on this thing is just too weak. It will be “challenging” to play. to say the least.

  8. Well, I’m glad we are getting a German Premium TD finally, I mean how else is one supposed to train German TD crews? Its not like the Dicker Max, E25, and JT88 are available, clearly another German premium TD was needed, at least as much as another Soviet premium TD.

    But who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy it…