9.3 Test 3 – Hangar UI Features

Hello everyone,

in Test 3, the hangar UI got reworked a bit again. They added the server designation to the upper left corner.





Furthermore, pressing “escape” (or clicking on the cog button with the server name) opens the menu that now has an online counter:


Pressing the player name opens a menu, where you can see player statistics and newly also clan statistics.


Clan statistics look like this:


Oddly enough, in test 3, the bug with the sunk turret of Ru251 was not fixed, but the armor schematics of the T67 tank destroyer (former T49) were.

28 thoughts on “9.3 Test 3 – Hangar UI Features

  1. The online player counter in the ESC menu was there in 9.3 test 1 already

    And the clan statistic looks exactly like current (9.2) clan skirmish statistic

  2. I got a suggestion for WG

    Make SS’s account a priority tester .

    I should start a petitation on the forums about this . His posts/reviews substitued the need to download the CT myself OR watch a video ( bad conncetion ) . And i would love that he’d get something in return

  3. you have a great clan mate,

    you get all 4 letters and you have to make IKEA from it yourself ^^

  4. the T67 TD still shows open top as tp turret in test – is that a planned nerf or the initial mistake not yet fixed?

    • Thats more of a buff since it now has 20m more viewrange due to its open top. Also that was done to fit the T67 which its name its now using. The Chieftain was talking about that in his stream before the light tanks were introduced, that when the new T49 comes the old one is getting renamed and therefor receives the open turret that was needed to fit the top gun 76mm gun.