Straight Outta Supertest: 9.4 Malinovka and Swamp


Hello everyone,

apparently, in 9.4, Malinovka and Swamp are recieving an overhaul. Here’s how.

Malinovka – the southern base will recieve more cover it seems.



Swamp – as announced earlier, Swamp is getting an overhaul as well. The hills in the middle are changed, plus north-east recieved some more cover.









31 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.4 Malinovka and Swamp

  1. Nice overhaul to Swamp, don’t really see much more cover though for Northern side of Malinovka. Did they only add an extra house? Or is there something I’m missing?

      • That house is actually game changing. As of now, a fast scout and a medium can keep eyes and fire on the south base for the entire game. Poke up, shoot, drop down. If someone decides to go after them, they get obliterated from across the field. So it’s an incredibly unbalanced spot, as there’s nothing like that on the north side. In fact, it’s impossible to do, because there’s a rock in the way and the terrain doesn’t have the undulations. This is a completely welcome change.

        Basically, if you have a scout and a hull down medium with good turret armour on the southeast corner of coastline, there’s nothing the team spawning south can do. They can’t spot anyone coming for backup, because they’ll get spotted, and they have to sit so far back that, due to the way spotting works, they literally cannot return fire. By the time you physically see the scout, they’re backing off back down. You have to sit so far back from the spotting location it’s completely unfair.

        • On the other hand all tanks can leave the base and defend it with “hulldown scout” (something with tough turret/superstructure) from forest. It turns into assault mode. I’ve seen some victories like that, but they are pretty rare in public random games.

  2. 9.3 changes to Malinovka canceled? Wow, I might actually play randoms this patch!
    Also, changes to swamp wouldn’t be bad if these corridors were traversable over.

  3. if south spawn loose control over this house they are fucked… but at least it will give em some chance to win on this map….
    no comment for swamp, im little confused from screenies :)

    • Don’t over exaggerate about the corridors thing. While yes, WG did poor jobs on “re-balancing” some maps (Severogorsk is the only change that I totally dislike), I think some other are good and much needed for a more fluid gameplay. Mostly I appreciate more small hills, which is much needed for lights and meds (who fully understand what they’re doing) to maneuver and survive.

      Now, swamp? It’s imbalanced and mid is a kind of death trap for >90% of the tanks. More changes so mid could be more usable is a good thing. Not sure about significance of north changes though.

      • Mid is deathtrap for idiots who can’t play. I’ve never had problems with it. Now with those dumb hills in the mid you wouldn’t be able to sniper across. They are forcing close range engagements in ever single map rework. It’s not only Severogorsk. El Halluf is one place map. Everyone goes to that corner now. Murovanka is the same. Magic forest disappeared and now it’s completely isolated from the rest of the map. You can’t snipe the other side from the forest nor they can snipe you from the other side sitting in the forest. Malinovka used to be quite flat with open ground suitable for sniping now it’s all fucking hills and bumps that you can use to get to the enemy base w/o taking any shots since no one can shoot you until you get to close range. Every single map including these changes to Swamp are done in the same manner. Add fucking hills, add more unnatural cover and force players like cattle into tunnels until they meet eachother. They are doing it to indirectly nerf TDs(to reduce long range sniping) but are too dumb to see that they are making all the other classes except heavies useless and not only TDs. And best part is. They haven’t changed thing to a southern base hill where all the brainless TDs are camping making the last attack impossible because they have the vantage point from where they can easily outspot you and shot you down way before you can do shit to them. They have ignored the most problematic parts of the map and changed parts that noone complained about. I don’t know who is in map department currently, but they have no fucking idea what are they doing, but they are ruining every single map in the game. Soon every goddamn map will looks exactly the same and everything but heavies will be useless.

        • Indeed. My Leopards (especially PTA) are crying every time WG “rebalances” a map.

          WG you are destroying your game. I will not play this game if all maps are soon Severogorsk 2.0. That map was really enjoyable after getting used to it even in my Leopads. Now it’s utter shit and I hardly can do anything in it.

          Leopards lack armor, they lack DPM, PTA lacks gun depression. They only have their speed, view range and accuracy which mean NOTHING in the new shitty corridor maps. Nice way to nerf them again…

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