Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-3 Buffed


Hello everyone,

on supertest, T-34-3 (tier 8 premium Chinese medium tank) was buffed. This is NOT the final version apparently, but it’s a good indicator of what will happen. Stats for 100 percent crew.

- DPM increased from 1694,6 to 1821,1
- reload time buffed from 13,808s to 12,849s
- reate of fire buffed from 4,345 to 4,67
- accuracy buffed from 0,441 to 0,403
- accuracy on the move (when moving at maximum speed) buffed by 25 percent

64 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-3 Buffed

    • Yep it seems like a very big buff.

      - accuracy on the move (when moving at maximum speed) buffed by 25 percent

      Does this mean that overall dispersion after moving is slightly better (tank better at pickaboo)?

      • You lose less accuracy on the move. As a result, when you stop your aiming circle isn’t as much bloomed. It needs less time then to shrink to it’s smallest time. Which effectively means quicker aim time after move.

        • Bad depression is the price you pay for the insane alpha and given it has preferential matchmaking the penetration is more than enough. If you are relying on armour in a medium then “you are doing it wrong”.

          Only problem with this tank – bad players choose it thinking it is another Type 59 when in reality they would suck just as badly if they got a Type 59.

      • there is a different dispersion stat for moving and for moving at max speed,
        so it wont better at peek-a-boo, but if you drive fast, stop and aim, aiming in this case will be faster.

        • I always thought the “full speed” refers to “full forward” or pressing W or double tapping R … as opposite to slower speeds regulated by R/F.

      • With shit gun depression you still won’t be able to hit anything because of every stone laying on the ground that bumps tank up and down, and gun elevation is unable to compensate that.

  1. Actually, I might want to trade my type 59 for this tank (after the buffs). Type 59 is not as good as ppl said it was anymore.
    - Type 59 armor is useless against gold ammo that ppl will pour on you, since they fear/hate it and will gladly spare some gold to kill it.
    - The gun handling is one of the worst I can see… just above KV1S level a little bit.
    - Ammo rack problem is not helping, even with Wet Ammo Rack + Safe Stowage skill.
    - Also ammo capacity will deny you many chances to rule the battle… 34 100mm shells are not enough to carry. I had my shares of battles that after dealing 5-6k damage and unable to win because of no ammo left.
    + But sure, you can just bot away with it and it farts money for you.

    • Every tank armor is useless against gold ammo, plenty got armor rack problems, low amount of ammo and misses plenty of shots.

      • yeah, but only a few got all of those combined…
        Though, I didn’t said type 59 was bad, but it is not OP as ppl said it to be.
        Not many tanks can “seduce” ppl to spend “gold” on you so willingly like that type, lol.

    • Hello,
      You don’t really know the main issue is with this tank : just the worst depression in game, even 416 have better one !
      Trust me, you’ll keep your Type 59 every day

    • That’s like saying:

      “Buu huu! I can deal 5-6k damage in my underpowered type59 but I run out of ammo to carry on rotflstomping”

      Yes, it has it’s limits. But the nature of type’s limits mixed with it’s strong points makes it far more dangerous on the battlefield than many regular tie 8 tanks (that on top of that have to face tier 10 enemies from time to time).

      Type59 may be not as good as ppl say it is but it is still good enough to make it an example of overpowered premium tank.

  2. Great news for those who have bought the T-34-3!

    Now, if they could just tweak the T-34-2 a bit…

  3. Not that the tank really needed a buff in my opinion, but I’m not going to complain if they make it better.

  4. Even after these buffs the tank still sucks its shell prices are to expensive and its gun still has terrible aim time. Wargaming should lower the cost to 7-8k then people would buy it like hotcakes.

    Who would buy such a useless piece of junk anyway just people without a brain.

    • Watch ure words sir! Only coz u cant handle a tank with -3 gun depresion doesnt mean its a bad tank. If u use the terrain right than the gun depression limitation won’t be a problem. For me it always works, I love this tank. It feels like it’s made for me.

  5. As always, WG idiots!- add the fact that the tank in principle it is not necessary! This Tank was sick only because of the fact that he had not bent the gun down and all, but the morons know better.

  6. For those who think of buying this tank:
    1. First of all, its fun! Wich i think is the best quality u need on a premium tank. If its fun, u will play it + earn money,
    2. The gun is a monster! T-44,t-34-85, back of a tigar or t34 gives u 450+ dmg per shot! And that is a lot. Andyes, its manuverability will allow u that.
    3. Awesome turret armor. Think of it as early is3. U get into someones face, if they are not Good players they will ding u. Ofc the hatches are weak spots but u can move to counter that.
    4. MM is good. U get tier8 70% of the time. Other 30% u get 3-5 tier9′s per team. So still pritty god.
    5. And the last, but most important is the moneyyz. 4 shots in a game with PremAcc u will earn you 50-60k.So if u can get more than 4 shots per game and if u shoot at enemy tracks and then he gets killed u made 1000 – 1500 dmg on one shot. Ours and Assistence dmg. That is 100k of clean profit.
    To recap. Its fun, good mm, monster of a gun, good aim enough not to complain, Awesome moneymaker.
    Skils i use: Bia as first on all, six sence, shooting while moveing, while turret move, adrenaline rush. Gl OgnjenSrb

    • Don’t give only the pros coz there are a lot of cons or better a huge one (depression). This tank is hard to master but if u find out how it’s pure joy. If you want a flexible medium tank buy the French heavy .

  7. Also i use Vent, Tank Gun Rammer, Vertical stabilizer.
    I tryed Gun laying drive and Vertical stabilizer at the same time, i was not happy.
    Vent and BIA give me the same thing as just Gun laying drive (-10% aimtime), and if they do, then its beter to have it wiht BIA cuz u get 10% on everything. (Rld, aim, etc.)

    • You dont understand the real mathematics that is involved. Vents actually only add 2.5% to each real stats. Same for BIA.

      WG logic at work.

  8. Ah great. T-34-2 not getting buffed but its premium counterpart getting buffed!
    Are all prem chinese meds supposed to be moneygrab tanks?

    • T-34-2 is a Joke even to the 175 mm pen of the T-44. They were afraid to make the T-34-2 good because the turret of the T-44 is a joke and it would quickly replace it then. Panther II is hilarious too of course but let’s buff a premium tank because it prints money. :D

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  10. The 34-3 has the lowest OP-rating of all t8 mediums. And its the lowest for good players AND for bad players. So a good player can make this tank work, but with the same amount of effort, that good player could make ANY other t8 mediums work MORE.

    So if this isnt a bad tank, then I dont know, what is.
    Of course, this doesnt mean, that the tank is unplayable or not fun for some people, but that doesnt make it good. And if a normal player asks: “should I buy this tank?” then the answer should most likely be: “No, its not worth the money at all, unless you are a REAL fan of chinese mediums.”

  11. it needs buff, ofc you can play it but if its not a bad tank there simply is no bad tank.
    when can you expect these changes to happend, 9.4?

  12. would be better if they gave it a -5 gun depression, or a quicker aim-time..pos tank has to expose itself most of the time, and then wait 3 seconds just to aim in..

  13. Even with the buffs you still pop out aim for like 3 seconds and by the time you fire half your HP is either drained or you have been popped by arty one way or another. The T-34-3 doe snot need accuracy, it needs better aim time and lower shell price so it makes more than type this would make the tank very favorable.

    The new Panther 2 looks a lot better than this pile of turd and it only 500 gold more expensive so i know where my gold will be spent but of course i will wait for 15% discount.

    I still do not know why anyone would buy the T-34-3 it has to be the most useless POS in existence.

  14. Unless they make it “another Type 59″, no sale.

    Dear WoT devs: We want the Type 59. Not as a prize that is impossible to achieve, we want it available for purchase.

    I know, I know. They don’t read this or care what we think.