Straight Outta Supertest: Panzer II Ausf.D


Hello everyone,

new tier 2 “premium” tank appeared on supertest. It’s Panzer II Ausf.D (…because, you know, there is not enough clones already). It’s very likely a reward tank, but what for – that is unknown. It’s even possible we are looking at New Year’s gift tank, it’s a perfect candidate (German, lowtier, crap).


Statistics for 100 percent crew.


Fast modification of Panzer II, intended for light divisions, based on cavalry units. Panzer II Ausf.D had a completely new hull and suspension, the turret was borrowed from Panzer I Ausf.C. The suspension included 8 doubled roadwheels of large diameter with individual torsion bar suspension without support rollers. The tanks with improvend suspension elements and with new drive sprockets recieved the designation of Ausf.E. According to various sources, 200-250 Ausf.D and E vehicles were built.

Tier: 2 Premium
Hitpoints: 210
Weight: 11 tons
Engine power: 140 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,73 hp/t
Maximum speed: 55/20 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,151/2,014
Hull traverse: 45 deg/s
Viewrange: 320
Radiorange: 359,8

Armor – hull: 30/14,5/?
Armor – turret: 14,5/14,5/?

Gun: 20mm KwK
Penetration: 23
Damage: 11
DPM: 1373,5
Shells in autoloader: 10
Time between shots: 0,214s
Reload time of the autoloader: 2,87s
ROF: 124,863
Accuracy: 0,53
Aimtime: 1,4s
Depression: -10
Turret traverse rate: 44 deg/s



Armor schematic (the frontal hull red is 30mm, the lighter orance is 14,5):



61 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Panzer II Ausf.D

      • T18 is a completely noob tank and by bragging about “raping with T18″ just proves that you are complete retard. I bet you play KV1S too.

        The only exception is when you play it because it is another step in the TD line but I highly doubt it in your case.

        • Wow so much rage

          Now let’s say that you only have tiers 10 on your garage, ‘cuz lowtiR its4 n00biz

          I remember you that it is a GAME, so, made for us to get FUN. If he likes lowtier and has fun with it, so that’s cool, because he is happy, where as you don’t seem to be happy (just insulting people)
          Moreover, being raped by skilled players as a begginer can teach him what he did wrong in this battle.

          • feeling good defending a sealclubber huh….. no people who started this game dont get shit by being raped because u get to tier 2 in maximum in an hour and there the frustration starts for beginners because of ass***** like him

            • Are you one of these frustrated ? :)
              For my part, instead of raging when I was killed, I did learn things from it (“I should have wait more”,”I should have angled more”,”I shouldn’t have rushes there” etc)

              • No mate i have played some battles already u can check this nickname on the EU server and about about the second part: i would say 50% rage and 50% mad at myself with similar thoughts like the ones u have…

              • Yeah, sure. Try to angle against T18 HEs or KV1S derp shot.

                T18 can steamroll over all these little newbies with a little effort. Many players don’t know where to shoot it to penetrate. When I introduced WoT to my friend who is only occasional gamer he played for a while and then he stopped playing completely. I asked him why and he told me that he was sick of being killed by “funny boxy tank that’s fast as fuck, is almost immortal and shoots nukes” over and over again. I shown him a screenshot of T18 at he confirmed it was this tank. Try to angle against T18′s HE with 10mm armor.

                KV1S is pretty much similiar although it has already many counters. That’s why you can see lot of players with hundreds of battles with this tank while having only 45% winrate and 300+ damage per battle. These guys are simply preying on lowest tiers in the battle and hoping to oneshot them before someone they will blasted off.

    • I’m pretty sure it will have the same crew requirements as the regular Pz. II. Meaning it will be useless as a crew trainer, three man crew consisting of commander (gunner), Driver, and loader (radio operator). Same goes for the T-15 but less so, no dedicated gunner, but every other position is filled.

  1. Haha if this is the new year’s tank I’ll have a good laugh. More useless auto cannons with shitty pen, that’s what we need =)

    Free slot indeed.

  2. Did anybody else notice that the track upgrade in the Tiger has a different model than the standard one?

  3. Power to wait ratio is ok but those terrain resistances look very bad. Looks like it will never reach its top speed.
    That dolan watermark though. It never gets old.

  4. Im 99% sure this exact version exists in War Thunder as first tier, because ive started to play WT and had this Pz in my garage at start.

    Maybe they will be copying every tank from WT at some point.

    • not too suprised since they seem to follow WT lead on roof flipping too despite saying earlier “nyet we’re not gonna do it”.

    • The reserve tank in WT is a Panzer II Ausf. C with the “classic” Panzer II suspension not this large roadwheels Ausf. D is not in the game.

      Also claiming new tanks “copying” is nonsence. In that case according to this logic WT is copying wot because wot also has similar tanks but sooner like IS-4, T-54, Tiger II ect.

  5. a 20cm KwK? weak. even though i dont sell rare tanks, this one…prolly will be kept in the least it’s more bulletproof than the other t2 freebies.

    wonder what happens if WG made a French-style freebie =D
    slow, thick armor, weak gun, much rage XD

  6. Looks quite nice.
    Lousy gun (maybe it will be buffed a bit like the T7cc) but reload time and view range (100% crew and binos) are very nice and armor can take hits.
    Want it.

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      • You can have 1000 shells in clip doesn’t matter if none of them penetrate. 23 is crap and will work only against some tanks. On the other hand against some more armored tanks it will be completely useless.

        • I don’t mind giving them Coolheaded in the process but It did the job in harassing them while team shoots it.

          Pinging? Sure its useless but players won’t ignore a machinegun burst and starts chasing that tank with the illusion of an easy kill, while a T18 sat nearby aiming at it….

  8. Lately I thought about it what could be the next gift tank at new year. Well looks like I get an answer. But I also tought that why not introduce WG the French AMR-35 (after rework it into HD ofc) because the model exists for years.

    It could be a decent tier 2 gift tank also there are no French premium light tank in the game.
    Well maybe this solution would be too easy.

  9. 23mm pen? It’s going to need to have premium shells then to be competitive with the light vic and t7 car, both of which already considered underpowered by many.

    • yep t-18s shit next patch that 22 traverse speed and 2,300 ground reistance says hi. and that arty on the move aiming curcle.

  10. 23 pen is awesome. It’s already hard to play with 27mm pen spammers agains hordes of noob tanks, but this one is even worse.

    Perfect gift, thanks ;)