12 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch – ISU-152

      • i know what a glowplug is -_- diesel engines dont use sparkplugs (but apprently in the video they do…)

        • Might be that Pasholok gave him the word in russian and he had to translate it as some languages may have a similar word for glowplug and sparkplug. In romanian for example(wich has slavic influences), the word for sparkplug is “bujie” while for glowplug is “bujie incandescenta” – literally incandescent sparkplug

    • There is a sparkplug in air filter. A proper sparkplug, and it is not a part of engine on this machine.

    • No, this vehicle has a sparkplug. It is installed not in engine but in air filter. External combustion to warm up incoming air.

    • Yeah, Challenger has really improved his videos the past few months.
      Informative as well as witty at times.

      Plus, he reviewed the TOG II, so he’s officially 257% better.

    • Do you need everything spelled out for you, or are you just an ignorant twat that can’t figure anything out for yourself?

  1. Interesting video…amazing to see how heavily built that monster is. Can’t wait to see his interior shots. Wonder if he got them to drive this one around too, like the T-34-85?