Patch 9.3 – Separate HD Textures

Attention! This is important, please read.

Hello everyone,

this is something that was not announced before, oddly enough. According to RU portal, from 9.3 onwards the HD textures for tanks will be downloaded as a separate ZIP file (for 9.3, the size of HD textures is 980 megabytes).

According to the same article, this was done to save traffic and computer space. It has to be done manually (at least the Russians had to) by downloading and installing separate texture pack – why it wasn’t done automatically via the launcher? Hell if I know.

Either way, please note that if your PC is strong enough to run full resolution HD textures (maximal texture quality), you have to manually install the HD textures separately! I am posting this here to make sure everyone remembers that, so you avoid the “WTF, tanks look lowres like shit on my new rig” questions on forums.

To install HD textures:

- you download them in a ZIP file (once it is available for EU/US client)
- you unpack them to WoT folder
- you have to run the client and set the texture quality to maximum

Wow. Manual texture installation, that is some stronk programink – that’s mod/cracked game stuff, not the besterest F2P game level.

106 thoughts on “Patch 9.3 – Separate HD Textures

  1. “you have to manually install the HD textures separately!”

    That means if i did not do anything, i won’t get unnecessary 1 GB of data.

  2. why cant they use a option in the launcher?

    “select LD or HD tanks”
    “select LD or HD textures”

    something like that

  3. muhaha, funny is that wowp got this option already in launcher for some time
    it must be very very hard to copy it from wowp launcher into wot one.

  4. stronk rashan programink….we won’t get bettur programurs bekoz thej kan’t spik rashan and we alreadi emplojed aur besterest rashan komrades whu vill lern to program on aur multimiliun vorth gaem

    • nice one :D I think the launcher is outsourced/bought and not done by WG (as in some other games) so they cant alter it quickly by themselves. But a company with this kind of budget should be able to realize and deal with it sooner than on release day lol. Stronkerererestest rashan plenning. You komplein komrade? Gaem eez fri to plai, nyet? So you haf to daewnload and unpeck thiz like you do wit other gaemz you warez and pley for fri in rasha. All eez gud komrade.

  5. Sooooo is this a compulsory download? Will the game run normally without it with SD textures? Well, they did always say that there won’t be a separate HD and SD client and they seem to be sticking to their word by doing… this.

    Then again, I’m sure they always used to say that Engines and Transmissions will never be separated as well so yeah.

  6. “this was done to save [...] computer space”

    ~oh noes~… 1GB, the horror!

    ” if your PC is strong enough to run full resolution HD textures (maximal texture quality)”

    Doesn’t take a supercomputer. Recent integrated graphics could handle them pretty easily.

  7. This is completely bizarre as WoWP already supports AND uses the SD/HD toggle in the Launcher.

    When you install WoWP, you get the initial set of SD textures. In-game, if you try to set texture quality to Maximum it tells you you will have to exit, start the launcher and set the SD/HD toggle to HD.

    When you do this, the launcher warns that it needs to download XYZ extra gb of data and once you confirm, it does so. Once it’s done, you can select Maximum texture.

    If WoT isn’t doing this then there must be some seriously crossed wires between the different dev offices :-)

  8. Perhaps this could explain why my computer is able to run the current test server build at max settings and still be playable, but why the live server I cant use top settings.

    Note to self, Get a new video card.

  9. Sure most people is aware, but just in case, even HD is enabled, only the tank you are driving is rendered using the HD textures, the rest of the tanks use the LD textures. They ‘optimized’ in this way the client as WG indicated that is more important to see the enemy (even in ‘ugly’ mode) than struggling with your client and getting killed. (All the tank textures are loaded at the start of the match, remember when it used to take ages to get into battles if any player was driving a HD tank?)
    So it seems that a tank always comes in two textures.

    • actually, its more than two textures… 1 for low, 1 for med, 1 for high and one for maximum texture quality = the HD one.

      Only your tank uses HD texture, but the HD models (polygon count) are used on all tanks.

      This is strange however… so is there any diffrence between high and maximum quality textures for non-tanks ? – objects and map textures ?
      If yes, its weird, maps has HD textures, my tank has HD textures, all other tanks have high textures only ?

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  11. Apparently ALL of you are experts in programming, eh?

    And still don’t know difference between Russia and Belorussia?

      • More like they dont have enough skilled programmers because nobody wants to go a 3rd world city (minsk) and bust their ass off for coffe money. They cant outsource either because their processes are documented in poor russian and/or no documentations at all due to fear of western competitors.

        WG and Belarus dont have the infrastructure to make a modern game, they lack alot of stuff that we in the west take for granted. I am not even sure WG has up to date hardware or software when coding. WOT has alot of potential but in terms of optimization and programming WG lack so fucking much and its apparent that WOT comes from a 2nd-3rd world non european and non-EU country.

        • Minsk is in the “2nd” world.

          4A are Ukrainian. 4A Engine > CryEngine 3. 4A engine > FrostBite 3 BS engine.

          So, Ukraine can make fun of AAA western developers but Belarus cant? I dont buy that.

          • So, Ukraine can make fun of AAA western developers but Belarus cant? I dont buy that.

            Because The Ukraine has advanced as a society and its core way of thinking into a Western nation, Belarus is sucking on the Tit of Mother Russia…..that is why

            • Here is the thing, it seems to me that WG is affected by the same moronism that affects AAA Western Developers.

              See CoD. Insane system requirements, game is ugly, runs like shit. 300+ million budget, 500 + people working on it.

              Now see Metro Last Light. Much smaller requirements, runs better, its lowest settings are superior to CoD’s highest, done by 80 people, a budget of less then 10 million.

              WG is the exact same moronic entity as Infinity Ward.

  12. How WoWp which is not as good as wot
    have the got demm option while you first download it says
    Do you want the HD client with that size of GB’s
    or do you want the SD client for better perfomance

    How difficult is just copy the same command to wot’s launcher??? o.O
    OP programmers as usual

  13. Ha, with this change 98% arent even gonna use HD textures at all. First step to dropping HD alltogether? If only few ppl have them, the outcry will be too small to make a difference hehe. Stronk WG taktiks.

    • Whats the point having HD models and all facy graphics if the fps even on a high end gaming system takes a huge beating? You cant focus only on the pure eyecandy, but also make sure it runs smooth if the owners have good enough pcs. In wot HD is just a marketing term and since more than 50% of the players have old calculators they dont even use HD models or high settings to beginn with.

      If you have a system for 1500 euros playing on all max in wot and get like 60-80 fps, with occasional fps drops, that is not acceptable, specialy when such a system would run bf4 at similar or better fps and that game looks 100x nicer.

      • The new HD models made little to no performance difference on any system I’ve played WoT on. HD textures would also have a minimal effect as long as you have enough VRAM.

        The only tank model I’ve ever seen drop performance significantly was the Japanese tier 1 tank when it was first introduced (think it was caused by some error with the model).

  14. patch 9.4
    we will receive source code and will need to complie it ourselves.

    patch 9.5
    we will receive 9.4 source code and list of changes for 9.5. We will need to do the programming ourselves. compile the patch and release it.

    patch 9.6
    we will receive coordinations of some museum and will need to measure, model and implement new vehicles into game.

    stronk developing skillz WG, indeed

    I bet if you dont download the zip file, and enable ultra res textures ingame the client will crash…

  15. Does this mean I only have to copy those tank textures to my res folder that refer to tanks I have? And should a later update not contain HD textures of own tanks I need not download it?

    • I wanted it and I dont care about fps loss…
      Game looks much better and 50 fps is still good enough.
      I dont need 90fps on 60Hz screen, besides the game looks like crap on low details.
      those “10 noticable fps” were very much worth it :)

  16. I don’t see much difference between the HD and non-HD tanks so I would rather not load them if it makes my system run better.

  17. They need to replace Z gerbils which power the game engine,
    maybe they should switch to steam power, you knows! just to keep up like,
    Or maybe upgrade to Drunken squirrel’s giving the order;s
    We will see.
    Over and out
    Mr claypol

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