New Tank Strategy Coming Up


Hello everyone,

these days, armored warfare (without capitals) is the “hot stuff” of gaming – well, at least for a certain group of players. It was of course World of Tanks that made tanks really mainstream and popular, but that was years ago. More and more companies are attracted to that particular genre of gaming and Bandai Namco is one of them with its newly revealed game – Battleline: Steel Warfare.



As you can see, it’s some sort of strategy game with tanks. Allegedly, it will take place in a time frame from WW1 to modern era – if you go to cca 0:39 and pause the video, you’ll see that it’s actually true, they are planning to introduce all sorts of vehicles, including King Tiger and Maus, so if you are looking for historically realistic and accurate games, this is probably not the place to look.

Personally, I think the trailer looks kinda cheap and the game seems not to make much sense. I mean… it’s like Dawn of War, but with tanks? Hm. I guess I haven’t played enough of this type of games to make an educated guess, but at first sight, I do not like it:

- the models look kinda lowres
- the CGI looks really outdated
- too much crap flying all over the screen
- the explosions look really cheap

I assume it will also have destructible environment, but still, this is not a game I am going to hold my breath for.

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      • looks cute :3
        scroll down to the very bottom and there are some models
        they look so cuteeee XD

        and SS if you have lots of HiRes models on a screen at once (like in a RTS) it causes lag and this is beta so they might not have made HiRes models yet

        • Compared to something like World in Conflict (which was released in 2007), I don’t think they’d need to worry too much about the performance impact of those models…

          EDIT: Haha, someone else said almost the same thing a few comments down

    • LMFAO.
      “It was of course World of Tanks that made tanks really mainstream and popular, but that was years ago.”

      SS, I like your site and read it everyday, but please don’t feed the Russian Trolls.

      People have loved playing with tanks since the came out in WW I. This idea that WOT started it all is one of WOTS biggest flaws. Because of this philosophy at WOT, we have the totally un realistic Russian Tank trees and the corresponding unrealistic German Tank Trees.

      For Example, A tier 6 Panther that does 135 damage and A tier 6 Kv85 that does 390 damage. Of course all the Rus Fan boys will say its all for balancing and gameplay, which is a valid point, except its not really true is it……. because when it comes time to pick your teams, NO ONE PICKS the Panthers now do they……..

      So please, don’t feed Rus Troll Egos.

      My donation is coming! LOL.

      • “It was of course World of Tanks that made tanks really mainstream and popular, but that was years ago.”

        read that again, MAINSTREAM AND POPULAR.
        No one claimed WoTs started games with tanks.

        And the most wonderful thing about this whole EU vs RU hate cycle is that there will always be stupid twats on both sides to cancel each other out.

        I don’t go through Russian forums, as I can’t read Russian, so most of the criticism and hate that I see between EU and RU is comes from reading you people on the Eng sites. From my relative bystander point of view, you colorful people bear no moral ground, you are as egotistical, and fucked up as you make the Russians to be. =)

        So thank you for contributing on the EU twat brigade.

        But of course there are decent and rational folks around as well, on both sides.

  1. nothing impressive, it has nothing extra generals zero hour shockwave didn’t have!
    from which i like the most was tank battles, that’s why they made sure every faction had at least one tank design!

    i’d rather see generals 2 made!

  2. Any new game with tanks is awesome news for me.I like the fact they want to implement all tanks from WW1 to Modern Era,no idea why nobody has done that before,I’d love to see that in WoT or WT.

    What I don’t like is all the colors of the UI,maybe we’ll be able to disable some of them,right now it looks like I’d be playing some galactic/magic tank game.

  3. You have to give them credit though, to make a game that looks worse than a 7-year old one (World in Conflict) really requires a lot of effort. Then again, first Crysis is just as old and still in the top of best looking shooters.

  4. My first impression after seeing the graphics: DotA, LoL or Warcraft 3 or Heroes of the Storm with tanks?

    Didn’t play any, so it’s purely visual impression.

  5. The best strategy game with tanks (for me) is still Men of War.

    Add the pack with all the tanks and: BOOM, you have a realistic World of Tanks game where you can drive every single goddamn unit, breaking everything on map, refueling your tank, using the different types of ammunitions to penetrate the different types of armours with tank modules and an awesome realism.

    And tons of units.

  6. Perhaps I’ll be able to crew my tanks with idols or lolis and use my raging blood to kick reason to the curb– and incoming shell flight.

    That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the special powers. Unfortunately that would probably make a better game, because this looks like it’s going to be a mashup of C&C and wargame red dragon.

    Also Battleline? What a lazy ass name. Taking a hint from BF Warfighter, I guess.
    I swear to god, marketing departments these days just aren’t trying.

  7. Interesting game. I take it it’s unfinished yet, we’ll see how it develops. Strategy with tanks is ALWAYS a fantastic idea.

  8. I have a PS2 version of this game. It is a strategy game like Starcraft. You manage whole units, not an individual tank, thus the low res images.

  9. Looks interesting with that dynamic land control/capture thing that moves along with your units. I’m not sure if this is limited to tanks as I can see some choppers there. And Bandai Namco, this really got my interest.

    Hope they won’t bash this as this game looks more on RTS than 1st/3rd person shooting tanks, and I wonder how will this compare to wargame series.

  10. Looks a lot like they used a game engine from End war…lol Ya won’t be playing it.

    LOL Made tank game popular.. LOL

    Battlezone in the 1980′s really made tank games popular. Serb was still selling shoes in Minsk. Thinking about his next life while taking C++ programming courses…

    Battlezone was an arcade game from Atari released in November 1980.

    Re-released, reworked and remasked by Activision in 1998. LOL