9.4 Test is Live

Hello everyone,

so, I was right, the test started today – technically (Moscow time anyway :P) – here’s the link to the client:


And here’s the link to patch notes.

Edit: contrary to what the ASAP video showed, Stalingrad map is NOT in 9.4 CT, which brings the amount of new content to… well, zero.

74 thoughts on “9.4 Test is Live

  1. Oh this is going to be one of *those* patches.

    Good thing I didn’t bother to reinstall any mods since 9.3 , 9.4 will just fucking break everything anyways x’)

    • That’s why I don’t use mods. It’s funny seeing all the “my X doesn’t work, what’s causing it???” Questions ln WoT subreddit, and the correct solution is in 90% of cases “uninstall mods”.

      • Sure, but I like being able to filter tanks by tier, for example.

        Something so blatantly simple, yet that WG has yet to implement in the 4 years since closed beta.

        • I like to call it the “mod effect”. How high of a priority is it to add a feature that a mod does anyway? Take Minecraft, for example, people got sick of waiting for certain features, and the deva didn’t see a point in adding the content as someone already made it, and those who want it, now have it anyway.

  2. So other than the prem AT buff – needed – and T-34-3 buff – CERTAINLY NOT NEEDED, already much more powerful than all standard T8 meds – there’s nothing new there, is it ?

    This is one test patch I’ll never join. When is 9.5 coming ?

      • the problem is that it’s already better than the non-premium t-34-2 in many aspects
        And don’t forget that the T-34-3 already HAS a better reload than the t-34-2 (with the 122mm)

        • If you play T-34-2 with the 122mm you’re doing it wrong. Choosing alpha damage over penetration and gun handling and accuracy may work on a heavy where you fight in close engagements, but why put a gun that has bad penetration, accuracy and reload as well as no gun depression and worse DPM on a medium, when you can use a gun that is better in all aspects, except for alpha?

          As a medium, you’re supposed to brawl or snipe. A gun with high DPM and good penetration is good in both scenarios, while a gun with bad DPM, long reload and horrid accuracy is always bad. Literally only thing you can do is blap people for 400 damage and run away with the T-34-3, while with T-34-2 you can use a better gun and provide accurate sustained damage as well as better flanking abilities,

          All in all, T-34-2 is automatically better than T-34-3 because it can mount a much better gun, while T-34-3 is stuck with the (a bit less than on t-34-2) shit 122mm.

    • Do you own a 34-3? Because I do and it’s the most uncomfortable tank I have in my garage. I’m not a very good player, but even I know that no amount of skill can negate the appaling gun depression and sluggish mobility.
      I think these buffs are therefore not enough, but it’s a start. Untill than i’d advice everyone to stay away from this turd!

      • Your opinion is subjective. Only because you aren’t accustomed to the gun depression and aren’t able to play the tank well doesn’t mean the tank isn’t good.

        WZ-120 too has just -3 degrees of gun depression, yet is my favourite tank yet. I perform well in it and T-34-3 is the natural choice because of a similar playstyle, as well as the fact my three-skill WZ crew fits perfectly in it.

        Is the tank uncomfortable? Yes, to anyone who doesn’t know how to play it. Is it bad? Far from it. As with any premium, if you buy something with a specific playstyle before ever playing in such a way, you will not like it. But for someone who is used to the 121-style gameplay T-34-3 is a perfect choice.

        • I have the WZ-120 and REALLY love it, it does not have the sluggishness of the T-34-3. Furthermore, you’re right that my opinion is subjective, but after +/-250 games in it I can pretty safely say that it’s just too uncomfortable to be in my top 10 list of tanks.
          I think a small buff to the gun depression to 4 degrees is all it needs.

          • And as a guy who played 1000+ battles I can say. You are noob who shouldn’t buy this tank in the first place. I’m not even going to tell you why because you are not going to understand. This tank is good in it’s own way you need to learn that way.

            • Why are people on FTR always such douchebags? I really don’t get it, instead of providing tips how to handle the tank you start to insult others? Try to behave like you would IRL for once, is that so difficult?

              • [EDIT]: In case you’re that stupid, I meant 250 games in the t-34-3 I’m approaching 8000 games overall, so I’m not a newbe (if that’s what you mean with noob)

      • It’s easy to get 2k average damage on the T-34-3. The only thing you have to do is chose your ground carefully. If you learn to manage the depression, it’s a fun tank.

        I have to agree that the buffs were not needed as I already enjoy this tank a lot.

  3. WG said that GUN MARKs will be given from 58%^ for 1st but even now in 9.3 it is not … and with 9.4 still the same at 65%^ for the first

      • Its still 65% for the first, my leFH has a bit over 60% and still no gun marks, so it’s working as intended™

    • 65% is fine i think. I am not the best pleyerer and already got some without much of an effort

      • WG said in 9.3 patch notes that the percentage for achieving 1st gun mark will be 58% but on release of 9.3 no modification was made and now in 9.4 patch notes we see nothing mentioned but in the game I checked and is still at 65% …….. my problem is not that 65% because also I succeeded to achieve but they actually said something and didn’t do, and this is getting me crazy.

    • Actually, current percentage HAS increased by 7 for all tanks I’ve played when 9.3 came out, and I recieved first mark after the first battle. That’s what was changed, along with something in the algorithm itself.
      And no, It’s not supposed to be 58%/78%/88%, Storm answered it already somewhere.

    • REquirements were lowered, just the percentage displayed is the same. It is now absurdly easy to get them, at least first one, and in most cases second.

      • Why would you waste precious time from life waiting for these fuckers to upload a video, when you can simply download the test server and you’re done…

  4. for some wierd reason i cant log in. it says that my password or email is incorrect but i have checked them both like 10 times.

    • perhaps you changed it in the last few days. you gotta use the old one then
      also if you use your email address for another account on na or ru you may need to use that one

  5. Seems like they changed color of one german summer camo paint. Before it was red, now it is light brown.

    Not sure if mistake or intended. Was not mentioned in the patchnotes.

  6. “contrary to what the ASAP video showed, Stalingrad map is NOT in 9.4 CT, which brings the amount of new content to… well, zero.”

    1. To be fair, I’d argue that new “double cap circle” team battles _is_ new content.

    2. Stalingrad might appear in subsequent tests and still make it to 0.9.4 release.

  7. Anyone else notice that arty shells disappear after some range and even if the tracer hits the target, there is no damage, I was trying out some of the top tier arty (so I can learn to avoid them better) and I wasn’t getting any hits at range

  8. Okay, I understand that a lot of this is speculation, and maybe some is insider info… but you should probably be more careful of your word choice.

    I’m honestly not trying to be rude here, I would just like to offer some constructive criticism.

    In your article: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/17/17-7-2014/
    - HD IS-3 will come in 9.4
    It’s not announced yet – nor is it on the test server.
    You should probably be more careful in saying things of this sort, I.E. “It is possible IS-3 will get an HD rework in 9.4″ or something of the sort as I have seen you be cautious like this before.

    I could have sworn you said somewhere “Havok will come in 9.4″ back in april/june/july or something – but I can’t find it.
    Ninja or am I just imagining it? ;)

    Either way, Still an avid reader of your blog :)