92 thoughts on “9.4 New Gun Sounds

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    • I agree with you,but the 152 and 183 for me sounds a little different but same.btw Silentstalker,the Jpg.E-100 is a 17 cm and not a 183 mm xD
      Unless…they buffed it.

    • The best part is I got the jgdpE100, didn’t pay notice to the 170mm instead of 183mm. For me the important part is that it got 299mm pen. xD
      But I’m sure the 170mm and 183mm gun sounds is the same anyways.

    • I don’t know, if it’s me, but the 152mm gun sounds bigger to me than the “183mm” gun (more like 170mm on JgPz E100). But maybe its because of the explosion of the HE shell in nearly the same moment?

    • Yeah i jumped on last to test something and was very disappointed in the new sounds. WG should throw some money Gnome’s way and have him do it for them because the new sounds BLOW ASS

      • The new sounds may be bad, but Gnome’s are awful if anything. It’s just the sound of a crappy mic getting overwhelmed, all static. Kriegstrieber’s have less of that issue, but even they still have some static. WG should be able to afford good mics and tests of the guns with all of their money.

  2. Pst, it’s not the Jagdpanzer E-100 that uses a 183 mm! :)

    Back on topic, the sounds suck ass. I’ve had close encounters with all kind of cannons from 30 to 155 mm, and these sound like airsoft guns in comparison.

  3. Sounds good, apart from the high-caliber ones. The 152 and 170 mm sounds are miserably weak.

    Uploader: since when has the Jagg E-100 a 183 mm gun?

    And it would have been nice to show a 120, and 122 mm sound too, since a lot of tanks use that caliber in higher tiers, but nice job anyways.

  4. Sounds like shit, still use Soundmods for that until its not working anymore -.-
    WG Sounds suck and they ever will suck until they use some of the Soundmods…

    • Yeah, the funny thing is, that they allegedly used IRL ISU-152 shot sounds for the 9.1 test server sounds (for the highest calibers). Now these, 9.4 sounds are completely different (and worse), hence I guess the “IRL ISU-152 shots” part was a jazz too.

    • not really. Nato artillery uses 155 mm howitzer and “russian” use 152 mm so there is a lot of guns to get samples from

  5. The problem with the large caliber guns is that it doesn’t inspire fear and terror like it should. It’s just a pfft, like the sound of a fuse going out. WHAT’S SCARY ABOUT THAT? It needs more force, more power, like a really big explosion going off, not like a toy gun going off.

  6. I like the sound of 20mm autocanon. That’s about it.

    Everything else lacks.. err.. bass? Even the 47mm should have a bit of *dunnn* to it. I’d take the 47mm sound for a 37mm gun though.

    When the SU-152 hits those ammo boxes or whatever it is at 1:17 that’s kinda how I’d imagine something like 122mm gun to sound. Not that I’d know.

  7. Jagd has 170mm….. and it sounds like shit wtf. Current stock one sounds 10x times better than this shit. Sounds like some kinda pistol or a shotgun sound. Jagd without it’s big boom sound is not a Jagd. Damn fucking disappoint.

  8. Horrible!! the 152mm and 183mm are just plain shit. The 100m is also pretty stupid.

    WG just hire a professional sound company you retarded drunk fucks. You cant record a sound for shit. Someone tell these dumbfucks to try Bad Company 2/Vietnam to see how a tank gun should sound in a game. Complete with distant echo’s and such.

    Il have to backup my wot audio folder right now. No way im going to listen to these trash sounds. What brain do you need to realize these sounds are complete garbage and have nothing in common to how real guns sound?? does WG even has a sound department? or these sounds were recorded by SerB with his platinum iPhone6 when farting in the bathroom? LOL!!

  9. Recorded at my toilet after i ate too much Taco Bell.
    No, seriously.. i used to like the gun sounds but wanted to get rid of the pop-gun sounds like the Cromwell has. Now even 183 mm’s sound like my Chaffee before 9.4 and that even sounded underwhelming back then.. It may be because the guns used to sound like that (in the middle of a abandoned flat field) but it sounds like crap. When you fire a gun these calibers, it never has to sound like this. Are those blank shots or something?

  10. 152 mm sounds like shit, my KV-2 is sad :-(

    and do not get me wrong, e.g. 76 mm was not all that bad, but in general they are diappointing

      • And you’re experience with live fire ammunition is?

        Interested to know, because I heard somewhere that you mod basically consists of sounds pulled from other games and movies. As nice as these sounds are they’re nothing like the real thing precisely because everyone expects big boom. If you give them the real thing they’re disappointed.

        • OOPMan realistic shit doesnt translates to FUN. That’s what DICE are based on for example when developing their BF titles.

      • They might sound like shit, but I insist they sound more real than your mod. You are free to tell your users to use your soundmod, because it sounds “better”, but don’t de-evaluate WG’s work by saying they don’t sound real when you know how much work is behind them.

      • It sounds very much real, but also is way too quiet to give a good impression of how powerful the sound actually is. That’s what puts people off.

        Guns don’t do a juicy KA-BOOM! They do dry PLOP. But they do so to the extreme, where your ears would hurt. You can’t represent that in game unfortunately.

        Now, realism vs entertainment is a very, very different topic. Don’t mix these two.

    • tell me chinese cartoons loving funny man, do they pay you for these butt kissing comments? Because either here, or on the forums you are constantly praising WG…

      • I just like the game. Even I see some issues in it that bother me, but usually not on the spots that are just “popular” to whine about (see: Arties, Skill MM, +/-1 MM, Sounds (honestly, I hate movie style trailers and explosions), etc.).

        Because, you see, I like to think about what can be improved and how – and the public is usually wide off what is really broken. Everybody just wants to be top tier and win 24/7, most hide it behind nice words, some don’t even bother.

  11. Real life guns do not sound all that spectacular. See for yourself with historical recordings from WW2: guns sound flat. They are not nearly as cool as holywood would like to make you believe. I would like to know what people who actually fired big guns have to say, though.

    • And why would you want dull realistic sounds in a arcade fantasy game such as WoT? or you are trying to tell us WoT is more realistic than ARMA?

      • I do not find it dull. Maybe I am just boring, but to me, over the top sound effects are cheap. It is just my particular preference though, and your mileage may vary wildly.

        • this is the same company that recently experimented with over the top splosions, which will probably also introduced in the future (as they have tested the sound firstly also in the past). WoT had nothing in common with realism. Big gun – big boom, simple as that…

  12. As a musician and sound tech, these new gun sounds make me cry.

    I think I’ll mute the game untill updated sound mods are available again.

  13. I guess they sound more ‘authentic’ than the old ones, but where’s the impact? They all sound like they’ve happening 2 miles away from the camera.

    Some of the calibers (74mm 85mm 130mm etc…) are missing because different calibers are grouped to use the same sound. I guess there are no plans to change that according to the test.

      • You’d have to have some pretty insane speakers to match the volume of real life weapons fire.

      • “It’s too quiet compared to real life.”

        Oh, that’s no problem. Just crank up your headphone volume until they make your ears bleed. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the volume then. ;)

    • You do realize that the sounds are flat anyway and most of the sound is due to probably firing blank ammo with more gun powder, right?

      Wg “is” recording most of their gun sound on proper caliber live guns.

      • If they are recording live weapon firing for the guns then why to those youtube vids have more kick and base to them than the vid of in-game sounds. hell the irl 155 sounded louder and “scarier” than the in-game 170mm.

        • Mostly because YT footage is from open artilleries, unlike the in-game tanks, where a part of the sound (sometimes quite big part) is caught by the tank construction.

          Also could be because of the microphone sensitivity settings.

          It might be because some YT footage is with blank rounds (which are louder). There’s actually lots of reasons why it might differ.

          • Regarding the tank absorbing the sound …

            I don’t think so.

            The actual “boom” sound is coming from the gases expanding from the gun barrel, not from the breach. Tank’s construction at best would absorb the sound of the breach kicking back, a not so loud “thump”.

            A pistol is similar to a tank’s gun in the principle of how it works. To muff the sound you would put a silencer on the end of the barrel, to deal with the gases. Covering the whole pistol in some sound absorbing material but leaving the barrel outside of it would do next to nothing to suppress the firing sound.

  14. I really like all the sounds 152mm and below – The sharp lashing sound when firing smaller cliber shells is awesome… However I’d really like to listen to 88mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm and the REAL 183mm

    Also – what are your sound settings regarding cannon sound? The cannons might only just need a little bit of volume…

    Also note that most handheld video footage of cannons firing are bad examples as the surroundings and volume are higly likely to distort the recorded sound.

    • Pretty much every idea people have about how guns and cannons sound is fiction. Give them real sounds and they complain.

      • and since when do we need “real” sounds in this fantasy game? Is this ARMA? Nope.
        Big gun = big boom, not a “plop”.

        • I don’t know, maybe since they’ve been going “I want more realistic sounds” enough that WG listened?

      • Give em real sounds and they complain not because it’s not impressive enough but because their ears are ringing.

        These sounds are popguns a real cannon is much more impressive.

        • Because real tanks were made so that the people in the tank couldn’t hear anything for ten minutes after a single shot and so they were easy prey to enemies… until the enemy shot once, of course.


  15. Sounds from 1st 9.1 test were the best. It’s sad, that ill have to stop continuing this mod and my other – War Thunder sound mod for WoT, because of the sound engine change.
    Man, I hate those new sounds.

  16. what the hell man, a fly farts louder than the jagpanzer the heck is up with wg… until 100mm its good, i thought they will sound like atomic bomb, but no ‘ BB gun stronk fearful’

  17. i like the new sounds..just hope they keep improving them..but the echo on fv183 is awsome just awsome..i liked gnome’s too but it’s just too much distortion and game laged as hell with it..i don’t now i liked these new sounds

  18. By the name of all that’s holy, SIMPLE thing such as gun sounds and yet WG can’t make it right! Maaaaan what’s fucking wrong with them.

    All of WG’s WoT developer should be locked on a prison for a week with nothing but Company of Heroes 2 to play and another week with just WarThunder ground forces to play. Then maybe they’ll be able to develop better sounding tanks! @$##@!!!!

  19. People who defend these changes because they’re more realistic are completely missing the point. Yes, they might based on authentic sounds recorded on the respective caliber guns, or they might not.

    The thing is, for us who play the game competitively, it is important to be able to distinguish between the sounds of 122mm/152mm/183mm guns firing. If there’s a IS-3′s and and FV 183 sitting in the same spot it’s kind of a big deal whether the “plop” you just heard came from a tier 10 or a tier 8.

    With the current sounds (or gnomefather’s for that matter) that’s easy because the 183mm sound is so distinct. This is first and foremost a game and not a historical tank simulator. Any change that is a clear detriment to the gameplay is unwanted in my opinion.

  20. Everything up to 76mm is alright. 100mm+ is disappointingly airsoft-sounding.

    I was actually kind of expecting this to be the direction they were going with sounds, after hearing the Chaffee Sport. It’s not bad, but everything above 76mm needs to sound much meatier.

    They’re trying to strike a balance between Hollywood and realism, but they’re leaning too much towards realism…like people have already said repeatedly, it’s first and foremost a game, not a simulator; a bit more on the Hollywood side is appropriate.

  21. Initially i was expecting them to inject the sounds with roids.

    instead they inject them with female hormones. the guns sound less threatening than hippy confetti cannons. MY FART IS MORE AGGRO THAN THAT.


    this is the new sound guys.
    damn he got me
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    World of PLOP

  23. Everything up to 152 sounds great. That’s the point I’d like to hear a bit more meatier sound even if its not exactly completely realistic. 170mm sounds absolutely pathetic.

  24. Those are pretty lame after the 76mm. What is wrong with the current sounds? Didn’t they recently add the sounds we have now?

    I don’t care about realism for the sounds – I want more “hollywood” in the sound meaning it should sound big and scary for the bigger guns.

    I should be able to hear a 150mm+ gun from across the battlefield and be wary.

    WG, don’t think realism for the sounds – none of us want real, we want awesome. When I grind 70,000 XP to get the biggest gun on my tier 10 tank, I want it to sound awesome not realistic.