“Mysterious” IGR tanks in 9.4 CT2

Hello everyone,

some of you might have noticed two things:

- with the introduction of 9.4 second test patch, Tank Inspector started crashing, when attempting to pull data from the client
- the test introduced a whole bunch of “odd” vehicle files with the letters “IGR” in their file name

As you might have guessed, those two events are related. Hillin (Tank Inspector developer) started digging and discovered those files. The vehicles are the following: AMX 13 90, AMX 50 100, AMX AC.Mle.1948, WZ131, Caenarvon, Cromwell, Centurion, FV304, IS-3, ISU-152, Jagdtiger, KV-2, Panther II, Tiger, Tiger II, KV-85, Sherman Jumbo, STA-1, StuG III Ausf. G, T34 (Heavy), T-44, T49 (Light), T69, T71. They are all in elite configuration and the models are identical to the regular tanks (no changes).

This is how they look in Tank Inspector Pro:


Now, to explain what this means: these vehicles are meant for Korean server (and possibly the Chinese one), specifically for internet café gameplay. Here in Europe, this sort of thing died out, but in Korea, café gaming is a culture thing (as explained by Daigensui). If I understand it correctly, you simply “rent” these vehicles in an internet café and in selected cafés cooperating with Wargaming, you will (apart from the standard premium bonuses) get another 50 percent to XP and credits bonus for your account, as well as gold for a certain amount of battles played.

Whether this is related to the leaked supertest “premium Tiger” in any way, that I do not know, but I don’t think so.

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      • that’s it. And it can be profitable, in cafe u can additionaly buy food, drinks, play with colleagues, there is money from renting it. When it is popular it is just another model of “Free to play”.

  1. So they aren’t related to the potentially “More Valuable” rewards from Individual missions?

  2. and WG will still be blabbering that they care about the small client size, while sticking in it lots and lots of stuff that is unusable on the particualr server, due to the laziness. I bet that we are also downloading in our client these two Chinese only maps e.g….

    • Watching the exodus from KR to ASIA now this happens.
      they must do something anyway.

      And this (I mean internet cafe exclusive tank) suppose to be release last year.
      The reason why they bother to create exclusivity is, they don’t go to the Internet cafe for not only for good PC but for the bonus. It’s became normal and cultural furthermore publicity too.

      in my opinion about the client size,when they wanted to make a tool for make HD models. I think they wanted to create the pattern of the models to reduce the resource and the client size. but thing doesn’t always go as intended way

    • Korean server seperate from ASIA beacause of law. In my country Korea, under 16 cannot play game after 00:00 because of the law “Shut down”. When it become 00:00 under 16age users automatically disconnect from server. I heard that the first plan of WG was East ASIA(KR+JPN) server but…

  3. Korea server already has Internet cafe service. Get 50% XP , 10 gold for 10 victory and 1000 gold for 1000 games(and camo). And looks WG want to increase that bonus(or, just doing what they promise when open Korea server. Yap. They really promise premium tanks for internet cafe.).

    And, yes, I heard Korea server’s income is high enough to do like this.
    And, why Korea server separated from ASIA? I dunno. Someone said it’s fucking law problem what blocks minors from online game(it’s bullshit and almost useless). but I don’t think so. I think it’s some political reason.

    • some said law some said “very competitive e-sport gamer’s land”.
      but I am more convinced the conspiracy of the Kisly’s order

      • Yes, it exists, and it’s called the “Shutdown” policy. You can thank the Ministry of “Gender Equality” trying their best to kill computer gaming.


    Those were the days!

    Then again back then all I was worried about were potential bad marks in school so nostalgia might have to do something with it :P

    But still, I’ll never understand why it dyed out, it was a freaking awesome way to hang out with friends.

    • I remember I was there once. More like ….. LAN room.
      Epic potato in Medal of Honor LAN :D
      Also thats when I found my nick.