About Mikhail Svirin’s Event

Hello everyone,

do you know the name of Mikhail Svirin? No? Perhaps you should. He was one of the most important Russian armor historians, writing many books as well as articles on (not only) Soviet vehicles. He passed away this year unfortunately. To celebrate his legacy, Wargaming (RU) decided to name an event after him, since SerB admitted that Svirin’s work was instrumental to the creation of World of Tanks, as early on, Wargaming was taking a lot of data from his books. In his last years, Mikhail Svirin stopped writing and instead worked with young people, teaching them history and patriotism.

Of course, not everyone at Wargaming thinks well of Svirin and of the huge amount of work he made, take for example Yuri Pasholok’s quote (source):

About Svirin. After almost 3 years of “deep drilling” in Central Defence Ministry archive i have only two words about this man – story teller. Svirin’s tales and real documents – it’s two big differences. I don’t know what drugs he use when he made books like “Tankovaya Moshch”. He is shame of russian WWII AFV historians.

In any case, that got me thinking… on December 30th, 2012, Mr. Thomas Jentz passed away, soon it will be two years. Thomas Jentz, along with Hilary Doyle, was responsible for possibly the best source for German tanks there is, the legendary Panzer Tracts. I do think Wargaming (EU anyway) should honor his legacy as well (plus, I wouldn’t mind some German discounts :)), just as WG RU honors the legacy of M.Svirin. Mr.Jentz definitely deserves at least an article. Well… just a thought anyway.

25 thoughts on “About Mikhail Svirin’s Event

  1. If Yuri Pasholok doesn’t like him, then consider me immediately intrigued as to what he was saying that made Yuri have such a reaction. Given we all know Pasholok’s “preferences” with history.

  2. Can’t Pasholok keep his mouth shut for once?
    He’s just an archive monkey with no real understanding of what he digs out, basically the soviet Belton Cooper, only with much less following.

        • Why do you expect an argument from a retard that can’t even troll right. It’s “cry ME a river” you stupid piece of shit @bojan

          • Insults, cause you don’t know back story about Zarax bitching about Pasholok? Go on, insult more, you are still pathetic.

    • *laughs*

      Even Belton Cooper is better; This son of a bitch is simply wrapping up shit, always writing about things that are already described in detail, basically what Svirin worked on years ago. Not only that, but backstabbing a dead colleague like this? This guy is surely a bastard.

      I wonder if he hates Gorbachev too.

      • Svirin INVENTED things that he did not have source for. If that is good history research for you – go on drink cool-aid.

        • This Shit-o-lock is no better. Grow up. At least that vodka drinking old hag wasn’t up on desomorphine like this fucktard.

        • Bojan, do you have any proof or are you just Yuri’s sock puppet?
          Pasholok has a huge tendency of misreading sources and not listening to reason, the VK7201 mess should be proof enough.

  3. In any case, that got me thinking… on December 30th, 2012, Mr. Thomas Jentz passed away… etc

    sure, we might get german armor nerf for new year?

  4. Is there something Yuri Pasholok doesnt hate in this world? soviet brainwashing did wonders on this guy.