12 thoughts on ““Why So Serious?” – RNG Video, Episode 9

        • Woras you’re such an ignorant dick. Stop insulting other people’s videos. I made an account just to say you’re a fag-lord. Every single post I see you post some useless bullshit and when you’re not doing that you’re insulting someone or America. Just screw off you fag and your videos suck compared to these.

        • You didn’t even answer to my GW Tiger P submission :(

          Okay I assume you think that I’m a complete moron because I forgot to put the link for replay in the first mail…

    • I agree that you make better intros, but what i like about his videos is the choice of music that fits perfectly every situation. :)

      • Yeah, music always fits and makes me smile :)

        Maybe they should work together … “Why So Random?” :D

  1. I love these videos, MrWanWan always finds the best music for the video’s.
    Woras, you do a great job, really. But your video’s seem to get similar.