Premium Tank XP Modifier Not Used in Crew Training

Hello everyone,

the following information is based on the investigation into this matter, that appeared in the German section of EU forums, specifically the data by Schrottkiste and General_Jack_D_Ripper (thanks for letting me know, General :) )

The outcome of the abovelinked thread is:

Premium tank XP bonus modifier (that was introduced not so long ago) does NOT count towards the crew XP, used in that tank.

That also means the “graphs”, used in the abovelinked WG post are useless, because they do not represent the real training curve. General_Jack_D_Ripper explains:

Before battle crew XP status (right-click and “view image” for full size):

After battle crew XP status (right-click and “view image” for full size):

Crew XP actually gained: 2820XP (or twice for “Accelerate Crew Training”).
Tank XP gained: 940XP * 2(daily) + 657XP for using premium vehicle) = 2537XP -> Crew received 940XP * 2(daily) *1,5(crew-XP modifier for premium vehicle) = 2820XP
Crew should actually have received: [940XP * 2(daily) + 940XP * 0,7(Tier II premium vehicle XP modifier)] * 1,5(Premium vehicle crew XP modifier) = 3807XP

The original WG post advertises, that players need * 2,55 less battles(1,5 * 1,7) in Tier II, while in reality it is 1,5 less battles for ever Tier. As a “bonus”, if a player uses Accelerated Crew Training, 100% of XP “for use of a premium vehicle” is lost.


This bug was confirmed by WG support staff (Mr. Luke Vos) and passed on to WG developers for fixing.

72 thoughts on “Premium Tank XP Modifier Not Used in Crew Training

  1. wg probably wanted the people to grind xp so you can convert in free xp with gold!
    they probably didn’t care much about crew training!

    • They, above all, want people to actually buy the tanks. I think I’m in the moajority when I say that I’m always boosting crew XP on my premiums.

  2. “bug”

    Yeah buy our overpriced premium tanks, they have so many advantages!
    (or so we say)

    Meanwhile, in Minsk
    “No Igor, don’t actually change anything. Just find third party companies to outsource 75% of our work to, then have a drink to calm your nerves after such intense work.”

  3. With and without Premium Total XP values are also interesting.
    Without: 2538
    With: 2537


    The difference is quite obvious, but it doesn’t seem right. Well done, WG, well done, you are actually making premium account worthless with your shitty math and lack of logic.. :/

    • I stopped on this too. Just WTF? I don’t ususally check the experience numbers, but here it is clearly visible…

      If I live in ‘murica I would sue them for sure. No crew training bonus, XP with premium account are lower then without it. So what are we paing for then? Clean garage?

  4. There is an error in my calculation. Since I forgot it was a daily(daily bonus does not multiply with premium vehicle XP modifier). It should actually be:
    [940XP * 2(daily) + 940XP * 0,7(Tier II premium vehicle XP modifier)] * 1,5(Premium vehicle crew XP modifier) = 3807XP Crew XP if it’d work.

  5. I am seriously starting to doubt WG can make something work as it should from first try, if at all in the end.

  6. This is probably misselling, or possible fraud, on the part of WG.

    Anyone who has purchased a premium tank on the basis of WG’s false claims should consider contacting their local consumer protection body, or police.

    • Overreact much? On second thought, I would like to see you try to report it to the police. That first, incredulous look, it has to be exquisite. Then the laughter while you are escorted out – priceless.

  7. Ever since when is this bug in the game? 1400 accelerated crew training games on my kv-5, would love to know if I have to write a ticket for fraud or am elligible for compensation.

  8. Wait a second, so If I have turned on accelerated crew training on my JT 8.8, that means that the crew doesnt get any bonus exp for the fact that JT 8.8 is a premium tank ?


    Its even more weird cus actually my crew got trained from 50% to 100% insanely fast

    • U missed out on about 10% XP. U still get 1.5 x XP Bonus for crew training, u do not get Bonus experience for driving a premium tank as Crew XP. That’s 10% on Tier 8. Therefore u missed out, but not on a huge lvl.

      Tier II get 70% bonus
      Tier III 60%
      Tier IV 50%
      Tier V 40%
      Tier VI 30%
      Tier VII 20%
      Tier VIII 10%

      These are the bonus XP u do not get for your Crew. U do get 1.5 x Crew XP.

      • K, I get it, so thats why the crew was trained so fast – cus the 10% is not a big deal (“So fast” for me cus I never used any premium tank for crew training, or more like I wasnt paying attention how fast my crew is trained on M4A2E4 or Dicker Max)

        On the other hand I missed a lot on my T-127 :(

  9. Do not expect WG to compensate you for a fuckup on their side.

    As the new 3rd campaign is now under way i must say again how WG effectively fucked me out of the VK 7201. Last day, last battles i and my clan leaders count fame points for all players and try to squeeze in maximum number of players for the reward. The last possible battle i take part, having need just of few more FP to make sure i get it (giving place in previous battles to players with not enough). The WG system fuckes up, does not count the battle, does not count the win, does not award FAME (for both teams) and WG just say – fuck you, we are not fixing anything, what happened, happened and i end up like 10 places after the last one who got the tank. If that battle (huge win) was awarded i would have been like 1000 places in. But yeah who gives a fuck that you have played 1 month campaign. One bug and you get a big dick in the fukin ass for trusting WG to keep up a moderately good work and compensate those that suffered due to their stunning incompetence. That would have been too much work. Fuck you players and fuck you customers, fuck you all, you are gonna play anyway!

      • actually it’s not, the fame points were updated very slowly, and he tried his best to be on the last places of fame points, thinking he got enough, he forgot the other players are actually playing too, duh!

        no fraud, just players who didn’t play enough!
        it’s more like this “oh i’m on place 9.999 out of 10.000 still 1 day left, eh, i don’t need to play anymore, i’ll get it for sure” next day place 13.567 cause he didn’t play!

        • 1. I did play enough, tho every game where i enter is a clan-mate that is left behind, so you need to strike a balance. Its easy for a person to enter all battles and finish on place 100, but this means that like 10 other players will drop out.
          2. I did play enough, and with the calculation of the last day with the fame that i should have gotten if the game was not bugged i would have finished at place around ~9000.
          3. That is completely ok for me, as me skipping few battles actually meant that 5 other players did get the tank. It is not “DUUUH” it is what you call a clan and team-play. You cant just think about yourself in a team and get all the rewards, because there are like 30-40-50-60 other people that are making this possible for you. You cant win a battle alone, and you cant run a clan with 15 or 30 people. If you want to sport 2 teams you need more than 30 people to be ready and it is obvious you cant put them all in all battles. It is not like you can just PLAY anytime you want, any number of battles. It is not a random mode and egoists thinking its all about “you just didnt play enough” should fukin keep their mouths shut. This is just a reflection if their own egoistic nature. How many people of your clan did not get the tank because you played 10 battles more than you needed to?

        • I was not concerned with the vk part, it is about wg selling somethinh saying it had a feature which it didnt.

          Not gonna sue them, but technically it is either a faulty product or fraud.

  10. This is a result of not making this aspect of the game visible, if at the end of the battle there was an extra tab for gained experience listing all crew members we would not have this discussion today.It is a very confusing aspect of the game that requires some development attention.
    Btw, is it true that there is not xp bonus for dead crew members at the end of the battle?

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  12. President Obama will be joining WG staff to explain how the bug is not technically a bug, the nerfs are actually buffs, and that 5 million BOT accounts will be given amnesty.

    • President Putin Will be joining WG staff as CEO to explain how there are no bugs in WG games, the nerfs to US tanks and buffs to USSR tanks are justified by US politic and because of 5 million BOT accounts, all accounts will be wiped out. Everyday.

  13. Anybody here really believing that anything that WG ever programmed is working correct?

    So people don’t argue and fight about values of camo, penetration, damage or the spotting system. The whole thing is just a mess programmed by retarded programmers, nothing more.

    But sometimes it’s still fun to play.

    • Used to think i had to wait a week after each update to allow for things to smooth out. Then it was 2 weeks, now….. …. I am beginning to think (ok it started with 7.1) that QC.QA is lacking and in fact “WE the users” are the UAT team…. NOT operating as expected.

    • No. The point is WoT allows people to have a look at what is happening inside.
      All those hidden stats like ground resistance can be found without much effort.
      Other developers would simply close any ports to their software. Goodbye mods.

  14. So, where’s the guy who was filled with fanboi rage when we laughed at Storm stating their QA is one of the best?

    Whatever can be fucked up WG fucks up. Twice. Then hastly calls it a feature and leaves it in game.

    Every time I see idiotic things likes this I wonder:
    How many times did they fuck up soft stats that only SerB and his matrjoska comrades are worthy to see with their vodka-marinated brains? How many times did they mess up camo, credit coefficient, normalization, visibility checks, random generator for damage and pen rolls?

    • As a WG screup it’s pretty minor. Not like messing up the terrain resistance on one of the most played tanks, denying it for 6 months then issuing a fix for it.

  15. I have raised issues like this in the past but I find most of the player base cant comprehend such things anyhow, so it has usually just been a bit of a moot argument.
    I remember once they took away one single mutator and gave us a two mutator bonus stating that they would multiply together, but instead they were summed together. A lot of people couldn’t see the difference, but it was quite large over time.

    Also, some of the numbers your providing looks wrong.
    70% bonus on 940 is not 675.

    The BaseXP for the mission would have been useful here, as well as knowing if the tanker was the recipient of the accelerated training.

    • 0.7 * 940XP = 658XP For some reason the game produces 657XP, which is OK. 1 XP less is not that harmful.
      I never wrote 675 at all.

      If u look at the screenshots u can easily see, that the driver has the small Parthenon stile icon which signals Accelerated Training. The Commander Boetel does not recieve it. All information is available. For both crewmembers the personal Info tab is opened.

      On top of that the battle result tab is opened XP in the line “Received” always represents base XP, and therefore base XP was: 627.

      For all calculations it is important to know that WG always rounds down, eg: 5,3 = 5; 5,5 = 5; 5,9 = 5. Not nice, but this is how Credit and XP gain works in this game.

  16. Well It is quite common to round the integer numbers just by “deleting” all numbers after coma separator anyway.

    If is probably used only to preserve the computation power of the servers if that is done on server. It that is true here is your answer why they do it that way

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