21 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Mod for 9.4

  1. I only want the gold and red Stug and the gold Panzer 38(t). Where is it?!
    Otherwise this mod is useless. The voices are pretty annoying… And the anime is not as impressive as some people (jingles) make it seem to be.
    And now for a tsunami of (largely baseless and unfair) anime hate.

    • Copy just the appropriate vehicle folders, then. Or better yet, you can visit NA forum and DL just those skins. I have StuG in my list, but not Pz 38 (t), since it’s not HD yet.

      Your opinion? Well, it’s yours, enjoy whatever you like, I guess.

  2. Now if I only had the time to figure out what ‘fixes’ were made to the official pack…
    Aside from the file size that is.