Straight Outta Supertest: Achilles and Archer

Source: VK Wotleaks community

The new upcoming tier 5 and 6 tank destroyers. Archer will be unlockable from the Valentine and Achilles from the Archer.


Statistics for 100 percent crew:

Tier 5 TD
Price: 0,4 mil credits
Hitpoints: 360
Engine: 192 hp
Weight: 16,257 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,81 hp/t
Maximum speed: 8/32 km/h (yes, it drives backwards faster than forwards)
Hull traverse: 46 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,671/0,671/1,63
Viewrange: 360
Radiorange: 573,6

Hull armor: 20/20/20
Superstructure armor: 20/10/10

Elite gun: 17pdr
Damage: 150
Penetration: 171
ROF: 13,036
DPM: 1955,4
Reload: 4,603
Ammo carried: 39 rounds
Accuracy: 0,355
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -7,5
Gun traverse: 45 degrees





and the Achilles (which is an M10 Wolverine, rearmed by a 17pdr):


Statistics for 100 percent crew:

Tier 6 TD
Price: 0,88 mil credits
Hitpoints: 640
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 28,287 tons
Power-to-weight: 17,68 hp/t
Maximum speed: 48/11 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,247/2,205
Turret traverse: 16,7 deg/s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 573,6

Hull armor: 38,1/19,1/19,1
Turret armor: 57,2/25,4/25,4

Elite gun: 17pdr
Damage: 150
Penetration: 171
ROF: 12,514
DPM: 1877
Reload: 4,795
Ammo carried: 50 rounds
Accuracy: 0,316
Aimtime: 1,82s
Depression: -5




100 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Achilles and Archer

  1. Having 3 tanks in a row with the 17 pounder as the top gun seems a little… then again it’s not like they have a choice…. haha.

    • I just hope they get the guns right and no give the Archer , Achilles and Challenger, or the Firefly for that matter, 17-Pounder Mk VIIs.

      Archer and Challenger both used the Mk. II, the Firefly used the Mk IV while the Achilles used the Mk V

    • well Wargaming admitted they have tanks for monetization purposes in-game. aka boring, hard to grind, etc etc so the player will go nuts and buy his way to the top tier cherry :D

        • FV4005 is a waste of a tier 10. Instead they should come up with a proper hull mounted TD that is researched after the tortoise and have FV215b 183 be tier 10 after FV4004 stage 2…two Death Stars in game is a waste…

          • OMG what other tank???

            This was the only tank that would fit the line. WG cant just make up tanks when they have historical options.

            For the 3rd TD line there is a jage chefitern or prodigal 120

    • Better soft stats, perhaps?

      Also, I look at it this way: easier grinding – you’ll only have to research the gun once for all three of them.

    • 17pdr for tier 5 & 6 is more than enough, other top guns are unnecessary as the historical guns are good enough.

  2. Archer looks like fun, you can retreat really fast when you get spotted. On the other hand, having to turn your entire TD around because your forward (ingame!) gear only allows slow speed…

    omg, thats gonna be horrible

    • Great when playing defensively.

      HATRED when playing offensively.

      Though the low top speed will make it very stealthy in approaching targets.
      ( It will lose less camo on the move and it’s a SMALL td. )

      • If you mean they’ll give it lower camo loss when moving, it could be. Otherwise, camo loss when moving doesn’t depend on speed, just on the fact you’re moving the tank.

        • While the difference isn’t as big as moving and not moving I do believe there was a difference in camo loss on top speed and crawling forward.

      • I’m really sure there is a difference in camo rating depending on how fast you go. It’s like soft soft stats :D, because I don’t think any site/mod has it yet. In CW they very often use passive spotters with pressing ‘R’ once, so they will lose less camo rating and they will still slowly spot further targets.

        • you’ve misunderstood pal ;) there’re only 2 camo rating, the only thing that matters is gun dispersion depends on how fast you go ;)

          • How can people still belive that moving slower gives u less malus on camo.
            I though WG made a video about it?
            Still haven’t understood:
            If u move u lose camo, no matter how fast u move the loss is always the same!

            +never seen any Scout in CW go with one r…..
            mfg eXterminuss

            PS: there are 4 camo values for any tank:
            1, stationary
            2. moving at any speed
            3. shooting
            4. shooting and moving.

        • Probably has more to do with being careful in the approach and less with game mechanics.

    • Nah, it actually makes the most sense. There isn’t enough room at the front, and if it was placed there there would be too much weight on the front road wheels. Pointing it backwards is the only way that it could fit without a serious redesign

    • It would be so funny if it was a french tank, with all the “french battle flag” jokes and all

  3. Achilles, effectively an M36 with a different gun, and crap turret armour + depression? Recipe for failure IMO.

  4. Was Archer the one where the gun recoiled into the driver’s position, which meant it he needed to move aside for firing? r am I thinking of some other British TD?

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    • Nah. It has half the gun depression and is otherwise basically the M10 Wolverine, and no one accuses that of being a tier5 Hellcat.

      Was kinda hoping the open turret would allow more than 5 degrees depression for the Achilles, but I guess not.

    • Its actually like a more mobile jackson with a more accurate but lower alpha gun, less gun depression and hit-points instead of armour.

  6. T6 – a Wolverine with better gun, good, but lack of depresion is going to hurt this tank a lot. Doesn’t look very promising.

    T5, however, looks great. Excellent gun and nice gimmick for retreating combined with magnificent traverse rate (46 base traverse + that 0,671/0,671/1,63 terrain resistance = yes please) is a very nice combination. Depending on shells’ cost, it may be a great moneymaker (because of no need to shoot gold at all).

  7. So you’re supposed to drive backwards with Archer, as in pointing your gun to the rear ? How stupid do you have to be to do that ? What if, when you are advancing, you encounter a tank ? By the time you turn around to fire, you lost half HP – best case scenario, if you try to retreat instead, you can’t because guess what, it’s 8kph the other way. And 20mm armor on all sides in a tier dominated by howitzer guns ? I was expecting it to have 60mm armor frontally, as is historically. Stupid, just stupid. I DON’T WANT TO DRIVE THIS SHIT.

    As for Achilles, I had high hopes for this one but seeing as it is inferior to both M18 and M36, in gun and mobility/armor. If they don’t buff the RoF SIGNIFICANTLY (over 2k DPM), I would never choose this one either.

    Disappointing, very disappointing. The only one I have hopes for is Firefly but somehow I expect it to be worse than Achilles. Sherman will also be a failure.

    • It does not have 60mm of frontal armor. Having seen about a dozen photos of the Archers frontal plate it looks like no more then 10mm. If anything the upper structure armor is buffed. As for the hull IDK how much of the Val carried over into the Archer hull. There is no published data to answer that question.

    • Its how TD’s were used in real life, they didn’t go hunting for tanks they moved quickly from one prepared position to another and driving faster backwards meant faster repositioning.

    • Archer is basically a Valentine tank with gun firing over rear and regeared to be faster.

      Your supposed to use it like Crusader SP so its slow to advance and fast o escape.

      Ergo, you ambush and run like hell

  8. I am very happy about new British td’s but i am skeptical about one thing, the fact that currently the tier 5 has the same gun as the tier 6 but better dpm apart from better handling on the tier 6 ofc

      • Terrain resistance
        Archer: 0,671/0,671/1,63
        Achilles: 1,055/1,247/2,205
        Yeah, T5 will be overall turning its gun a lot faster than T6, even though T6 has a turret (T6 gets also other advantages of having a turret, though).

        BTW, etikchoochoo – gun handling/dispersion stats were not posted yet, so we don’t know if gun handling will be better on Achilles.

    • Think of it as shooting a Valentine in the rear. Its fairly small so should have excellent camo

    • The 192hp diesel engine is specific to the Archer and never made it into the normal Valentines. Basically you have to grind all of one engine on the Archer when going from the Val. Which is not a big deal at all. I think you will live.

  9. Anyone who has a Crusader SP will be comfortable driving the Archer…its a little odd driving backwards all the time, but getting around can be fun. Going to be epic getting out of trouble too (race to a spot in reverse, turn around, pull slowly into your firing spot, and if you’re spotted you’re flat GONE in reverse LOL).

    • Its a different stuff pal

      It doesnt matter that Crusader SP drives backwards cus its not a frontline tank

      But Archer is….and what, you are moving your tank backwards, enemy appears – boom, you are dead before you will turn around.
      This tank will be the biggest PoS ever. Unless you want to drive 8 km/h you wont be able compete with other tanks

  10. Archer looks like it could be a blast.

    Y’know, I hated the wolverine.
    Wolverine with the 17 lber?

  11. edit: wall of text, YES.

    46d/s for the Archer, eh.

    Consider: WG-provided traverse speeds are with the stock engine. The Archer will probably end up getting the Valentine’s stock engine to start with, and then upgrade to its unique 192hp engine…amusing things are going to result.

    Anyone who has driven the Luchs both stock and elite will know what I’m talking about; how it goes from being a slug that traverse like a brick, to something worth driving when you get that final engine. According to my scratched-together numbers, the Archer will have in the neighborhood of 65d/s effective traverse rate when upgraded to its best engine. For something to compare to, both the new Chaffee and T21 traverse at roughly the same rate (though the T21 can’t pivot, so it *feels* slower).
    A few other tanks done up and a link to the formula used here:

    On top of that, *extremely* low ground resistance to overcome compared to most other tanks it faces. It’s going to be able to out-turn light tanks on hard and moderate terrain, maybe even on boggy terrain depending on the tank. It should be able to easily keep up with most mediums trying to circle it. You should definitely try to not be in a position where you’re circled anyway, naturally, but anyone who does try to circle you is potentially in for a nasty surprise.

    All assuming that it gets the 135hp stock engine from the Valentine, of course. If it starts with one of the upgraded engines, things change a bit. Top engine from the Valentine being the stock engine, for example, only results in a difference of 27hp, bringing the total traverse down to ~53d/s. Still pretty good for a TD, but not “oh god why can’t I get around this guy” impressive.

    I see the tank being something of a sleeper. Many (most?) people will be turned off by the low alpha and reverse forward speed. But in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, the quick reverse, decent to good traverse, TOG gun that can depress to a usable degree (I was expecting -5 here, -7.5 is a bonus) and swing quite wide, and likely good camo values should combine to make it a surprisingly effective package.


    On the other hand, unimpressed with the Achilles, to be honest. I was really hoping for better gun depression…the tank has no hull armor and a highly unreliable (at best) turret, peeking over hills and spamming shots when it could was all it potentially had. -5 is on the bad side of things and will force it into either trying to use certain Soviet medium spots for sniping, or trying to play like a somewhat sluggish medium…
    Meh : \

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