Individual Missions – Not Final

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Hello everyone,

yesterday, a Wargaming-related source stated the following: the individual mission conditions (you know, the 20k damage + blocked damage for Object 260 and others) are not final and it’s possible they might be made easier. All in all, the Minsk office is planning to give out the Object 260 to 10 percent of all players (to compare, during the hard IS-6 grind missions, 4-5 percent of all players got one).

The decision about what to do with them should be taken this week.

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  1. “to compare, during the hard IS-6 grind missions, 4-5 percent of all players got one”
    cos fcm50t is better then why would i grind out that crap?^^

      • i smell a LoL player…
        dont compare these 2 games pls :P

        btw, fcm is just a big medium and is more than capable to “carry late game”

    • 4-5 percent of players? only 0.01% of players out of the top 2000 replays based on damage for tier 9/10 HT replays on would’ve achieved the 20k damage done/blocked threshold.

      Now I’m not saying its damn near impossible but…. oh wait yes I am

  2. Let us not get crazy beforehand and just wait till they finalize and implement these missions….I really want an object 260 though :-)

  3. What do you think how much they would reduce the damage on that mission? 50% ? I mean if they really wanna give out that many of them^^

      • Time to review the Recruit a Player offer.
        It sucks because if he/she drops out after 200k xp, you worked for nothing,but it sure can make 10% of player base more.

    • Unless they reduce it by 50%, I doubt even one percent of active players can possibly get the obj 260. I don’t understand why they go through the trouble of designing and testing a tank when they don’t want to make it remotely accessible to anyone except a few very luck ones. Might as well hold a lottery…

      • “might as well hold a lottery”

        That is exactly what the missions currently are. Sure you need skill to pull it off, but skill alone is not going to get you there. Only luck does, evne in the absence of skill.

    • Average exp across all battles may be a bit too harsh. Even very skilled players will sometimes run a streak of defeats caused by very poor teams.

      How about picking top 100 battles and take average exp out of these? It would still offer a sample big enough not to be based on pure luck. And it could be improved as well, as the next “the best” battle would increase the avg exp by tiny bit. This would give an incentive to play more and try harder.

      • Sure it did take lot of time, but no so much as some claim . If you did have skill it was pretty easy . I did need like 1 or 2 week ( I dont remeber have long did I grinde :P ) to get it .

    • Requirements for obtaining the StuG were mentioned too. Those were quite easy ones. So, probably missions for T28C and T-55A will be doable for most of the players.
      And the period is half a year.

    • That would be nice to learn, about the lesser rewards.
      The time i think is splitted to periods, and i ‘ve read to an older article that it could be some months.. (?)

    • actually, I got no idea why are they still being reffered that way. Probably because everybody got used to it, but it still doesnt mean there is anything “individual” about them. Its just a chain of missions as it is already in the game.

      When first this expression have been introduced, I thought about something like “you got 3500 avg dmg in your E 50M, make it 3700 in 200 battles, we give you 1 milion credits” for good players and “you got negative damage ratio on your E75, make it positive to at least 1,2 and we give you some equipment or other stuff and 250k credits” for average ones. That would make much more sense than just trying to get blatanly OP T10 shit which will absolutely dominate in hands of any unicum and make T10 battles imbalanced as fuck. (assuming the requirements would really change as mentioned in the article) But thats just me.

      • I absolutely agree with these kind of mission parameters, cause every BOT can grind XP, so IS-6 and SP missions was just grinding missions.
        In my glossary, Individual meant something special for one or a little percent of player/players (it is clear, they can’t create missions for everyone) not everyone the same.
        Missions like:
        - reach avg. dmg. with a tank
        - get Mark of excellence with another one
        - play with T8 and gather X credit (no premium T8 or account counted, only pure income)
        - get X Battle Hero achievements
        - get Master Tanker on X tank
        and so on.
        I am an average player and I think these kind of missions are doable with a little attention and sometimes luck.
        And these kind of missions can upgrade the tanker skills, unlike the blind grind.

        • well the kind of mission i posted is theoretically completely possible to implement, just take for example most played tank of each tier in garage or let the players choose for themselves which tank they want to do the mission with. For example: you got 5 T10 meds in garage, you play all of them, depending on how well you do in them the missions would look like. Just make it like “improve avg dmg per battle by 10 percent” in x number of battles easy.

  4. Wow… how low humanity has sunk that it actually needs a news post to tell ppl that things from a test build aka supertest are not final?

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  6. I’m guessing this post is for those people who don’t understand that the things on supertest are there to be tested.

  7. I think Obj. 260s are going to be focused a lot because it’s too OP that may be one of the single bad thing about this tank

  8. Good news!!!

    The IS-6 mission last year was for school kids ONLY.

    Hope these premiums would be achievable at least till tier 9.

  9. So I’m among a 5% “elite”?!

    Oh, lawdy!

    “The IS-6 mission last year was for school kids ONLY”
    Employed & a IS-6 owner. Top Kek.

  10. The IS-6 mission was not hard, it was time intensive, but not hard to complete for even an average player. The T34 mission was even easier because it allowed for the use of more tanks, not being limited to tier six only. That meant more daily doubles, triples, etc. for faster XP accumulation.

    I expect we will see a lot of gaming the system with these requirements:

    -Platoons of two tier 9 mediums and one tier 10 TD to ensure the mediums can kill higher tier TDs and have the potential to do a lot of damage (good guns, big HP pools).

    -Assuming no tier limitations, arty players playing lower tier matches and driving around in TD mode so they don’t have to split XP with spotters, and their guns do more damage than equivalent tank guns without a long reload. Imagine if you could just drive around in a T57 and TD mode tier one and two tanks, many of whom have autocannons that will have a hard time penning you.

    -Time ins during low server population times where two E100s on opposing teams who know each other agree to just shoot AP at each others front plates to rack up damage blocked by armor, then fight it out for real after that is done.

    You get the idea. A lot of gaming to be done. Make the requirements somewhat more reasonable, but still a challenge, and fewer people will bother trying to game it, and still have a chance to get some tanks.

  11. so is-6 5%

    any ideea about SP and TOG numbers? we could have an ideea of the final requirements for all 4 tanks from IM

  12. I hope they drop the requirements to get the Obj 260 so that they can be accomplished even not using top tier tanks. They should make it more accessible since all the other tier X reward tanks require you to: first – play in clanwars, second – be quite good at it.

  13. Obj 260 is the best T10 heavy, certainly a nice tank to have but I’m more interested in T-55A, for the sole reason it’s german and I can finally have a good german medium, even if it’s just a cheap copy. I have several well trained german crews and I don’t have any tanks to put them on. They’re simply too weak. Too bad for the Vk36H, it was awesome as a medium, even if the short 88 has bad pen.