Individual Missions Official Info

Hello everyone,

this info comes from a Russian video and is based on official info by Wargaming, so it’s very likely correct (unless they change something).

Using individual missions, you will be able to get 4 vehicles in this order: StuG IV, T28 Concept, T55A, Object 260 (it’s not possible to skip straight to Object 260).

As announced earlier, missions are split into 5 branches for each class, 15 missions each. You have to complete 4 out of 5 for each tank (eg. 60 missions for each tank), one branch of your choosing you can skip. Apart from fulfilling the objectives, you also get some reward for each mission (credits and such).

Examples of missions:

First mission for MT branch:
StuG IV: win and deal damage, be in top 10 in XP
T28C: win and deal damage, be in top 5 in XP
T55A: win and deal damage, be in top 3 in XP
Obj260: win and deal damage, be the first in XP

Tenth mission for MT branch:
StuG IV: shoot 6 rounds that deal damage
T28C: shoot 9 rounds that deal damage
T55A: shoot 12 rounds that deal damage
Obj260: shoot 15 rounds that deal damage

Final mission for MT branch:
StuG IV: destroy two enemy TD’s
T28C: destroy three enemy TD’s
T55A: destroy two enemy TD’s that are at least one tier higher than you
Obj260: destroy three enemy TD’s that are at least one tier higher than you

Final Object 260 mission for all branches:

MT: destroy three enemy TD’s that are one tier higher than you
LT: deal 6000 spotting damage
HT: accumulate 14000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up
TD: deal 8000 damage
Arty: be first in XP and damage in battle

I removed the first IM post, because it SEEMS it contained incorrect information. Hard to say.

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    • This missions dont look that hard as where the rumors the missions are acceptable for a player that use a little his head

    • You can’t blame them for choosing bad info for testing. That’s the whole point of testing.

    • I guess some people will never understand the concept of “we’re testing this out, it’s not final.” They’ll keep commenting as if the testing numbers were the final ones and then the decision to change them was somehow unexpected.

      • The HT one seems a lot more do-able now. In my newly bought E100 I have been avg about 2k damage blocked and could see being able to get about 7k blocked.

  1. Good…those are much more doable.
    And it seems they scrapped the primary-secondary mission concept and went with more missions overall.

  2. And what about these secondary missions? It would suck to fail some secondary objective and be forced to play artillery because of that.

    • Even if we dont get tokens for the last O.260 secondary missions (at least its not in the post), you are still not forced to play arty, as there are 5 branches, but you need to finish only 4 to get a reward tank. You can skip arty entirely all the way up to O.260 if you want.

      • In previous posts it was said that you need 20 tokens for the tank and you get 4 for primary objective and 1 for secondary. And in that case you can imagine a scenario where you meet the primary goal, but fail at secondary. Mission gets completed, you get 4 tokens and with 19 you have to do another branch of missions.

        • “I removed the first IM post, because it SEEMS it contained incorrect information. Hard to say.”

          Guess we will have to wait to find out if last sec. mission at 260 will give us a token, or not.

          Not like you need those extra with these shitass easy new last missions. :(

          Edit: NVM, I brainfarted. I get what you mean now, you are right. :) Well, unless you can repeat last 260 missions until you complete both primary and secondary missions.

          Time will tell.

  3. Wonder about minimal tier to do these missions. 15 damaging shots on Matilda doesn’t seem so tough :>

    • MT = Medium Tank … so no. You can still get StuG IV, T28C (the only tank that i care to get it) and T55A.

      BTW i also playing mostly medium tanks so good for me/us ;) Any way is written “missions are split into 5 branches for each class”, so for HT, TD and others.

      • I have a bad news for you. All those people, who play ONLY meds or only TDs will not be able to get ANY of these reward tanks, as you have to play at least four different classes of tanks to obtain the reward.
        Out of those weird people, only Russophiles or Germanophyles will be able to complete the missions, as it seems, they do not require to play different nationalities.

  4. I must be a terrible driver, I thought they planned to give away the final tank to 10% of the people. Looking at the last mission:

    MT: destroy three enemy TD’s that are one tier higher than you
    LT: deal 6000 spotting damage
    HT: accumulate 14000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up
    TD: deal 8000 damage
    Arty: be first in XP and damage in battle

    I play a lot LTs and 6000 spotting damage is so mad. I got really one or two matches in good maps for 4000 … but those were really exceptional matches. imo, less people will get the final tank … a lot less than people that got the IS6 (4-5%) or the SP.

    • Duude, 4K spot for you is so much? That’s 10 second spotting in the start of Malinovka battle, when your team insta kills 2 Tier10 tanks. I had games where I spotted 9-11K. 6K is very doable.

    • You need tier 8 lt with optics and good crew :) With that its quite easy mission especially on maps like Malinovka or Prokhorovka.

        • So I looked at my matches for the last 4 weeks. I play everyday (309 matches in lights in 4 weeks) and I have played in Fiery Salient, Malinovka y Prokhorovka maps 5 + 16 + 17 = 38 times. My best result was 5.7k spotting. Still I think it is very hard.

        • I had 5,5k spotting damage but… in ELC in VI tier game yesterday. So it is really easy to do it in VIII tier light in X tier matchup.

          • That’s why you have 6 months to do the mission.

            I think people are getting back on that entitled horse. They think the moment missions come out, they will do them all in a weekend and boom, tanks for everyone.

            Aside from a fact that most of you tomatoes will never see those tanks (IS-6 was the easiest mission ever to get tank, required no skill and still 95% of people failed to get it), this is not meant to be “log in and get a tank” style mission. This is rewards for exceptional play. If you can’t get exceptional play like this in 6 months, this is not meant for you. Find other tomato things to do.

      • ^^ this. Need a good interface to tell us what we need to do next, otherwise it’s just guesswork. I would like to get the StuG, don’t really care about the rest.

  5. Okay, so the absurd requirements for Object 260 will need to be done only once? That’s… much better.

  6. so these missions are available for everybody or just players who didn’t play in a long time?

  7. ah, much clearer, so there wont be tokens just missions, and once you did all 15 for a class you can concentrate on the next class.
    would be interesting to see if you will be able to get the rewards for the 5th branch once you finished 4 branches or you will be sent to the next tank ( i mean even i don’t like arties… but extra credits are extra credits :D )

    and a second thought – may i do MT for all 4 stages….or i have to get stug before i have stage two missions unlocked


  8. Final mission for MT branch:
    StuG IV: destroy two enemy TD’s
    T28C: destroy three enemy TD’s
    T55A: destroy two enemy TD’s that are at least one tier higher than you
    Obj260: destroy three enemy TD’s that are at least one tier higher than you

    So does this accumulate during multiple matches or this have to be done in one battle? Does any of missions have to be done in one battle or can be accumulated…

  9. I dont understand one thing about missions :P
    a)you can complete multiple missions at once , let say you are first in xp,dmg on medium tank and complete all firsts missions on mt branch.
    b)to start missions for ob260 you need to get other reward tanks first
    Which one is true? :P

      • imagine the rage after some will do 17-18k dmg cumulated in a HT but they still at t28 missions and then being unable to do it again when time for obj260 misson



      • id rather do those than play filthy camping td’s!! once did 6k spotting with my m5a1 on old malinovka! lol and ive done the arty one plenty of times with m50/53

        • Arty mission is not very hard to do it – lots of tomatoes and you’re done it. what bothers me is LT mission – you have to be really lucky with this one.

          • I like Lights but fuck that mission sideways with a rusty broom.

            Edit: seems they lowered the requirement to 6k, down from 8k. That’s more doable. Now it’s likely the Heavy and Arty missions I dislike most. But arty will likely be better if I get the right map. I have a tier 9 arty but no high tier Heavies…

            • Play scout over and over again until you get campinovka standard battle. Than it will be a piece of cake. And that is not a lie ;)
              TD will be the hard and everything will need luck to have real chance, to make the numbers.
              Arty will need good scouts, but a defensive team. And of-course RNG working in your favor. Tier 7-8 will be easier to pull off.

  10. HT mission is still the one to skip IMHO. Depends on whether they kept the secondary stuff or not.

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  12. This looks good for me. Previous missions were way to hard and now they are doable. I don’t like arty, but I think I will buy Ob. 261, because the heavy mission looks harder than this for arty. I don’t have Maus to do that. Maybe I could to this in IS-4, but I think it would be much easier to be 1st in exp in arty even for a complete artynoob like me.

    MT mission: too easy for me. In good conditions you can do it with 3 shoots. With T-54 very easy.

    TD mission: much harder but with half a year to do it is not a problem.

    LT mission: piece of cake. I did 5,5k spotting damage yesterday in ELC in VI tier battle. So Prohorovka or Malinovka and done.

    I hope they won’t make them harder.

    • it does not say that you need to win. If you can be 1st in dmg and xp on a loss this may be easier :) But i think they will want it to be a win

        • actually do not forget one thing – to complete it you have half year. in half year you have about 180 days. if you will do lower tier missions in for example 60 days (because they are pretty much easy, i guess stug will be obtained by good players in the same day)you will have 4 months to get into one battle where you will have most dammage and experience. is not that hard;) Also, i am interested, is those missions will be repeatable? those small rewards for silver or anything else – that’s where my interest is;)

  13. They dont look so impossible now, and considering you will have like 6 months to do them.

    Are those mission coming in 9.5?

  14. When will those come (as in vague date, not patch)? Heavy is no problem because maus, td neither cause jpz, arty should be doable as well, in worst case i will just buy thr m44 back. Don’t have a proper med though. Still 32k xp needed for wz-132 and a long way to go to the wz-120.

    Would be nice to know how hard I have to grind, dont want to give up on meds just yet.

  15. To be honest I hope they won’t write the info that you have to do it in 1 battle, great reason for arguing with WG, still a lost case but rage it would cause… So much fun

  16. I missed the part when they specified these tanks? Are these tanks premium? If not, there is no reason for me to ask God for this much luck. I’ll save this favor when I’m about to go to hell…

  17. Imagine you have done the first three missions and the next battle fulfills the requirements of the 11th mission, will you only get the forth mission or the 11th? In other words do we have to fulfill the missions in their order from 1 to 15?

  18. Will be individual missions anyhow time-limited ? It means, will be any deadline set for accomplishment of individual missions?

    Sorry for questions if already answered. … I would prefer personally no deadline, no time limit.

    • 6 months – enough time even for average player to get to obj260 missions (i can’t say average player will complete it.)

  19. I am missing here… if there is a limit of 6 months there is a time limit… wtf they say missions dont have time limit???

    • After 6 months you will be – propably (i am guessing here) – force to start everything from the begining if you won’t reach end before time limit.

      Soo you will be able to do it how you want but earch “try” will be in some time limit i seems so.

      • If every “try” (.. it means all IMs: 4x tech class [LT, MT ..] x 15 missions x 4 tanks as price = 240 missions ..) will last 6 months and after that “reset” will come / new “try” needed, ok .. it sounds reasonable.

        So, anybody can get all 4 “price tanks” .. within one or two years. ;) In case he will work on himself, of’course.

        IMs not bad at all, “tech class” oriented missions much better than “all nations” oriented missions, I think.

        • Oh, sorry … yes, you are right !!

          If I have already 1 “price tank” in garage, the “reset” / “new try” will be valid only for other “price tank” in the sequence – Stu, T28C, T55A, Obj260.

          Stu will be relatively easy, but last 60 missions for Obj260 … these will be tough.
          So, if I’m not successfull with missions for current “price tank”, the worst scenario is that 59 already completed missions will be reset.

  20. I can say bye bye Object 260 Model 1945.

    I am (in WOT different nick from here) almost only heavy tank driver, because to be honest only they fits my style of play. Strange or not – this is how i play in WOT. No chance then for me to obtain this unique tank. But i am OK with that. I can accept that developers wants us to play variety of tanks in terms of classes and nations. I understand that and i would propably in their position push for the same object. But … If conditions are that i need to play medium and light and tank destroyers (and i can skip artillery) to be able to obtain Object 260 Model 1945 – i say as my answer that i am not interested in Object 260 Model 1945. I am absolutly OK with that and i have no problems with that.

    Of course, Object 260 Model 1945 seems to be quite good if not overpowered as super fast heavy tank with armor and buffed penetration (compare to first info about him with bad penetration) but … i will always have option to learn to play IS-7 on good level and be happy.

  21. OK that DMG done by TDs scare me,.. i dont have Hight tier TDs could be problem,.. LT spoting,… just pray for malinovka and idots in enemy team,.. othervise seems OK

  22. TD: deal 8000 damage… IMO that is doable (in my E25 … only TD in my garage) … ;-)

    • Errm sure….let’s look at the numbers:

      avg damage per round: 135.
      total ammunition: 60 shot.
      potential: 8.100 dmg.

      IF every shot penetrates, IF over those 60 shots RNG really gives you average dmg (in average ;))….AND IF (what most people forget) targets have enough HP left to make every hit fully count. Yeah with the right enemies like some IS/KV series or SP/T29/T32 setting fire will help to save some rounds but still tricky ;)

  23. 14000 damage blocked and dealt is pretty doable (not for me, but doable)
    I wonder if there is a tier restriction for completing the missions, any info on time limit?
    I guess it will be one of the best enjoyable missions.

  24. “Obj260: destroy three enemy TD’s that are at least one tier higher than you”

    So what would be the best Tier for this? Tier 8 or 9?
    And what is the minimum Tier you can try the missions? Tier 6 i guess?

  25. I just wonder if last mission for HT needs to be done in one-go actually.

    word “accumulate” (intentional or lost in translation) indicates that it might be something you can do let’s say in 2 missions in a row.

    Don’t get me wrong doing it in one game it’s very easy in Maus (maybe miniMaus) and moderate in E100 but common what about other tanks? It’s quite impossible imho.

    • Your reading comprehension is at all times low.

      Accumulate refers to accumulation of damage numbers in a single game such as damage you do to other people and damage blocked by your armor. Combination of those two numbers is used against requirement of 16k damage.

  26. Meds missions are fine, can be done with any tier. The others still suck, you need top tiers to have a decent chance at them, or a very lucky game with T9 / T7 for lights.

    • Maybe that’s the point? Maybe they don’t want to give OBJ 260 to ppl with tier 6 tanks only.

  27. I can already tell I am never getting the Object 260. A real shame, but I think I’ll be able to live without it :’(

  28. I don’t get why it has to be TDs only, why not everything that is a tier higher? Maybe just the 3 main classes, HTs, MTs and TDs. I get that LTs and sky cancer are just cannon fodder but higher tier HTs and MTs are just as deadly as TDs.

  29. I guess they will soften HT mission. currently looking at stats after game, so far biggest blocked today 3700 by st-i.

    • 5k dmg blocked I have seen today was the best, on e100 and st-i. total max was 10k dmg blocked and regular. I doubt it will be more than 12k overall

  30. HT: accumulate 14000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up

    TD: deal 8000 damage

    I have a problem with these 2: you kind of need to drive a tier 10 or very close to that in order to get this.
    Lately I grinded some lines up to tier 8, sometimes 9, and I’m broke! How the fuck can I play tier 10 then? And I think you need a good armored tank to achive that HT mission. The closest I have is the KV-4, which takes 2 mins to get to the battle and then shoots 320 damage every 10 seconds. I would really need to meet some stupid sons of bitches to get 14k combined damage.
    As for the TD mission I have no idea what tank to use to get 8k damage.

    • I was broke after buying FV4202 (yes, i’m a sucker who hopes to get “free premium” :) ). Without spending a cent on the game i now have close to 5M. I have one T8 and one T6 premium to be fair. Since i do enjoy tier 6-8 matches, i play several of those, earn 40+K. Then i play one or two in FV and usually loose 10K, (sometimes up to 20K) per match. Again play several matches in regular tier 6-8 tanks, several in premiums. Repeat. That way i make several hundred thousand credits each session while still having fun (special WoT kind of fun of course) and don’t get stuck in what i would consider grinding.

      I also sold some of the premium consumables that are given for special missions as i don’t use most of them anyway. Fire extinguishers alone were worth about 1,5M.

      Of course this is not much compared to what a good player could earn with premium account. But hey, this is how i learned to stop worrying and love me being a tomato.

      • My problem is that i don’t think they should force us to play top tier tanks in order to achieve the goal. The other missions can be done in lower tiers, and I think they should find a way to let us get it with low tiers too.

        • Well, to be fair the reward is tier 10 tank not some 5 premium fire extinguishers. And rather good one judging from supertest feedback. Wouldn’t be fair if you could get it by playing LOLtraktor. For midtier players there will be less demanding midtier missions with appropriate midtier awards.

          You have to ask yourself why WG came up with those missions in the first place. It’s simple – so more people would play the game. Getting something for “free” is a very powerful bribe. Game economy is built in such a manner that it would be very hard for an average player to at least break even playing tier 10 tanks. Many will pay for premium account to get more XP (=faster grind to tier 10) and then to earn credits while playing tier 10s. It only makes sense that ultimate prize is not intended for everyone.

          Mind you i know i don’t have skill to get the Object. I won’t even bother myself with that mission.

  31. Russian youtuber Vspishka released a video explaining (not-at-all)individual missions. It was mentioned before that there will be primary and secondary objective. Reward for achieving secondary ones will be female crew members. For each new chick player will be able to choose nation, tank model, speciality and TWO (!!!) skills/perks. He didn’t get into details so it’s unclear if they will be named after you choose their attributes (i.e. no Natashas in Japanese tanks).

    Full video:

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