KV-5 Plastic Kit by Takom

Hello everyone,

thanks to Stephane B. for catching this – so, one fine day, he went to buy some plastic model kits and noticed this one particular one. Check this out, this is the KV-5 kit by a company called Takom. It’s a company based in Hong Kong, so I think we can all see where this is going – stronk historicity :)


Did you know that KV-5 fought at Kursk and in Finland? Well, now you know…


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    • Enso is the finnish name for Svetogorsk, an industrial town in Vyborgsky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia, located on the Karelian Isthmus, on the Vuoksa River.

  1. Well it wouldn’t be completely fake if the Soviet 2nd Tank Army (2nd Guard Tank Army) was at Kursk which it wasn’t….

  2. After the radioman gets the 6th sense, maybe WG will be generous and decrease the r2d2. Suddenly the model will be outdated :P

    • Feew days ago i was with arl44 and i got on ruinberg a kv5 eas holding the city with his back and stood there until m44 killed it it was like a ****** stone no one could pen him

  3. From what I had heard, Trumpeter were also making a KV-5 model kit and their offerings are usually of a reasonably good quality. I bought their Leopold railway gun a few years ago and enjoyed building it very much.

  4. Hong Kong =/= China. I live in Hong Kong, and not much is fake here.

    Just because something is made in Hong Kong does not mean that it’s quality is bad OR that it’s fake.

    ‘It’s a company based in Hong Kong, so I think we can all see where this is going’ – This is really quite offensive, and factually incorrect, too.

    I often visit this site and I can say the quality of the posts are great. However, this one seems to be an exception, and I hope you will understand that it is quite rude to assume that Hong Kong equates to fake or bad.

  5. I’m on a modelling group on Facebook, and someone’s been building this kit. I guess its pretty damn good, and decently detailed.

  6. Yeah, I saw it there even have a blurry picture but cannot upload it here it seems.

    Edit: Reply functions seems to have messed up too

  7. Booooh and when I offered to make this a thing on FTR you turned me down SS :(((

    Shows that ppl are very well interested in knowing more about rare models!

  8. The finnish and soviet markings are fictional, as in “what if” the KV-5 got tested in the Continuation War and captured by the Finnish Army, like the T-50

    • Well that tiger 1 with 7.5cm did exist, experimental, isu-152 with bl10 was also an historical attempt and the m103 again has the real turret modelled, now we all know the 7.5cm l100 is fantasy

      • Sure they existed, but only in some prototype stages. Very interesting that a popular model company suddenly releases all kinds of tanks that look exactly the same in World of Tanks.

  9. As for me, seeings those camos are more like “what if”, and not related to “historical accuracy”.
    It refers more the “if the tank had been fighting here, here is what the camo would have been on it most likely”.

    Not historically accurate, but not claiming to be.