World of Tanks is Family Fun!

….or so the “Yole family” thinks in what is a thinly veiled PR article on the Chronicle portal. Check this out for giggles :) Thanks to whoever sent it to me… or did I find it somewhere? Can’t remember, sorry.

To quote the article:

The Yole family, Wade (48), Christine (45), Paige (17) and Cailyn (15) have been playing World of Tanks together for four years and they reckon it might be so.

I find this part really funny:

No, I don’t find any misogyny in WOT. This is because you really can’t tell the genders of the players. Unlike other games you can’t hear people’s voices or see anyone’s faces. There are no profiles or picture setups, it’s just a user name of your choice and that is the only information other players know about you. Wargaming is also really on top of it when it comes to protecting their players.

Totally friendly!


Anyone that says or types rude or inappropriate comments of any sort during a game can be reported and are immediately pulled up on and could be suspended from the game for several days.


Christine: I have found WOT to be very safe for an internet game. I have no issues about the protection of my girls whilst they are playing.


Well, at least they will learn some choice words :)

Q: Is the community family-friendly?
Wade: Yes, the community is extremely family-friendly. Many of the players are parents themselves and have families of their own that all play.


Just… read the article. I have no idea whether the people on the picture even exist, but it’s funny as hell :)

102 thoughts on “World of Tanks is Family Fun!

  1. Maaan, why these people keep silent when I’m playing, I’d have so much fun with them if this would ever happen in my match

      • On the NA server a day doesn’t go by without me seeing someone call someone a nigger. Family safe my ass

          • It seems the NA West server is much more civilized. Even my trash talking won’t get them to lower themselves to this level.

        • I have the chat filter on. I never hardly see anything bad at all….
          What are all these asterisks all about sir? you sure seem to like to spam them! *** * ** ***** *** * * * *********************************************


        • I seem to encounter it less on West, but if you do see someone making racist remarks, I think that you can send WG a replay or screenshot and they will get banned.

      • To be frankly honest here, I prefer someone insulting hardcore in chat, than some statpadding alt thinking having a purple rating will finally make him look cool, guess what, nobody cares what rating other people have, if you think it’s important than set your priorities straight in life.

        • So you think that being a twat to other people is better than wanting nice stats?
          Let’s be honest here, if you didn’t care what their stats were then you wouldn’t care if they were statpadding.
          On the other hand, people being twats… well they’re twats ;D

    • They probably do what I do, shout it in our TS channel and only say it when I get clicked on.

      • but sometimes there is no choice – i have to shout on my team because they are not thinking – i even shoot at light tanks which are camping in td line – ppl have to start THINKING – also i am against those who wishes others to get cancer or burn in hell you jews – but if a player is braindead – i am just facing him to the facts.

        • I bet your e-peen (not excluding WR) is skyrocketing when you shoot poor fellas who have no idea WHY you shot them for.

          • You know why i play the lower teirs. To kill the seal clubbers. If they cant pen me i leave them alone. Example Your shooting a pzb2 or a b1 and they dont even pay any attention to you because your just dinging them. I kill the clubbers i will never kill a seal. The rule is if you know they can not hurt you. you leave them alone.

    • I bet if the same things were said about Gypsies, SS wouldnt have any issue with it and we wouldnt hear this same braying over and over again

  2. It’s funny, most of the time the chat is quiet or filled with Klingon on the EU.

    Then suddenly ”fuck fuck fuck fuck” ( a lot of cursing at the enemy )

    and then it’s quiet again.

    Most of the time it’s only one to four players in the match that do this, quite often a red platoon but even some blue’s and unicrums curse the living daylight out of the chat. Usually it’s brief but some people just keep raging.

    Not that I haven’t cursed like that before, getting hit and set on fire from the side then turn the tank and get hit and set on fire frontally again is sometimes too much bullshit for me to handle when driving the object 140 or the like.

    I don’t expect anything else from the Object 430 Version II, though. Every penetrating hit damages the engine to begin with. The A-44 not catching fire once in a match when getting penetrated is a gods gift to begin with too.

    • You have to remember, love, the Object 140 wraps its ammo racks with fuel tanks. There simply isn’t enough internal room to put enough fuel tanks to manage a high range otherwise.

    • Raging on ASIA: “■■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■!” [add random English insults and 55555 every few lines]

  3. From the article:
    “Also the different maps I believe are very true to the original locations.”
    I’m at work so no laughing, but i had to smile xD

    • Actually, most of the maps are taken from real places, although not a 1:1 representation.
      Malinovka: Malinovka
      Prokhorovka: Obviously based on the real-life Battle of Prokhorovka.
      Mountain Pass: Caucasus Mountains.
      Steppes: The Great Steppe in Russia
      Karelia: A region crossing the border of Russia and Finland.
      Murovanka: Ukraine, near the southeastern border of Poland
      Komarin: Belarus
      Erlenberg: There appears to be a village in southern Germany by that name
      Siegfried Line: Germany
      Mines: Pagorki – originally was polish
      Swamp: Pripyat marshes
      Provence: Campania in Italy
      Himmelsdorf: Nuernberg
      Ruinberg: is based on the German city Karlsruhe
      Widepark: Munchen
      All this was pulled rather easily from other posts and the wiki. Seems like the family might know something about the game they enjoy?

      • Whilst Stalingrad (and few others) are actually modelled quite closely from photos taken back then, most of the maps share a large degree of game balance changes, “developement freedom” and such things. They are NOT “very true to the original locations”.
        Otherwise balance changes would be impossible and we see quite many of those.
        Some buildings might be the same – doesn’t mean it’s even close to the real location. I have been to all of the german towns that have been recreated by those maps and anyone who thinks they look real should stop comparing building photos and start walk around there and see that similar is not equal to “historically acurate”.

        tl;dr: Good joke, they similar but far from real. I live in Karlsruhe.

  4. First: you can disable chat. Second: if you have a problem with swearing in chat (like me) you can use excellent BattleMessenger mod by Assassik and the problem is gone. And to be fair: WOT community is A LOT friendlier than that of 90% of other games…

  5. they cant join a platoon together, so how they decide who wont be in the platoon? it’s complicated. my guess is father, i’m sure he does not want his WR decrease day by day.

  6. lol the last one is really good XDDDD

    if u have problem with flaming then play something else, its an online game
    and if those messages are written for u then report :D

    anyway personally, i ll never stop flaming

  7. awwww yiss! Dat Paige is growing into a beauty :>

    EDIT* Oh shit 17? ABORT MISSION! Girls nowdays look so well developed already that one might do a mistake if they lie to you -_-

    FROM the article

    Wade and Paige are very strategic and Wade is also very competitive.

    He really takes the time to study the maps and how to achieve a successful game.

    Cailyn will just go out there have fun and shoot as many tanks as she can.

    She is still strategic but not too fussed.

    I however, would rather hang back and watch before getting involved in the battles.

    I like to be more of sniper type player. Or go hide if the tanks are too big I am playing against.

    Sounds to me like Wade and Paige are kemp bush strategists and Caylin likes to “play for fun”. Damn peasants!

  8. Meh, the family is Australian and if they play on the NA server, they will rarely sees stuff like what SS posted. I know, I have been playing on the NA server since its inception.

    Not sure how things are in the Asia server if they play there though.

  9. I bet the Yole family got their Object 260 already, and probably have 365 day premium.

    I’d lie my fucking ass off too, promoting WG for free tanks, premium and gold.

    Just gimme a shout SerB, I can do blogs, YouTube whatever, just offering my services.

    • sure, it is a bit off topic of your point that i respect but still…

      Family with money (can afford to buy a lotta premium time, and so on) that holds together…. even in.. hard times… girls… daddy…, daddy with no hair… average daddy.. average family…………..

      ! :O

      PERFECT material for a predictable low budget movie with a lot of prejudices :D
      I can already smell da moneyyyyyy >:D

  10. Hmm I’m usually insult the tank’s country.

    EX: Great Britain : “Great Britain deserves to downfall! Because They’re gun is so unstable! Even They have low caliber than Nazi or USA!”

  11. Well, if you leave the profanity filter on, it is actually quite family friendly. Kinda like FOX News blacking out all the boobs.

  12. I don’t understand the sarcasm or superiority attitudes displayed here. This isn’t some highly technical article about games by gamers. It’s a fluff piece. Frankly, much of what they said is true, as I play with my kids – one of whom is a young girl. Put your chat settings on Censor Offensive Language, or Mute it – voila! Bad language gone. They’re right in that nobody knows my girl is playing (unlike in Wow or some other game that allows you to choose your gender). Further, as they said, it’s not gory. What I see is a bunch of smirky assholes here making fun of normal people who enjoy playing. I’d much rather see them and their thoughts than most of the flaming stuff you people post. I’m guessing your mother’s never taught you “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Kenji and Ionigus, you don’t have to troll everything to make yourselves feel better, do you? Lastly, my experience on NA is that we have MUCH less in-game race baiting and cancer talk than elsewhere – but probably equivalent amounts of cursing.

    • Cool story bro.
      But there’s a difference between what they say and reality.
      A HUGE difference.

      We can also say: “If you’re going to say something stupid, don’t say it”
      Because what they said is pure bullshit.
      (Except for the gore and the identity of players)

      I also played at this game since the closed beta so I know what I’m talking about

  13. Good one SS, I was laughing like a maniac reading your article.

    “World of tanks is a friendly game yadda yadda”


    “The players are so nice and friendly”


    etc etc omg LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • Well, that family is probably playing on the NA server and you won’t find those kind of insults there. At most you will read some cancer comments.
      All this talk about jews, polaks, etc. is EU specific, so their game experience may vary a lot from what we see.

  14. What you point out in the article are only extreme examples that happen once in maybe 50 games (of course depending on your server :p ) Sure, there’s the “idiot team” in every other match, but that’s it.
    And let’s face it, if you disable chat in randoms, the game is pretty fine. In both of my clan’s there were/are couples, siblings and families playing the game.

    On top of that, I have a lot of experience from other online games and I will say that WoT’s community is one of the least abusive and the game gives very little space for personal abuse, which can’t be said about seemingly family/child-friendly games such as Minecraft or (for the sake of example) Club Penguin.

  15. I find those rages quite comical. Good for a laugh. Definitely not for kids and since the majority of players are under 18….

  16. I dont mind average people not being a supreme tank commander wtfbbqpwning people. However I do have a problem with people on my team purposely driving around perhaps in tier 8 premium tanks, tier 10 tanks or important scouts doing absolutely nothing but hiding in a corner behind arty or being otherwise utterly retarded on purpose while claiming to only be playing for fun.
    These people will litterally shit on their team if they could – just because they have a right to play like retards not giving fucks about winning…

    I will happily tell them to fucking piss off instead of being so selfish as to claim having a right to fuck 14 other players off because they dont know what is up or down… Those stupid filthy fucking dumb swine should have the option to play the game single player instead.

  17. This family plays on the ASIA server, where there aren’t too many people raging at their team and if they do its generally boxes or some other Asian language.

    “I have no idea whether the people on the picture even exist” – Yes they do

  18. SS, Do you find it pleasant or amusing when you always post things like that? Why 99% of insults shown by you are towards Poles? Whether you want it or not, it suggests that we are the only ones to blame and makes other people who don’t usually insult us, more likely to do it. Tomatoes happen in every nation and its not our fault that we are one of the largest communities in WoT and I can safely assume that the percentage of bad players among Polish people is the same as in other nations. The thing is, Polish tomatoes are more common than let’s say, German tomatoes (which I tend to see more and more often. Once I destroyed a platoon of German sealclubbers alone and I got called “POLNISCHE HURENSOHN” by all 3 of them….their tears were delicious! :)

    • It’s because everyone on the EU server just blames the poles, even if a guy is African, he’s magically a (probably Jewish) pole. That’s the EU server for you, no wonder WG ignores us…

  19. I am amazed that anyone else saw that article. The Chronicle is based in an obscure little place called Toowoomba in Australia. Population is just over 100,000. The NA servers are nowhere near as bad as the EU it would seem. I have played on the SEA server but as most posts are not in English I can’t tell if the level of swearing, insults etc is high.

    • Exactly. The local rag of a country town in Australia – they. must be wondering where all the hits on their website are coming from

      As for racist and sexist crap – there isn’t much on ASIA server at all, just the odd insult and plenty of box chat. There was more racism when I joined in the second wave from NA, but it’s cooled down a lot now.

  20. Sure ain’t family-friendly, but it’s still good fun. A lot of the time, I wind up getting messages (usually from your dime-a-dozen unicum) bashing me for my stats or my particular play style, and it’s so much fun watching them rage at how much I don’t care. :D