Battle Assistant Artillery Mod Officially Allowed on US Server

Hello everyone,

just to let you known – specifically those concerned with the legality of the Battle Assistant artillery mod that was posted about earlier today – good news: it is officially allowed on US server (which means there is 99 percent chance that it’s legal on EU server as well, since it’s legal on RU).

You can download it from Plazmakeks’ blog without any strings attached.

Installation is extremely easy – you just download it, unzip it and copy the contents of the compressed file to res_mods folder. In the game, while playing arty, switch to (and from) alternate mode by pressing “G”. I can personally recommend it, I used it today and it is EXTREMELY helpful, especially in the cities.

Let them feel the artillery – the true god of war!

148 thoughts on “Battle Assistant Artillery Mod Officially Allowed on US Server

            • If a “clicker” kill you, it means that u failed to use cover, etc.. (and/or in some cases, your brain)

              “Clickers” exsist to keep you on your toes…. and btw… it’s SO satisfactory to thwart a “screamer” XD

              • Whats your ign again, click-fapper? Show me how good you are in tanks with which you cant fap in the back, one armed monkey.

              • I drive mediums are recently I have many butthurt with 1800-2200 DMG oneshots from arty. Use cover? GC finds me behind buildings, so rocks are totally useless.

                Lately I find WoT less and less entertaining only because gold 183 and arty. No matter what you do – mediums are pain to play.

              • Sit in one place and click every 20-30 seconds. Much fun gameplay. Much brain activity required.

              • Or maybe, you know, I fought 1v2 on open field or somewhere else arty can hit me, and those “sky cancer fgt clickers” killed me because, you know, I outplayed more than one enemy at once and he’s there to make it equal…

              • some people say arty reduces camping i thing oposite it encouradges camping Who wants to get spoted and then oneshot by UNFAIR SPG i would rather sit back and not get spotted if there is arty in a game it actualoy encurages camping if there is No arty i can use my mediums to outplay using terrain but if there is arty i canot use about 80% of the map’s pontential and this stupid MOD changes point of view so that you have More info to work with to determinate if that arty shell actually hits the enemy or not and in my opinion that mod should be counted as UNFAIR A´DVANTAGE = cheat

            • I tried this mod and find I am much better without it. I have a 60+ WR in my Bishop and this mod made it more difficult for me. But then again I’m used to getting 3 to 6 kills a game on you guys the old fashion artillery way. :)

        • Not butthurt, hate.

          Arty players are not good enough to get mad at. They really are a sub taLANTED BUNCH AS A WHOLE. Funny how this mod makes it even less difficult.

          • I love how butthurt retards honestly think that because a player plays arty, he only plays arty, therefore is a baddie.

            I played maybe 10-15% of my battles as arty, therefore I’m a subtalented whore?
            I’m a whore, but not subtalented. I have some dignity ! è.é

        • As a NA player I am going to make a pornhub battle overlay mod for arty to make finishing the game even easier cause we all know what happens between reloads

    • Also don’t forget Warpack hacks contains
      sniper mode for arty why the fuck is this mod legal!?

      • I find it funny how you guys will bitch and moan about how arty has a satellite view, but when someone comes up with something different, you bitch about that too. I get the idea you all won’t be happy until Arty is either removed or spends the whole match staring at a skybox, throwing rounds over in some general direction, and hoping to god just to hit the map grid they were aiming for.

    • I thought it would be ridiculous op and I would pwnd everybody.

      So I installed that and got disappointed as my results didn’t change too much, a few shots I could have a better idea how to aim.

      Overall, I understand now why they allowed that.

    • Too much fuss about arty. I hate them too (yep, one-clickers, don’t tell me otherwise, i have two tier X arty, very easy to get to them, even thought they were more XP expensive before the arty shift (max. was tier VIII arty) but I resigned to do anything against them – I want to play dynamic game where tanks shoot each other and not a campfest at silly maps shaped to provide cover against arty (yes, those big rocks in Malinovka look so natural and not at all far-fetched just to provide cover against arty). So – I don’t care about arty any more. If they hit me, ok, if not, even better. Arty is the game killer and you can call me whiner, but WoT is a game and should be entertaining. I don’t find clutching the biggest stone around for half the battle entertaining. Some people do and they are what is WoT with arty for. The others will simply go somewhere else.
      Actually if WG balances vehicle based on their battle performance, I let those easy-clickers kill me – the more often they kill me, the higher the chance they get nerfed. When I get fed up, I will simply stop playing WoT. Easy as that.

      PS: If every arty hater would do that, maybe their winrate would rise enough to get into game-balance dept. attention.

  1. ‘Let them feel the artillery – the true god of war!’

    SS troll status confirmed. :-D

  2. “it is EXTREMELY helpful, especially in the cities.”

    I’m starting to think there is some reverse-psychology here. :P In cities, are you serious? Your camera will be jumping on every broken window/wall/roof. Tried it in Himmelsdorf with FV304 in a training room, almost went mad. I don’t even want to think what would happen on Stalingrad or Kharkov.

    I still think normal arty-view with clever use of projectile line is a lot better and easier aiming technique.

    The only advantage of this mod, in comparison to normal view, that I can think of would be clear showing what areas you can hit, and what you can’t (and instead of this mod you can use common sense and a bit of playing experience). However, for more precise aiming, especially near/over obstacles, normal view is superior.

    • Try it. The camera helps you identify extremely fast where you can “slip” a shell though a window and if it’s not possible, then it shows you WHY it is not possible. For experienced arty players, it’s pointless, but newbies it helps a lot I think.

      • As I said, I did try it. Once in a training room, and a few random battles.

        “Helps you identify extremely fast where you can “slip” a shell though a window”? Constant camera jumping when crosshair is next to/over obstacles made it difficult. Besides, projectile line does just that, it shows you exactly where shell will pass through if RNG is merciful and lets the shot fly straight to the crosshair dot.

        At least I can agree with the last sentence. For newbies, this mod can be a huge help in learning shell arc mechanics and where are arty-safe areas. The more experienced the player, the less benefit he gets from this mod, though.

        • I tried the mod and I think it mostly harmless. It doesn’t give as big advantage as I thought, but surely it is enjoyable for some occasions. For most cases it makes more sense to use the normal arty view but when you see a stationary tank you can fine tune your aim to dead center of the tank, giving you better chance of hitting it. I still missed a lot of shots even fully aimed, so definitely it’s not too advantageous.

          I will keep this one included in my mods as it can be sometimes useful.

      • This is a cheat for exp arty players, and a huge crutch for bad players.

        The fact you are not calling out WG for making this mod legal is showing how much your game balance views really mean.

        I was one of the WOTlabs “GudPlayers” who defended you time and again SS, but this is really bad.

        Just as the 183/Waffle isnt and never will be “Balanced” because they will always be way to OP or way to UP in every scenario, so is arty. And adding a sight that used to take skill to see a guys ass sticking out by 1 track and hitting him where as now you can just wait for a guy to expose and literally be in your 20th game and perform the same is evidence of how much a cheat this is.

        A cheat makes skill less of a issue and thats what this does. Sure a pro player can use a cheat more to his advantage. But this one takes the skill and pretty much the difficult part of playing arty away.

        Arties biggest challenge was Arc and its why so many newbs wanted the FV or GC, and this mod not only shows you exact arc ability but combines it with pinpoint accuracy and takes away depth guessing……

        Go into game
        load AP in 261 or T9 French
        Aim with cheat sight and murder a great player who has to advance on a postion to advance the game. Or wait until all players hide behind rocks no matter how hard you try.

        Relocate during shots
        Beat everyone in game, and wipe away stats of guys who had to play without said cheat.

        SS please earn some respect from us better players and denounce this as WG having no spine and bowing to community pressure.

        I mean if I make an amazing AutoAim sight and 10 million people vote for it, it must be balanced am i right?

  3. no problem with arty or this mod. just remove the mod that says to abjects to focus on the color they will never have.

  4. Well, well, time to go evil and play arty again then. Why is PlazmaKeks still considering it as “forbidden” though?

  5. Like I need more incentives to forget about this game.
    GTA V, Witcher 3, Hotline Miami 2, all the joys in a matter of months where you no longer will care about retards making both the company and the playerbase.

  6. Great. Now the clickhappy Angry Birds enthusiasts have an even easier way to pad their stats. :/

  7. Let them feel the artillery – the true god of war!
    Why are you such a denying shitter SS

  8. This mod is sooooo fu**ing OP! Aiming for the vertical side of a Tank (and not the roof as you do with the normal view) is much easier. Hitting a half-covered Tank or seeing why it can’t be a clear hit has become much more plausible. Sure, the chance of hitting a tank overall has not really changed, but engagement and the descission “is it worth to keep aimed there” has become much faster and if I hit someone on the Side it’s often a Oneshot – you just see more “voulnerable” area using this mod.
    Playing arty is fun again *buying some 210mm APs* :D

    • You do realize that you’re not aiming at the side of the tank, huh ?

      You are still aiming behind it. Dont believe me ? Check yourself – go into arty view, change to this modified PoV, aim at the side of the tank, hold PPM, go back into regular view – boom, you are aiming just as always – behind the tank

      This mod doesnt change the behaviour of the arty gun and shell trajectory mechanic

  9. And is legal now??? G to the G the gameplay SURELY will become more dynamic…….on who will get it’s bush now
    and ofc the balance cause you were not camping will be even MORE dynamic :P
    cause you know arty balances those who ”camping”

    • Well, if people weren’t hugging buildings and rocks before, they will be now.
      I can see it now. Draws. Draws everywhere.

      • The only place where this mod helps is precisely when the enemy is hiding behind cover.

        So it’s going to be less draws. The skill to hide behind a rock goes up.

        • with the CGC even having an entire mountain it is gonna hit you anyways so either you hiding either you cruise around full speed wont really matter they still gonna hit you

        • The only place where this mod helps is precisely when the enemy is hiding behind cover.

          So it’s going to be less draws. The skill to hide behind a rock goes up.
          It’s funny how shitters like you when someone mentions arty flaws say, well take arty safe cover(usually behind a rock, building etc.) Get the fuck out cocksucker

  10. This will only make everyone suffer.

    Round 2 of nerfs incoming. Or just game death. What’s the best case scenario? Seriously?
    Just, that too-few people even realize this is a thing accessible to them?

    Honestly that is the only best case scenario. If enough people see this, they use it, center mass, and do way, way more damage than they ever were before.

  11. Hmm, will my heavy tanks even be worthwhile with this? Probably not as much, but I guess more kemp bush unfair plane because arty punishes camping :D

  12. You can use middle mouse button to switch it on or off too, and this mod has a config file where you can change the key bindings
    C:\World of Tanks\res_mods.9.4\scripts\client\mods\battle_assistant.txt

    This is the best mod EVER!

    • Your a baddie.

      Also this mod has been out forever. The fact you guys come to FTR to talk about this just shows the crowd you are.

      Long live the FTR sheeple

      • Kind of like how you come to FTR to bad mouth those already here? :3 great point you make sir.

  13. My guess is,when they created this game they had a great idea to include all classes(incl. spg). and it sounds great in theory.But when the game took off it was established that spg just ruins gameplay but it was too late to go back.Now if they remove spg that would mean they made a mistake so its a blow to ego.COME ON Wargaming you can do it ,you’r better than this,if anyone has the balls its you Russian guys,come on, we are with you!!!

      • I will keep dreaming that they will also create anti cheats, and limit gold spam and fix other broken mechanics.

        Please explain why your happy about a broken system?

    • Artillery plays a vital role in the game and the developers know it. That’s why it won’t be removed. Extra Credits is a YouTube series about game design. They’ve done several episodes that are applicable to WoT. Check out episode 117, “Counter Play”, where they talk about WoT arty and TDs, and episode 119, “Balancing for Skill”, where they talk about items like the “noob tube” in CoD as a mechanic to balance for player skill.

      • That’s the correct explanation for arty… It’s a tax on skill… The great randomizer… The mechanic to keep mediocre players into the game… The play for fun players…

      • And you agree with anything anyone says? You are just stupid, the guys on extra credits didnt play this game hundreds of battles to state that, maximum that happened is that they believed arty would prevents camping and all that other retarded things idiots that plays this game claims (witch if what they claim was true, would be a good idea). Tds is everything about counter play extra credits was talking about, arty is just shit wargaming failed to implement. Yes, arty may get wargaming money somehow, it is a good thing for noobs (and dignity less people), like the nube tube but on WoT it is waaaaaay too destructive to the gameplay to be considered a harsh thing that we have to live with because its for a better purpose, on wot its just retarded

    • Nah, arty exists to give players who would otherwise be completely hopeless a way to feel empowered enough to keep playing (and, in wargaming’s eyes, spending money!). Balance-wise, yes, arty is a nightmare. It’s completely broken. It all boils down to marketing, monetization, and player retention, though. In these areas, arty is well worth the investment and downfalls.

      • That’s a massive load of bullshit when the vast majority of players are a hopeless bunch. Does artillery vastly outstrip all other vehicles? No. The last time I saw one match with 6v6 artillery was months ago.

        • The reason you haven’t saw 6+ arty in months is because arty has been hardcapped to 5. Unless MM shits itself, it literally will not put more than 5 in a match.

          For a class that only encompasses about a sixth or seventh of all the vehicles in the game, arty is incredibly numerous. No bullshit here, that’s exactly why arty exists – ever brought newbies into the game? I’ve brought about five. Guess what class all five gravitated to for a long, long time? Artillery. They loved that they didn’t have to understand positioning, armour, etc. and could survive in matches long enough to enjoy themselves. All you have to do is click on people from a bush, from tier 2 to tier 10, and that extremely simplistic gameplay style keeps a… er, very red portion of the playerbase entertained.

          Arty, as a gameplay mechanic, is completely unnecessary. What they bring to the table could be done in so many other ways that it isn’t even funny. Arty support consumables, for example, are a great way of keeping that rare “we need a way to deal with this unflankable, unpennable, entrenched heavy” situation solvable without handing players dedicated orbital RNG nuke vehicles.

    • Now why not use Xray mod? Its same advantage. Hell why not a camera that filters out brush or trees?

      They too ka camera that tried to balance a class and changed it…..There is no difference as Tundra or Xray mods.

  14. Because artys weren’t easy enough, lets make a mod to help them a little more… Shame on this mod’s creator…

    • Forget the creator he thought he was making a cheat. Shame on WG and all the other arty pushers for exposing this as “Legal” so all the newbs rush out to get it.

      We are going to be back to hard camp games in no time.

      I bet you money my death rate will rise from arty by 10%. But worse I bet anything games will linger on much much longer.

      • Do you even listen to yourself? ! Now right now people are camping the hardest and the reason for that is not arty, but wn8 stats and unicum youtubers (who have to play carefully since they are main targets in every game).

        I have been around since closed beta. Trust me, arty is more of a means to break camp and take control of bottlenecks than anything else.

        • OOO shut the fu*& up, ONLY FULL RETARDS BELIEVE ARTY PREVENTS CAMPING, if you dont understand why you are wrong please go to a doctor, you might have just some days to live and dont know yet (not threat, just stating some possible serious disease)

          • Ahahaha!

            Apparently the only counterargument you have is an ad hominem, just like everyone else.

            • Do you even listen to yourself? ! Now right now people are camping the hardest and the reason for that is not arty, but wn8 stats and unicum youtubers (who have to play carefully since they are main targets in every game).

              I have been around since closed beta. Trust me, arty is more of a means to break camp and take control of bottlenecks than anything else.
              It’s not possible to be more retarded than this.

  15. Imagine I make a camera mod that shows me where to click and fire to perfectly lead a tank on the move.

    You really think it wouldnt be banned? Of course it would.

    WG`s whole philosophy is arty players are so bad as a whole anyway, letting them have cheats is ok as they are either gonna win by luck or nothing.

    Problem is, this adds to that luck and might make that red 47%er 48% and arty as a whole will rise up back to older levels.

    Shame on you PK for promoting this. Outside of saying WG are hypocrites for making this legal, there should be no posts on this.

    The entire part of the arty view was hard mastering depth of shot, now you can just load AP and slight hills dont matter, you just aim right on frontal plate and blap.

  16. Could someone create a mod that will automatically click every 30 sec please? I tried this pov mod, it helps but playing clicker is still too hard for me.

    • And while you’re at it, make a mod that points my vehicle in the direction of the nearest enemy. Aiming is still way too hard.

    • I know right?! Wargaming should even buff damage by 800 damage, increase splash by 15 meters and decrease reload by half and even decreasig aim time by 2/3 that it already is. Arty is sooo hard, takes much skill and focus, so hard to play!!!

  17. Download it baddies, the more of you download it, the harder the next arty nerf gets:D

  18. I tried this and then i came to a conclusion: I don’t like playing arty.
    I prefer killing arty with my Light Tanks :3
    But i can see why this is Op.


  19. Not sure why peeps get so butt hurt about arties. I mean seriously, noobs and bots on my team make me lose more games – and therefore make me angrier – than good SPGs turning the tide of the battle in a match.

    I have never seen bad/noob players magically turning into tank slayer savant in arties, so I don’t know where the perception that skills are not needed in SPGs comes from. Less moving around maybe, but shit, if you are lazy and want to sit out a game in SPG/TD that’s your call, as long as you are skilled enough to kill. Noobs are lazy and stupid in whichever kind of tank they drive. Most chain kills from SPGs come from players who are good with whichever tank they play.

    I’d rather a tomato sits his ass in the back and camp in a TD or SPG, than hogs a heavy slot and still camp in the back. THAT makes me rage.

  20. Great, back to Arti Noobs dropping shells on pinpoints AGAIN..

    Wake Up WG, your Arti SUCKS on the game play and SUCKS on all players…………..fuck the clickers

    • It is not like arty is in every battle. I have plenty of battles without arty.
      Arty from zero to many – makes all battles different.
      Unless you play same way is there arty or not :D

  21. Hi,
    all of you, who thinks that there are players (in your language “clickers”) who plays only with arty i have one revelations, it’s not true. I play with meds, HT and artys too. Do you even know how hard is playing with arty? You must get in cover, wait for looooooong reload and than when you have fully aimed circle you miss. You know that feel when you are 42sec. (T92) reloading and then miss?????? When i get hit by arty i just say GJ to that player, because I KNOW how hard is playing with arty. So stop crying kids who can play just with HT or camp with some stealth TD in bushes.

    Best regards,


    • OMG, holding the mouse over one spot for 15 seconds then hoping RNG will bless you is srs tuff bziness!

      Arty is so hard to play, guyz!


      • you forgot that tanks are not always spoted, so you cant just wait until it reloads..have you even grind to tier X arty??? it’s hard when you have team full of HT camping noobs and scouts which suicide in first minute and than you have no one to spot.

        Seriously….you have played just german arty (2 soviet artys) line till GW panther…so your opinion is irrelevant…i have T92, GW Tiger, Lorr 155, SU -14-2, Crusader 5.5-in. SP so dont tell me it’s easy :P

  22. I downloaded it yesterday and did Some games with my gw e-100; I Like it!!! Did Some games with + 6000 dmg…….. For me the best thing is that i used more AP shells, Way cheaper than the HE, it misses the splash but hey, one schooting tier 8-9. or take 1900dmg offf an e-100 gives fun and satisfaction..

  23. BTW, there was not said about it in post – but its really imortant – this mod remove UpAndDown marker jumps when targettink tank disappear. And this is real cool.

    P.S. How ironic listen – “Arty morons” in forums, “Arta HELP!!!11111″ ingame from same peoples

  24. In my oppinion as a arty playeer this mod should be restricted becaus it is unfair for the other players that mod can help u to kill a ru that is running with 80km/h do u think thats fair with this mod u can hit a e100 that is in cover in city think u can splash it whit t92 and give him 600 700dmg but with tis u have te ability to hit him straight in cover in conclusion this is to op mod and now all bots know to shoot with a arty because he doesnt have to do much just click

  25. Did you just linked to WoT cheat Web page? God damn, everytime I thought we reached a low on this side you top it. :/

    Aimbots, all kind of forbidden mods and other stuff. And you just link it. Just amazing. Just wonder how many public morons will soon drive with some of this shit.

      • This stupid Arty Mod is the last thing I worry about. It has been released several months ago and none gave a crap. It has been tested by some very good Arty klickers ago I mean players. It isn’t such an advantage as it is written here. It is different but as long rng fucks you it doesn’t matter so much.

        I am more worried about all the other stuff you can find on panzerkeks. Why not just post free Warpack keys the next time?

  26. Using arty is pretty much the only way to avoid getting screwed by match maker. 2 tiers down in arty is ok, playing other tanks as a dog shit tier evening after evening rips my nerves… So in your face mm.

    Oh and I do love this mod, makes arty playing so much more fun. It ain’t any more effective than the old one u miss just as much but aiming is more fun in this way.

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  28. I stand by my initial claim that this mod should be banned or part of the regular game, but not a massive advantage obtainable through modding. The modding policy of this game is a joke.

    But on the other hand you have so many worthless people in this game who cry about having their pixel tank destroyed by a pixel artillery, ie just sore losers all around, that I think the ban shouldn’t be enforced :)

  29. Remember the hight tiers match with 8 arty tiers 9 10…
    And some like arty purchase for stat pad the average dmg :
    2 shot >1400dg minimum or 900games with tiers 9 german arty
    Like the meaning of BIG ALPHA STRONK GAMEPLAY…

    • Thankfully the average clicker wont be able tot install a mod if their life depended on it..

  30. I think it’s funny that when arty players fuck around with the camera to give a flatter POV, it’s legit. When direct-fire players fuck around with the camera to give a more vertical POV, it’s a bannable offense.

    Double standards are cute.

  31. So in order to install this, I tried just copying across the folder with the stuff in it, but that doesn’t seem to have made it work. Does one have to bring the stuff out of their folders?

  32. Guys, relax.

    Im an experienced arty player (1k gwe battles alone) and tested this mod yesterday. While it makes aiming for sections easier it gets more difficult to navigate the map when in arty mode. Also: leading a target with this is quite hard since you will likely lose the feeling of distance.

    I still think it should be a feature though.