Today’s Advent Offer (3.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

in today’s advent offer, whale hunt continues!

- Panzer B2 + garage slot
- 14500 gold

Price: 62.18 USD (49,99 EUR)

Meanwhile on Russian server, the bonus of the day is 30 percent discount on Lowe, both  in the game and in the premium shop.

34 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (3.12.2014)

  1. Not too bad…and on the US server, there’s still chirping crickets instead of deals and missions.

    • no crickets left? :D all eaten :P
      On serious note: so strange that SEA server is ignored by WG.. like they do not have NewYear comming. On other hand, they have Summer there :D no time to play tonks

    • AFAIR, Lowe had a discount not so long ago – it was 15%. Sadly, I bought it a day before…. :(

    • or a gold spammer(bofors with gold is painful)
      or tds(you lack dpm and they hit hard)

      but completely limited mm is nice, and is a plus if you buy 50€ worth of gold, i dont regret buying mine.

  2. Do you think they’ll put the KV-5 in the calendar? Cus a lot of people really want one..

    • More than certain that it will appear…. bundled with gazzilion gold to “compensate” for the “rarity” of the tank. Good thing i bought it before it got removed.

    • US already had a KV-5 deal on Cyber Monday…wait, that’s the only thing we’ve had (big bundles with KV-5, KV-220, or Pz.B2 combined with lots of premium and gold to jack the prices up).

      • 5000 gold is actually something you can use in relatively short time, not like 15-25k gold which is basicly 6-12 month worth of premium.

  3. Already have it, and the BT was too expenisve for what it offers.


    Got every prem except Type59 (missed out on it,… gnaaaaaaaaaaa) and M3, well and PZ2II J and other ebay scams. Not going down that path :P

    On a more serious note, I stopped spending money on WoT a few months back, it just feels too lakluster now. Spend 350 Euros on MWO in 2 months instead…I really have a problem I guess ^^

    Point beeing – yes, I am willing and able to throw money on a game that I like, but WoT just outsayed its welcome. There is just no point in getting a prem tank but for a collection, and with all the restrictions (clan wars gifts, special reward tanks, tanks that were only aviable for a extremly short time…) there is no WAY to get a complete collection – and where is the point in only a half complete collection?

  4. Hey at least the eu and ru servers are getting these… We have nothing on the na server. Hell… We don’t even have missions this month! Not sure if the sea server is the same or not.

  5. I wonder if they will put the Type59 in the Calender aswell – i doubt it, but somehow i can imagine that they make a very expensive bundle with like 100k Gold and a Type59 on top on the 24th XD

  6. Lowe is not worth even if it was at 50% discount. It’s a piece of shit. I’m not troling, i’m 100% honest. I have the tank and if you want moneymaker, buy anything but Lowe.

    • Why? It’s can’t be too bad, workable hull-down tank, adequate frontal hull armor, sidescraper, good penetration/accuracy. Versatile enough as a heavy.

  7. Meh, I don’t need crappy tier III ‘rare tanks’.

    If I can get a T34 and a KV-5 on discount I’ll be happy.